How to Use the BRECOflex Field Welder

Hi My name is Sarath Jaladi and I’m here
with the BRECOflex applications engineering department. Today I’ll be
talking to you guys about the BRECOflex fields welding system.Tthe advantage of
this product is that you can create a welded joint in the field that is
equally as strong as a factory welded belt. In the next part of this video I will demonstrate how quick and easy it is to use this product. First, prepare the welder for field welding by inserting the tooth and bottom plate into the weld area shown. Then prepare the belt by applying pyrrolidone in the weld zone be
sure to wear gloves while working with pyrrolidone as it is toxic and a skin irritant. thoroughly coat the fingers on both ends of the belt with the pyrrolidone as shown here. Be sure to get in between the teeth underneath the teeth and on top of the teeth on both sides of the belt as the pyrrolidone is
the primary agent that causes the belt bond. Any surface that is not covered in pyrrolidone will not bond and you’ll be left with an incomplete weld. Once you are finished with the pyrrolidone insert the belt into the tooth plate as shown here. Be sure to mesh both sides completely with each other. Once you have gotten the belt seated in the tooth plate cover the belt with the top plate, with the black coated surface facing down. and close the welder. as shown here. Firmly screw down the thumb
screws and press the button on the control box to begin the welding process Once the light on the control box goes
out you can unscrew the some screws and remove the welded belt from the welder.
Be sure to wear heat-resistant gloves while doing this as the well they will
have gotten extremely hot to the touch. After opening the welder removes the
tooth plate and the top plate with the belt in between them and place it on a surface to cool. Once the device has cooled sufficiently you can remove the belt from the unit as shown here. The BRECOflex Field Welder is available in most of our common belt pitches. To download our connections kit
technical bulletin please visit the link below. For technical questions or
information on how to order this product please call the number shown at the end
of this video. Thanks for watching.

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