How to Use Rust Converter Demonstration

How to Use Rust Converter Demonstration

Hi Jack and Devon here from GEMPLER’S
product support team. Today we’re going to show you how to use Rust Converter to
restore iron or steel objects. But before we get into showing you how to use rust
converter it’d probably be a good idea to know what it is. Yeah rust converter
is a synthetic polymer formula that converts existing rust into a black
inert paintable surface. It then prevents further rusting of the object. Well let’s
see how it works. It looks like we have a good wheel to use here. We do. we have a
wheel here that is pretty well covered and rust. But before we can apply the
rust converter we need to make sure we have the proper PPE on. To apply rust
converter you should have protective gloves, eyewear and proper ventilation. Alright now we’ve got our PPE on. what’s the first step to applying rust
converter? The first thing to do is remove any dirt grit loose rust flakes
or scale. You can do this by using a wire brush. You don’t want to remove all rust
just what’s loose. Then wipe the object clean before applying the product. And
how will you be applying the rust converter? Today we’ll be applying it
with a paintbrush. Rust converter does also come in two other formulas – a
sprayable for airless and compression sprayers in an aerosol. To apply rust
converter pour some into a small container. You don’t need a lot because
if you have extra the used rust converter can’t go back in the original container.
Then just dip the brush into the rust converter and use your brush to apply
coating the areas with rust. How many coats do you need to put on? The paint on
version we’re using today will require two coats. The other two formulas will
require more. The spray on version requires three coats and the aerosol
will actually require four. Looks like we’ve got the first coat pretty much on
about how long does it take to dry before we can apply the second coat?
Drying time between coats will take about twenty to sixty minutes depending
on the conditions. Humidity and temperature will actually affect the
drying time. Once it is dry enough for the second
coat it will change to a purplish hue which you can see that it’s actually
starting to do now, letting you know that it actually is
ready for a second coat. Once the two coats of rust converter have been
applied the rust converter does need to cure to turn the rust into an inert
black form. How long does that typically take? That typically takes about 48 hours
after that you can apply an oil-based paint. So overall not too difficult or
time-consuming process. For clean up rust converter is water-based
all you need is soap and water to clean your brush and container if you plan on
reusing them. Yeah, make sure you dispose of any rust converter product you’ve
poured out. Adding the used rust converter back into the original
container will cause contamination. well thank you Devon for demonstrating rust
converter for us. For even more frequently asked questions and
information on rust converter click on the link in this video. Thanks much.

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  2. hey, I don't know what is the material is used on my GMC SIERRA 2016 Chassis is it safe to apply it on >? without considering if its pure steel or galvanized steel ?!

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