How to Use an Arc Weld : Running a Bead of Weld When Arc Welding

How to Use an Arc Weld : Running a Bead of Weld When Arc Welding

Hello! My name is Mac. On behalf of,
I am here to continue the discussions of the theory of arc welding. We had been discussing
shielded metal arc welding or stick welding as it is commonly referred to. We have done
the section on striking an arc and making these little weld puddle dots. Now we would
like to talk to you about running a stringer bead or a bead of weld. After striking an
arc, a student will just simply move in the direction of travel that is most convenient
to that person. A left handed welder would strike an arc on his right side and move towards
the left and a right-handed welder would strike an arc on his left and move towards the right.
This is so that the puddle stays in front of the welder’s eyes at all times and he
can see what he is doing. We do not use any circular motions, or zigzags or whips, in
and out or up or down or anything like that. We just simply want to hold a proper arc length
all the time. Move in a straight line and make a bead of weld approximately a one and
a half times the outside diameter of the end of the electrode. Straightforward, burn the
electrode off, feed it into the puddle as you go, watch your speed of travel, feel for
your speed of travel with your hands. Don’t rely on you eyes to tell you how fast you
are going. You want a nice uniform bead of weld, even height, even width and nice cosmetic
looking bead of weld. When you are done, chip the slag off of it and take a look at it.
Do more, separate them with about a three eighths of an inch and run more beads of weld
consecutively, practice it. Practice it over and over until you can do it well.

49 thoughts on “How to Use an Arc Weld : Running a Bead of Weld When Arc Welding

  1. Some really good advice. I understand how it is hard to film an actual weld arc, but maybe just some photos of ideal welds vs. bad welds

  2. I welded my fingers together once. But my cat pulled them back apart. Then I welded the cat to the floor she is still there. Thats how I learned to weld properly.

  3. its called manual metal arc welding you fucking idiot. i know because im a boilermaker which is a qualified welder…

  4. its called manual metal arc welding in australia numb nuts. also we have the highest standards in the world dickface. anyone can be a welding inspector in america…

  5. oh australia is obnoxious? i think america pioneered that one! well a weld isnt a weld is it? fuck man, i could all that shit to if my head was up my arse and i wanted to be like you. instead i own my own business and laugh at losers like you.

  6. keep your arc length SUPER short and dont move beyond your puddle. dont move faster than you melt the metal.

  7. agreed but as a welder we tend to shake breathing in such toxic chemicals… so i like to hide it with a little weave of up and down or circles and watch my lines

  8. oh i just watched the video response to this see how he studders? and the bags under his eyes? its from welding common side affects
    google it

  9. First of all, all of you negative people bashing this site; If you are such a professional welder WTF are you doing watching these videos. Second; obviously you are a welder because most of you cant spell! what do you say to a guy with an IQ of 50? NICE BEAD !

  10. haha stick welding is the best, the shit welder who cant do it, you can do strongest welds with this, other tig/mig weldings broke easy

  11. i managed to lwarn to start and keep alight an arc in 1 hour πŸ™‚ just do as the gui says, light it like a match, keep a 30-45 angle and if this dun wark, busst the amp a lil more. also i saw that if the amp is too low, the metal rod melts inside the tip of the electrode, and the flux remain like a 'cup' up around it, this making it throw mani sparks and stop verry often

  12. I have a harbor freight 120v stick welder and I love it too. and I agree with you cyberwelders are the biggest punk ass bitches Why are they so critical?Why do they care if other people can't weld? All the haters don't even have videos on here to back up what they are saying. If they are good welders I'm sure they can afford a video camera. I guess they just got out of a welding class and want to show off what they just learned in school. I have some videos on here but I don't criticize others

  13. look up killabackrattler he has a video on here and has the best weld I have ever seen. I would love to see you produce a better weld than this one. I seriously doubt you could even come close or call him those names to his face.

  14. Nice bead! thats a good one I am going to use that one. I have searched all over for welder jokes and couldn't find any do you have any more?

  15. If it is not safe to wear contact lenses while welding, what about regular eye glasses or bifocal eye glasses? Are they safe to wear while welding? Just bought a small welder and want to learn more about techniques and safety before I use it.

  16. ummm dude silly question u can get optical lenses for welding helmets, you can wear glasses while welding and same with contact lenses use shade 11 lens in my opinion but it all depends on the type of weld u running like 300 amps use shade 13 but mostly personal preference

  17. It is a pity that Macks videos are not
    organised in a chronological order.
    John on the other hand needs to relax. He reminds me of Lurch.

  18. hell theyneed to combine videos in to one not little 30sec or 2 minute and they dont have them labed 1234 ect hard to follow

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