How To “Weld” Industrial Furniture with NO WELDER

How To “Weld” Industrial Furniture with NO WELDER

uh-huh I think I should let it cool down welcome back to the shop everyone right
now I’m standing in the metal shop because we’re about to get started on
another industrial build and you’re probably thinking you need one of these
to get this thing done well got some news for you you don’t in this project I
went to the big-box store and I picked up some aluminum and what we’re gonna do
in this video is instead of weld we’re gonna braise a table base together so
one bonus to aluminum is that for all of you that are saying they’re going good
John I don’t have a welder and I don’t have this absurd metal shop you’re
probably thinking how the hell am I gonna get any of this done well here’s
the thing you don’t need a grinder you don’t need a metal shop you don’t need a
metal table you don’t need a welder yes I’m serious I’ve teamed up with burns
Matic on this build and what we’re gonna do is show you how you can make some
industrial furniture just like this stuff you guys have seen me making in
the past just like the stuff you’ve seen me build my business on in the past and
we’re gonna do it without using any metalworking tools
aluminum is a super easy product to work with you can pretty much use whatever
tools you want to cut it so basically what that means is you can use your chop
saw or your miter saw or your circular saw or a karate chop we’re gonna use our
chop saw to break this down swing alright so check it out
this is my standard miter saw you guys are used to seeing it it in like every
video I’ve ever made not no special blade it’s not brought down or anything
it cuts aluminum like butter anybody can do this on their own line up and cool to the touch so all the parts are cut for the base
based on the the design that I made and here a couple off cuts I’m gonna get a
practice first so we have a woodworking file here and an old one that I found
somewhere we’re gonna chamfer the edges that way the brazing rod has somewhere
to go and somewhere to penetrate in between two pieces of aluminum
everything’s prepped and ready to go one last thing you want to do is make
sure that your metals nice and clean before you do any brazing we did that
with one of these brushes and then I’m gonna use a woodworking clamp with none
of the plastic on it to hold everything together if you’re wondering how are we
gonna heat this thing that is where the next part comes in here we’ve got two
options for heat one is going to be propane it’s the blue can you guys are
used to seeing this is your standard nozzle this uses a striker to create a
spark there’s a meet this is a volume amount and then this yellow can the guys
are used to seeing in my content is map gas it burns a lot hotter and then I
have the automatic trigger so I’m using this both work great all right kids
so the way this works is you want to preheat the metal then add the filler
and so that’s what we’re gonna do and heat the metal up this is a filler rod
specifically for aluminum we’re just gonna drip it in that after this is hot
enough I believe it’s like 800 degrees to melt the filler rod and like 1,200
degrees to melt the aluminum yeah I wish it was like a visual cue
that seems to be our but we were looking for uh-huh okay so test one
I think I’m played with them a little bit too much two before they cooled off
so I am broke it done broke it so we’re going to try this again and I’m gonna
take a little bit of a different approach to it what we’ve discovered pretty strong so what we’ve discovered and what I know
is that aluminum is a metal that is a heat sink it dissipates heat quickly and
that’s why it’s transferring to the wood so quickly and that’s why it’s smolder
and burned the wood but it also happened though is that I had it over clamped and
it kind of smushed this outside edge in so need to be careful when I glue up the
actual base to keep the clamping pressure nice and nice and soft and then
take my time once we turned the fan on it took about three five minutes to pull
off before I could handle it and move it once I got a ton of heat on it it kind
of messed up the the joints as well so this one like bubbled and remelted after
I already did so there’s got to be aware of that but I think it’s one thing when you’re doing stuff
like this if you want to build things in the steps now I know I have four of
these similar parts you guys are noticing so I’m just batching out
certain tasks I know I need those to cool off right I’ll make an all move L
first and then I’ll start building boxes it’s a little bit slower than welding I got greedy I put too much heat in this
corner and it literally released every joint now this thing is still scorching
so I’m going to try to clamp it put it back together all right so this thing is warm enough
that I can grab it without burning my fingers strength crazy those look how
super light this all right here we go Sam for those of
you that are wondering I weighed two hundred and seventy seven point four
pounds in the nude Wow what like made a drink I don’t think we’re ever gonna use
this table for anything more than yourself
Oh at all not bad let’s give a peanut I’ve got some Universal bonding primer
because the box store was out of self-etching all right let that dry overnight cool so this thing dried up nicely
it’s looking good I’ve got to drill some holes to God I knew that idiot would
forget good thing I’m brilliant so fat and
stupid and sweat hey moron I knew you’d forget can I help
you I knew you’d forget so I made this
working you dumbass who are you oh I’m you from yesterday you know a little
better looking a little more intelligent I know you have CTE so you I forget
there you go come here you’re welcome
let’s see how that idiot did ooh that’s not good taste doesn’t look too bad huh
guys get some mounting holes wrap this thing up I’m using a sloppy hole that
way there’s a little bit of room for movement the the tables so small that there shouldn’t
be a ton of got ourselves
I’m nice above-average piece of furniture so you guys so much for checking out
this build I hope you learned something I learned a ton this is a really fun
project gonna see more of these industrial furnace pieces that I’ve made
in the past no one queued up for you right here also
YouTube thinks that you’re gonna dig this video I wanna thank Birds mounted
for sponsoring this build I’ve got a link down in the description to all the
tools I use in this video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe
and go punch your next project in your face

100 thoughts on “How To “Weld” Industrial Furniture with NO WELDER

  1. I have a table that has a broken weld. Is there a way I can do something like this to fix it without a welder? It is made with steal.

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  3. hitting the end with a bead blaster or sand paper will help with that type of welding. like day and night.

  4. Aluminum oxidizes very quickly, forming a transparent ceramic. To use the alloy weld, you gotta rub the stick where you want to stay. Rubbing makes it so it will fuse well below the aluminum melt temp. RUB IT IN! Thanks.

  5. Unless I am making this for someone, I would just buy a table. Lol save the trouble of buying more tools.

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  10. Good intro, I have a lot of faith in a person injuring himself within the first 15 seconds of the video.

  11. Experience with metal furniture,industrial or otherwise tells you that it's not the quality of the joint that leads to failure it's the quality of the materiels being joined.the break is almost always next to the weld bead.

  12. You made it look so easy for anyone with a moderate workshop to make a clean, tidy, cool piece of furniture.

  13. Thats not brazing. thats soldering or gluing with heat and a rod. Brazing is "stitching" a 2nd metal in the pores and voids in the base metal but both are separate metals, Welding mixes the metals. Tinning and doing this method IS NOT EITHER of them, its just that, getting the "weld" stick to "stick" to the surface at a high temp. Tinning is just like glue, but with heat.

  14. Yeah, that plank you stepped on was directly on the corner standing rods, so all your construct did was just stabilize the vertical rods and so just carry a partial load. We still know nothing about the actual strength of these welds.

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  16. That material is anodized. Unless you grind away the anodized layer you won’t get proper adhesion to the solder. The cross-section ends where the cut is is the only exposed raw aluminum.

  17. Fantastic workshop??, good manner and excellent craftsmanship. Good luck on your future projects

  18. I don't have a chop saw, could you please do a video demonstrating the karate chop method, thanks

  19. Use a brazing attachment, not a soldering torch attachment. Super fine flame, make a pool and push the pool, filler rod when it burns too thin (easy with aluminium). That is "Brazing", which is what you want to do with a gas torch and any metal.

  20. John I think you're awesome. What a cut up! I'd love to use your frame for my new 3D Printer! I'll just have to make one!

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  23. The video title says "How to weld." The video title is WRONG.
    This is NOT WELDING!
    This is soldering. I'm not satisfied with that. 🙁

  24. First that's not how to file never drag the file backwards, second that is not welding what you are doing is braising or some would say soldering. Tip get a belt sander table angel it 45 deg & sand the straight edges where you will be braising, be careful not to sand past the thickness of the materiel. You want a nice grove for the filler to flow in so you end up with a very strong mechanical join, at the moment this may seem to be strong but you really only have 1mm of aluminum holding it together so one drop or shock & it will crack very easily.

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  28. For me the whole video told don't need to stick on welding to get every single part together,sometimes bolts and nut is better

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  31. That's not at all how i learned to braze in shop class. That is, however, how i learned to solder. I was tought with oxyacetylene and A smaller and more precise flame so you can penetrate the two pieces your sticking together. Otherwise You may as well just tape them together.

  32. I purchased some of these rods and THE DO NOT WORK. After trying to get them to work, I asked a friend who has 50 years metal fabrication experience and he couldn’t get it to work either.

  33. When i where in the Navi in the beginning of the 90:s i got the order to "solder" 5mm aluminium.
    I really had my doubts about but it turned out great, sp i had to do 20 antenna masts….
    I havent touched a welder or anything like it since those days and i thought it where a common practise today.

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