HOW TO WELD?! | BMW E30 318is – EPI#9 PT.3

HOW TO WELD?! | BMW E30 318is – EPI#9 PT.3

Maybe you think: what’s he doing? There is a hole over here. And inside the trunk there is some upholstery. When you are going to weld, there comes in a high temperature. So it’s important to remove your interior and everything that can probably burn. That’s the reason why we disassemble this and this. Probably a lot of times you think you don’t need glasses, I also think that. But I also have a few friends who also think that and now life with a small bite in there eye. Looks cool. Maybe good for the ladies. But, I don’t know it, doesn’t sounds fine to me. So let’s take the glasses. This is a nice part. Take the grinding machine with a small disk. Don’t take a huge disk it isn’t good for this part. We try to create a nice straight piece. After some work you can see there’s a pretty big hole. A little bit bigger than I thought. It’s just work till you doesn’t find any rust anymore. Right now it’s nice and straight. Now we are going to make everything clean at the edges. On this way we can see if really every rust is gone. What comes out… Is really nasty… You can also see that it was rusty over there. It starts with a really small rusty part, but as you see it ands much bigger. Alright, let’s clean the edges. This is a nice tool to clean it up. You can also take a grinding machine but this one sounds cool. Is cool. With this machine you can clean it up very nice. Now it’s really nice clean metal. Where you can’t find any rust. Right now we are going to take a paper and draw exactly what kind of piece we need. On this way you can see which size your metal plate need to be. Without a draw on a paper it’s really difficult to create the right shape. So, we take a paper and a pencil and let’s go. Paper and pencil. Right now it’s really easy. Just put the paper inside the hole and draw the hole. With the right size draw on the paper I create this piece of metal. This piece of metal needs to suit inside. And you can see the shape needs to be done. We just do it with a hammer. And take a marker to make it perfect. It wasn’t easy but it’s almost perfect now. It suits exactly like I want it on the edge. I can do it a little bit better so let’s try. It isn’t perfect straight but it’s okay because of the shape. I can weld it later. You can see that the metal plate suits perfectly right now. The welding machine is on. It’s connected with the mass. With this welding machine it’s pretty easy. Just put it on and go. Think about your welding cap, without isn’t very nice for your eyes. I’m not the best at welding but I think everybody can do it. What we are going to do is to put small dots on the edge. And that is it, let’s go! What I doesn’t expected. You can see there is a lot of rust over here. So I need to remove everything like I did with the hole on the back of the car. The rust over here is going beside to the side skirt so I need to remove that one. After that I can put also put a new piece in here. Let’s do it. She is everything, everything, everything, everything in one! She is perfect from head to toe. Baby, what are you doing with me? Doing with me? Everything, everything, everything, everything in one.

8 thoughts on “HOW TO WELD?! | BMW E30 318is – EPI#9 PT.3

  1. Denk aan je laskap he, anders krijg je lasogen. is niet zo prettig 😉
    Beetje vuil op de afgeslepen rand is ook een optie, als je dan het papier ertegenaan drukt krijg je ook een afdruk.
    Wel een leuke video man, zet m op!

  2. Je moet er wel bij zeggen dat je de accu moet ontkoppelen, anders gaan je accu's naar de kloten, en bij goed laswerk komt er veel meer bij kijken dan 'aansluiten en gaan' ;).

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