welcome Jimbo’s garage good evening
everyone welcome back to Jimbo’s garage well today we’re gonna be taking a look
at the HTP inverarc 200p LP but before we get started I just want to say this
is not a paid endorsement from HTP I did call them I let them know that I’d be
interested in doing a video on this machine because I wanted to just explain
to my viewers what an incredible piece of equipment this really is they said
that they would be interested in offering a discount on this machine to
my viewers which are you guys and I’ll mention more about that later on in the
video so I want to talk about this machine right here because you know I’ve
been sick world instance as a freshman in high school and I’ve welded with just
about every type of machine every color machine you can you can use and I’ve
never I’ve never used a stick welding machine that has an arc quite like this
right here it is truly amazing it comes in about 15 pounds and about
the size of a lunch boxes is extremely lightweight very portable the cables on
here are the stick the stick cable on this thing is an impressive 13 feet long
where the ground cable is 10 feet long speaking the ground cable this thing is
you’ve got a super-strong clamp on it right here that’s copper conductors
right here and the cabling is really thick and really good-quality on both
the Stinger and the ground clamp lead now this machine offers quite a few
functions right here obviously stick welding mode it also offers cellular
stick welding which is you guys but you guys know that that was the 60 10 a 60
10 electrode does not well very well with certain machines this one has that
capability we’ll put it in that livery we’ll give it a try it also has that DC
lift arc TIG mode if you choose to use that it has that function as well and
one thing that this thing now is that a lot of machines don’t hit out is pulse
stick and we’re going to be dealing with that now we’re pulse
it comes in handy and I don’t use a lot of it and I haven’t used it a lot here
but we’re going to give it a try is if you have a thinner thinner material that
he normally would stick well with it gives you the ability to to stick well
with some low heat but good penetration or let’s say you have a gap of the fit
up isn’t really good you’ve got a bit of a gap then the pulse mode would come in
there allow you to actually slow the heat down yet get good penetration we’ll
take a look at that the downfall with this machine right here it is 220 volts
only is not a dual voltage machine so you’ll need to have in your shop your
workspace or your garage 220 volts or a 220 volt generator on your truck for
mobile use but that’s not broad for me in the shop I got plenty of 220 power
and it’s all good so I’ve got some coupons right here and we’re gonna be
doing a couple of different wells we’re doing a tea joint a lap joint and a butt
joint and we’re going to be operating off of a couple of different electrodes
most popular the 78 18 8 inch this is a lincoln Excalibur we’re going to be
using that and then also the 6010 we’re gonna try that on the cellular mode I’ve
also got some 5/32 7018 we might try those as well because a lot of you guys
maybe use if I 332nd I should say we got guys use that at the very end
I’ve got a 5/32 17 18 we’re gonna crank this thing up to about 160 amps and just
and use this thing and just see what that’s all about and before we get
started that’s don’t want to talk a little bit about the duty cycle on this
the duty cycle is really impressive this thing will well 45% at 200 amps now
I don’t know about you but you know for me here in the shop it’s very rare I’m
sick welding that I’m going to go over 125 135 amps you know most of the stuff
that I use is right around 125 amps 78 18 that’s going to cover just about
everything I do in the shop but I mean for you guys you need more than that
this machine is fully capable all right so we get started right here
and I’m just going to hit the Select mode right here and put it to arc and
we’re going to turn this up to a hundred and 25 amps and I’m going to be using a
lincoln excalibur 70 eighteen eight inch thick electrode on a lap joint right
here and you can see that well you can’t really see because I can’t provide you
an arc shot but this is super smooth got a little bit of fluctuation in the amps
right here but hovering right around the 125 amps and just super smooth and this
is the the result of that and I am chip the slag off right here and you know and
getting it a little bit harder than and I should I know you know so it’s a you
know bang it that hard but for the sake of the video I’m just getting things
cleaned up right here as best I can and there it is that
that’s what it looks like super smooth and that that worked out really good you
know just really effortless welding and not a lot of work just dragging that
electrode through there and that’s where they ended up with so now we’re going to
bump this to the sella a cellular mode right here cellulous mode right here and
when I did that is preset it in about 80 amps I’m going to bump it up to 90 amps
right here and this is a sixty ten electrode eight inch and again the same
thing I mean it’s just super smooth welding there’s no spitting or
spattering or fluctuation too much in the amps it was just very consistent
through here and it was very fluid and it just laid down a really nice
consistent bead so here it is right here and I’m just chipping off the slag now
that came off pretty easy you know usually that it’s a little bit difficult
to get the slag off of sixty ten or sixty allowed and vistas came off really
smooth and easy and you can see the consistency here of the bead profile
it’s just laid in there really nice I’m brushing that off and you can get a
better look at that I’ll clean these up at the end of
this video and we’ll get a really good look at how all these profiles turned
out alright so I’m gonna hit the select mode we’re going to go to arc we’re
going to go over to function and we’re going to go to pulse frequency and you
can see that’s flashing at 1 pulse per second at 125 amps and we’re going to go
ahead and try to fill this gap this is about a 3/16 to 1/4 gap on a butt joint
and if you listen or close you can keep them you can you can hear the
fluctuation and the amps and you can also see it on the display right there
from one hundred and about 125 to about sixty sixty-two amps it’s about 50%
fluctuation on the pulse right there and you know it’s super smooth welding
and I just love when you can just that that slag just peels up like this and
you can just knock it off and it’s a finished product it’s that’s really cool
alright we’re gonna get out of that pulse mode and go back to the arc mode
and you can see I just hit that select mode to arc and we’re gonna bump this up
to a hundred and seventy amps and we’re going to try that 5/32 electrode 7018 on
this and again just you know striking the arc right here and just going is as
smooth as it can possibly be it almost seems like that that the higher that
amps you go on this machine the smoother it welds now I’m not much for a guy that
that welds you know much more than like I said about 125 amps you know
eight-inch 70 18 is about the best I do in my shop but you know here is a good
example of just bumping it up a little bit on some thicker material and you can
just see how clean everything comes off and how it cleaning that profile looks
again not a lot of work everything super smooth and the machine performed
flawlessly at 170 amps I’m just gonna brush it off right here
and I’m gonna spin around and take a look at that you know pretty impressive
all right so here’s the first one we did yeah just a lap joint here this is a 70
18 eighth inch 70 18 Lincoln xcalibur and you can just see how smooth and
fluid the arc is right here it is effortlessly nice and clean this is just
beautiful really a good really a good or cranky a really good shot and then
moving over right here this is the 60 10 on the cellulose mode and I know if you
can see the lighting may not be good but you can just see how clean and fluid
that worked on the cellular cellular modem at this is a sixty ten net every
machine can can lay down like that this is this turned out really nice and then
the this one over here is the pulse stick mode and this is where we had that
gap of about 3/16 of an inch gap right there and you can see that that really
worked out really nice and filling that gap really cool and then over here this
is the big 5/32 70 18 just laid that right in there at 170 amps and you can
see how smooth and clean everything turned out really right there okay well
there it is short little review of the HCP in varrock 200 TLP you know this is
an awesome machine if you have a shop or a garage or workspace and you’ve got 220
power it’s a great it’s a great machine to have to add your arsenal as my
regular viewers know it sits on my workbench right over here and takes up
very little space so if this is something they’re you’re interested in
you can call HDPE at 1-800 USA well and if you mention you saw this um Jimbo’s
garage you’ll get a 300 dollar discount hope you guys enjoyed the video and
don’t forget to check out my website it Jimbo’s garage comm I made some changes
over there and it’s pretty cool thanks for watching don’t forget to rate
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  1. For someone who says they have been welding for so long, you have a lot of undercut in some of your welds. Wouldn't pass QC in my shop.

  2. that is one fantastic bit of kit that welder jimbo,very smooth indeed,thanks for the upload,cant beat a good review,all the best……………………..dougie

  3. To me the better solution is the HTP Invertig 221 Machine. It does everything this does plus high frequency start and AC for aluminum and you get all of that for only $1000 more than this machine which is limited to stick and scratch start tig which sort of sucks compared to a fully capable TIG/Stick machine

  4. HTP is really making the best built machines out right now it seems. I wonder if you tried something crazy with that machine and all the different settings it has like aluminium or cast iron? Wonder if it could do it?

  5. Come on Jimbo, put that up against a comparable Everlast, then talk about price difference, and then does the HTP have a 5 year warranty? Just want to see a spade compared to a spade, that’s all.

  6. Jim you should also try a Fronius MV180 made in Austria,, I have one and it runs very well, it also does pulse stick and also is dual voltage. the duty cycle is comparable with the HTP . It weighs in at 19 lbs

  7. Jimbo Hello from a long tome welder. Going on 30 years doing the cross country grind, but am now working on setting up my home shop to do small projects. I am looking for American made using American materials, and labor. Looking for a mig/tig/stick set up, but have not had any luck. Does any American co. make welders any longer? To me this is a big ticket item, and I feel these import countries will be the end of us if we do not change our ways. If I cannot find one American made, I will just do my best to build one myself.

  8. Looks like an amazing machine for a suitcase welder.
    Certainly has the power to lay down beautiful welds.

    Do you have any plans to try it out with a TIG torch?
    I would love to have one of them in my garage.

  9. I'm looking for a great stick welder. What's the best out there that will last years with the extra features like hot start and a smoooth arc. I'm looking at the fronius transporter 180 or the HTP 200 or any other welder I should consider? Awesome vid.

  10. I love your videos I try to learn from you ,what type for stick welding glove would u recommend i use which is durable … thanks

  11. that discount sounds amazing …any why you could get that restarted? I read that it ended in march…. but now cant find the place where I read it in the comments.

  12. I was going to buy the Inverarc 200 TLP until I came to realize they decreased the duty cycle 2yrs ago from 45% @ 200 amps to 10% @ 200 Amps, but never bothered to correct their downloadable user manual. Could no longer justify the purchase.

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