How We Refill 1lb Propane, Flame King Refillable Cylinder Kit Review [Long Term Boondocking 6 2019]

How We Refill 1lb Propane, Flame King Refillable Cylinder Kit Review [Long Term Boondocking 6 2019]

Flame King cylinder refill kit review
and our small propane cylinder refill method (upbeat music) (generator motor) this looked like a great idea! I thought, cool! It’s got a little stand on it…it’s got it’s own…it’s got a little spigot there… But! What they don’t tell you, and I thought was not very awesome, was their little spigot… It’s this little plastic thing right here so you can only use their cans and their little cans are expensive $14 a can empty. $14 empty! the whole thing you
don’t get a can you just get the little legs this little can and this fitting
that only fits their little cans and it costs 50 bucks for that so… Mike put it
all together and checked it out and it seemed like a neat thing but not if you
have to use their cans. Their cans have purged gas in them…so it’s pressurized, and I couldn’t get that to seal… It backflowed throught the valve…I couldn’t get it… to seal correctly…. right, right that’s right. It was
leaking all over the place I didn’t even try propane… yeah. I couldn’t get it to
seal up. So there it is returning the Flame King one pound refillable cylinder.
It’s a nice little cylinder that’s the only thing I liked about it, the cylinders
are… what? the cylinders are very well made it’s really nice it’s got a little
purge valve on it you know that’s all good and all but fourteen bucks apiece
nah. I get these green ones for free I can fill those…
yeah Mike finds those all the time they get just thrown out. I got like 10 or 12 of them…and I fill all those up… yeah, we need those! alright! Our water getting set up and now the propane is getting set up. left handed left threaded fitting unit… it has a left hand thread, because, it’s gas… and then of course, weirdly enough these have a right-handed thread… kaboom! then…like so…
there, on the tailgate…so this little collar lip hooks in there… the valve….there grab this little nub in here… (sound of gas escaping) does it always do that? Wow (more escaping gas sounds) and when liquid starts coming out of
there though it’s spraying liquid when it’s full… you tip it as much as you can… Mike’s got ahold of this little pin in
the side in the top it’s up let’s air out so that the thing can fill with
propane this little pin right here….right here the hemostats lock on there… so then we have a full little bottle
that we can cook indoors with right now which is working really well for us
until we get our propane stove. we want to put a propane stove back in. This has
been the weather all too often this winter in Quartzite. It’s just wet and
dark and there’s no breeze so there’s no wind turbine going and there’s no solar
going so we hear a lot of generators going on out here
of course we’re using ours too and still our batteries are not getting charged so
we’ve got a battery charger coming. and that’s how you do that! and just like
that it was beautiful again you

13 thoughts on “How We Refill 1lb Propane, Flame King Refillable Cylinder Kit Review [Long Term Boondocking 6 2019]

  1. I'm no expert on this process but according to today's, this could be dangerous as these canister walls are very thin and not made for refilling. Just a heads up.

  2. The Flame King tanks are DOT approved and made to refilled for 12 years, the disposables ones aren't. Imagine the cost to get through the govt red tape of being DOT approved. That's why they cost more. Plus the bleeder valve set screw is so much easier than messing around with hemostats, and leaky valves and potentially overfilling tanks. You can find the kit on sale at times for $35. Not too bad for the adapter, stand and one empty tank.

  3. Found a different video, shows you can disassemble the adapter using a 10mm deep socket, and carefully cut off little plastic nub and trim flush. Put it back together and use it for other bottles. Also video of guy with flexible hose and scale, and video of guy with shraeder valve tool to unscrew the bleeder a little. I even found brass screw on caps for the top. Don't forget to spay soapy water on to check for bubbles afterwards. Sometimes the valves need to be reseated. Dot says illegal to transport if refilled but not if reused in your backyard or boondocks.

  4. Thanks for the support, I hope I didn't delete any of your comments, I think in wanting to delet 2 from someone else I may have gotten a few more, including some of yours. Sorry for that.

  5. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS line up the male to female tabs on the FLAME KING BOTTLES when you screw the fittings together. They had to do that so it would be DOT COMPLUANT. Filling a disposable bottle, if an accident occurs, (related to a disposable bottle) and they prove your are liable….its a $500,000 fine or 5yrs prison. The FLAME KING WORKS EASILY and SAFELY….This guy is doing what we all have done. BUY THE FLAME KING…..costs 80 cents to refill a FULL 1 POUNDER.

  6. Locate the propane pressure release value at a 30 degrees from the top.
    This spurts liquid before the canister gets over full or over the 16 oz net amount.
    Then shut off valve at the tank.

  7. Read the warning on the other non-DOT approved cylinders. 5 yrs. in prison and $500,000.00 fine. Would MUCH rather use the Flameking cylinders. They are higher quality. Also noticed you didn't do the safety thing either with gloves and goggles. Guess you were definitely correct when you said "at your own risk".

  8. got the kit and 2 extra bottles, first bottle went perfect second one the valve on adaptor blow out the bottom of valve, called them first he said bad bottles then he said he would ask someone about it he came back and are sending me a new adaptor we will see gonna give them a week

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