How to Use & Maintain Welding Equipment : Understand TIG Welding

How to Use & Maintain Welding Equipment : Understand TIG Welding

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Terry and
today I’m going to show you how to use a welder. Alright this is a TIG welder. It runs on reverse
polarity. It’s uses a shielding gas. This particular one is a hundred percent argon.
You have your porcelain cup. You have your tip which is made out of tunstin. And you
have your pedals right here which controls the amount of amps that you’re applying so
you can back off when you need to and apply more amps when you need to. This is the filler
rod. You feed it with one hand and you hold your torch, they call this the torch, with
the other hand. Now there’s different ways. You want to use your hands to stabilize your
torch, so you can hold it like so, a lot of people hold it like this and come off of their
pinky. It’s just whatever is more comfortable to you. So when you start with a TIG you always
want to heat up your metal, your drop in metal. You work it around until you go to, to get
in the consistency you want and then you drop more metal in. And that’s TIG welding.

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  1. we have a workshop at our school, i study as a welder, i aint gonna say ''oh, i'am soo good'' or anything like that, but from what i've heard from the teachers, they say i got really good talent, but i don't think it's that good, but if they say it, it must be true(afterall, they've welded and worked with metal years more than i've done).
    Though i've just been there some months,i've never welded before at all, so i think it's kinda strange, that i would come so far as they say.Its funny though.

  2. he means that for ferrous metals, the torch is Negative, and the workpiece is positive. The only time you woudl change it is if you are welding Aluminium, but 99percent of the time thats AC welding in which case polarity is alyways changing.

  3. I knew a guy in Jr. high that arc welded over his hand and he did not feel it until it was about 1/2 way. It was pretty quick I'm sure as he didn't have burn marks from dripping rod material but it sure got swollen. Just wear your dry leathers and you won't have a problem. The worst part is forgetting you just heated the peice and go grab it off the table w/o gloves. sizzle!! OUCH!! ^#*%@!! XD You learn not to be so absent minded/easily distracted REAL quick I tell ya.

  4. Terry is not a very good teacher. He states what we already see. Why do you use that polarity and why argon..for those who don't know for example. Terry, rehearse your presentation a little more so it sounds professional.

  5. not bad .. but we in switzerland got an other method to use our equip
    this is just one .. and i dont think it rocks ..

  6. is expert village a legitimate "how to" site? i just happen to run across these vids and if your going to show someone how to do something like welding, then wouldnt you need to get up close and show the bead? Or are they just showing a Very Very vague explanation of how to do it? plus….put some clothes on….there are no benefits, only repercussions to short sleeves.

  7. Dear Author,

    This information is incorrect. When using the GTAW process on steel your current is not Reverse polarity. Reverse polarity is Electrode Positive. Steel should be welded Electrode Negitive (Straight Polarity) …. Running the torch on reverse polarity will destroy your tungston.

    DJ Gyver

  8. can someone tell me if the flicker you get when you stablish an arc with a TIG is smaller than with a normal stick welder?it seams that TIG produces a constant "blue" light? is it like that?thanks

  9. Dear TheDood951,

    I am sorry sir but you are incorrect as well. As i sated before you can not ever use Reverse Polarity for welding (electrode negative). Welding GTAW (TIG) with reverse polarity will concentrate too much heat on the tungsten and it will be destroyed. You only do it for a second to ball up your tungsten when welding on aluminum. Once the ball is created on the end of the tungsten you switch and weld with Alternating Current and switch your high frequency to constant.

  10. Dear Talondelsol,

    Your argon is not set in PSI when you talk about TIG welding. Its not a pressure issue. Its set in CFM Cubic Feet per Min. You should be setting your argon on 15 under normal standards. If you need more stickout on your tungsten you should be using slightly more argon to get good gas coverage.

  11. Dear CobraDesigns,

    The strength of your welds will be based on 2 factors. What is the minimum tensile strength of the filler wire you are using… Example: if you are using R-45 Gas welding wire you will find that if you make a perfect weld you should have a minimum tensile strength of 45000 psi on the weld. If you use a stronger wire and make a perfect weld then your strength goes up.

    So example : if you used (hypothetically) er40s-g for mig you would have a much lower min tensile strength

  12. Dear Gunther92,

    Holding the torch is completely a preference issue. And it also depends dirrectly on what you are welding.

  13. Dera Lynel1985,

    Incorrect. Reverse polarity revers to the torch being positive. He made a mistake in this video. for ferrous metals he should be using straight polarity which is electrode negative.

  14. Dear Upcomingjedi,

    He actually is incorrect in this video.

    When tig welding on steel you should be using straight polarity with a very sharp tungsten tip. Straight polarity is used because it focuses 60% of the heat created on the base material. If you use reverse you will destroy your tungsten because it focuses the heat up on your tungsten rod.
    Argon gas is used because it is a noble gas. It does not react or dissolve down into the liquid puddle like nitrogen will.

  15. Also Argon is about 3-5 times heaver then air. The argon will displace all of the surrounding air and keep the arc in a cone of argon.

    Hope this answers your questions.

  16. Dear paramandans,

    Before coming on here and spouting your greatness you should understand that a gas lens is not necessary. infact the average welder does not use one. The only pieces necessary to make a good weld are as follows:
    Collet Body
    Gas Cup
    2 O rings
    and the cap

  17. Am I to understand the message right you left me is that your are a Lemon aid stand ownerO well then you should know haha..And yes it does matter if you had any kind of real welding experience you would know this you think they have them just for funWell I know my 24 plus years of being a TIG welder I wouldnt know these things right not to mention the fact I am a Certified Welding Inspector as Im sure you are. No hard feelings when you want some advice just ask me Ill tell you.

  18. Dear paramandans,

    I am not sure if that message was directed toward me but i am not the author of this video.
    I am a professor of marine welding and fabrication with expertise in GTAW technological development. I am, like you a CWI as well as a CWE by 2 different agencies one being AWS. i have worked in the trade for years in all aspects especially the GTAW process. I was simply stating that the equipment you talked about (IE Gas lens) was not necessary. Its helpful but not necessary.

  19. Yes, the handle is definitely pointing to DCEN/straight polarity. In the MIG world, DCEP is straight polarity so maybe he misspoke?

  20. @XxXGyverXxX
    The one thing that seems to be lacking from most videos is a clear picture of the puddle. The HTP video is the best I've seen in this regards. Could you please keep that in mind (maybe rig and autodark hood over the camera)

  21. holy crap, lots of nice equipment and im sure this guy really knows his shit. but you can tell he didn't take anytime before hand to think about what he was going to say. hes forgetting things and missing key points, i know how to gtaw weld and i found this video confusing. also if you ever go to a real welding school first rule of arc welding is leather coat. sure in the real world not everyone is going to wear one. but if your teaching people teach them correctly.

  22. No safety glasses, leathers or sleeves. Nice. Just heat up the metal, huh. I thought you wanted to melt the base metal. Wow! Good thing i watched this video, i've been doing it wrong for 18 years!

  23. I figured it out! Expert Village pays people off the street…bums…to pretend they know what they are doing and make a stupid a** video!

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  25. I am confused, is the title accually for this vid?
    TIG how to use and MAINTAIN equiptment " TIG welders run on reverse polarity" ???
    That must need one hell of a DC power supply!!! LOL

  26. i have been watching hours of welding vids and finally said F*** it, i am going to youtube, i am finally learning,
    I am making a go cart

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