Hyun Bin won’t let Son Ye-jin go | Crash Landing on You Ep 8 [ENG SUB]

100 thoughts on “Hyun Bin won’t let Son Ye-jin go | Crash Landing on You Ep 8 [ENG SUB]

  1. Everybody know the performance of the actors. Today… clap my hands for Fotograph-team. Amazing!. 👏👏👏🇦🇷🌻

  2. I can look at Hyun Bin the whole day. i swear.

    Hyun Bin and Jo In Sung are the only actors that I think I will always always fangirl over in every drama they’re in. I have been rewatching My Lovely SamSoon these days. I watched it yearssss ago (2005).

  3. I'm glad it's officially Thursday here in New Jersey…counting down the days for the next episode. Buying nachos and cheese for the next episodes

  4. I cried a bucket in this episode,, very emotional for me. If u love someone very much, u dont want him to suffer or get sick, or out in the snow.u just cant let that happen, so u go all the way to prevent that and be with the person no matter what it takes.

  5. Me encanta mi Bonito drama el amor nació entre ellos mi guapísimo actor le queda genial el uniforme ❤❤⚘🇪🇦

  6. When Seri said "Let go of me, I didn't come for this" breaks my heart. And Jeong Hyeok's eyes say anything what he feels. Happy ending for them please

  7. perfect couple crash landing on you is very amazing drama Son Ye-jin is excellent actress and very beautiful most specially her smile very magnetic…

  8. After a long time I have got a good k-Drama. Some times wait can be awesome . I am watching it with my warmest heart 🤗💕.

  9. He will do anything for her. Even to let her go. She is the same. Will they ever be together when both think it is best to let each other go because they love each other .

  10. Korean industry answers the request of hyun bin. I remember one of his interview that he wanted to work with yejin in a melodrama/romcom drama. Well, 100% worth waiting drama. In thier late 30's still they touch the 💕 of many.

  11. That hug means everything❤️ Ri Jung Hyeok refused to give her a hug before. I think it's because he knows that when he does, he won't be able to lie to himself anymore. He won't be able to let her go anymore. He knows that he loves her, but he also knew their love can't be. BUT, now, him hugging her like that means he can't stop and he won't stop loving her no matter what 💖

  12. Their eyes contained a thousand unsaid words..the storm is a manifestation of what was not said but what's shaking them inside..and with their hug they told each other, "I know..I understand you..I love you." 💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰

  13. Their chemistry is superb! I love so yen! She's a new discovery for me! Now I'm hooked with her I love her The Classic movie so far.

  14. 아 진짜 둘이 제발 사겨주세요ㅠㅠ현빈 눈빛 멜로눈깔을 넘어버림..너무 설레디쟈💛💛

  15. It didn’t hit me when I watched Alhambra, but because of this show I’m totally crushing Hyun Bin! 😍 What other shows should I watch to satisfy my eye-candy craving??

  16. Yejin is so beautiful and I just wanna hug and comfort her just look at that sad pretty face😩 Hyunbin you lucky man!

  17. While in other dramas the girl soobs soobs the reason is whatsoever… But for this girl, her action speaks louder than her feelings. As soon as the camera focused on her shoes I was having a gut feeling…And then when she broom broom the car!!? Oh yes!! Go girl… go go go for it
    finally she's killing all the stereotypes. This is what I like about lead actresses in K-dramas🥰❤❤

  18. Eu estou tão viciada nesse dorama meu Deus. Esse casal é simplesmente maravilhoso. Espero que consigam ficar juntos no final. ❤

  19. Predictions for Episodes 9 and 10

    Episode 9: The chairman (Seri's Father) will do whatever it takes to track Seri. And if it becomes successful, she'll be able to come back to South Korea. She's not dead, I'm sure of that. The men who kidnapped her were ordered by RJH father to make it seem like Seri is dead to RJH. But of course, he wont stop until he finds her. A scenario that comes to mind would be a last minute scene, where RJH is only seconds away too late from Seri's departure.

    Seo Dan will be sad of course, so she decided to get drunk, where he then calls the conman. (No surprise there). He takes her home. He finds her cute. He symphatizes with her. Budding romance and all.

    The annoying guy will be out investigating RJH again. Unfortunately for him, Seri's nowhere to be found so there'll be no concrete proof against RJH and his family.

    This episode will be quite sad for RJH, disappointing for the annoying guy, and miserable for Seri's selfish family.
    Note: There's also a possibility the "Rat" guy would die, or anyone who's slowly becoming a likable character. I hate it when that happens. It may not be in this episode, but maybe the next ones.

    Episode 10: Seri is back to South Korea (I hope this is true this time). She's still on a feud with her family members but she changed. She's not selfish anymore. She now considers others and the people around her will notice that, even her family. I still dont know how she and RJH will reconnect. Maybe she'll know the situation about that conman and will try to help him. She might feel a little indebted to him and maybe that's the chance to see RJH again.

    RJH will be lonely, but hopefully they'll reunite once again. (Though I'm having suspicions on this reunion. I'm waiting for the twist)
    Hopefully by this time Seo Dan will become the strong, independent, woman who needs not to depend on a man for happiness. If she does, it'll be a cliche development, but at least her character is growing.

    The conman might be Seri's comrade back in South Korea to take down her annoying brothers.

    And that's it. That's my guess for now. The drama is nearing its end, so it'll get interesting by now. So far, the ratings are steady and hopefully it'll continue to rise. This is a drama that keeps me guessing what's next and that's a good sign. Keep it up CLOY Team!

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