I Want That Job! – Welder I WorkingNation

I Want That Job! – Welder I WorkingNation

What’s up guys? My buddy Nathan is a
welder and he absolutely loves his job. Check out this video to learn more about
his craft. My name is Nate Swink and I’m the CEO of Swink’s Welding
Incorporated. I’ve been welding since I was 13 years
old. Welding is a very physical job. You’re really not just welding, You’re
grinding, cutting material, prepping the material. If you move steel with your
hands, with forklifts, with cranes you may be lifting up to 100 pounds in 120
degree weather. Some welding industries require certification. That would take
about six months. Some welders are working in a shop fabricating really
ornate aircraft parts, while others are on the
30th floor of a skyscraper welding the structure together. If you’re wanting to
get into the industry and you do not have any education, the best place to
start is to get in with a welding company or a welding trade school. You can be a
welder anywhere in the world there is welders welding 100 miles in
the middle of the ocean. There’s welders in Siberia welding pipelines. It’s a very
skilled trade and it’s used everywhere. But welders starting off in the
trade the first year can expect to make about $45,000. A seasoned welder can make
upwards of $80,000 a year The most rewarding part about being a
welder is we build certain things that mean they’ll be here forever until
either somebody takes it down or until the world ends. Nathan is a pretty cool guy
and so is his job go to WorkingNation.com to learn more

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  3. I love welding. Always looking forward to using my everlast welder to make something. It would be great if I could get paid for welding.

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