How to Use an Arc Weld : Basics of Shielded Metal Arc Welding

How to Use an Arc Weld : Basics of Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Hello! My name is Mac. I am here on behalf
of We would like to continue our discussions on the arc welding process
of stick welding. This is an electrode holder and this is one of the shielded metal arc
welding electrodes. Place the electrode in the electrode holder, turn the handle and
clamp the electrode firmly in the electrode holder. When you turn the machine on and select
the proper amount of current, this electrode becomes electrically charged. It is basically
a live wire now. When you touch it down to a piece of steel that is grounded into the
machine like that you create an electric arc that begins to melt the wire. The wire is
covered with a flex that prevents oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere from getting at
the weld puddle. As you proceed making the weld, the flex seals the weld off from the
atmosphere and tempers it as it proceeds. It is very important to learn how to strike
an arc properly. It is the basic beginning technique that you will learn. What I suggest
to my students is they scratch the electrode like a match, like this. Scratch it like a
match and when the arc is established, begin making a bead of weld. But before we can do
that I teach my students to make rows of nice neat little box like that. On a steel plate
of about a quarter of an inch thicker, we begin by striking an arc, running a circle,
a little bit of a dot like that, holding the arc length about sixteenth of an inch or so
long, feeding the electrode into the arc as it melts off in a nice smooth motion and after
having made two or three circles, break the arc, move on, make another strike, make another
dot, little pile of weld, break the arc, move on and make another dot. This exercise is
designed to teach a student how to strike an arc every time. Make nice concentric rows
of evenly spaced dots. This is the very beginning of learning how to be an arc welder.

100 thoughts on “How to Use an Arc Weld : Basics of Shielded Metal Arc Welding

  1. Just looked it up, sounds like a real tough one
    Really neat to try when you have the proper skills
    BTW, (I'm still a beginner) how do you get rid of the hole at the end of a 6010/6011 pass?

  2. if your going to start ark welding your best want to learn to stick weld start of with 60/10 then move up to 60/11 then 70/18. yes mig is easy but you should honestly learn to stick weld. once you learn that mig and flux core comes natural.

  3. yeah its save to hold on to it as long as your runing on dc just make sure your not useing an excaliber or a p1 rod they burn hotter and make sure if you do hold on to it your not touching anything to ground your self out like say for instance i was welding i would not be leaning against to pices of metal with my bare skin ac current will just through like kinda throw y ou a little or tingle

  4. E 6010 is more likely than not -the- toughest electrode to use. That's why we're learning how to use it first.. Dont start with 7018, whatever you do! Its sooo easy.

  5. Yea my teacher started us out on 6010 rods to cause they are easier to get stuck to the metal.I agree with you that 7018 rods are so easy to use.

  6. to get rid of the burn through at the end, stop just b4 the end and do a couple of circles, that should give u ure penetration without the hole,

  7. or for smart people who don't know anything about welding. you don't have to be an idiot to know very little about welding.

  8. my teacher told a girl in my class if she wants a tan to go stand in the welding booth with a tank top on lol she tried to do it but i kicked her out of my both she was dumb

  9. Actually for the sake of a few extra dollars you can purchase an auto tinting mask so that even when the mask is over your face you can see everything and once the ark happens it automatically tints for you.

  10. @VTwanderer il peut avoir du danger si la machine est en fonction si l'électrode est proche de ton oeil. car il contient 90% d'eau. donc cette région du corps est très conductrice du courant. comme la bouche et la langue. Mais en général il n'y a pas de danger d'électrocution si tu la touche avec tes mains. Si l'électrode est chaude, tu peux te brûler.

  11. im a level 2 welding apprentice and we've went over mig, gmaw, smaw, gtaw, and all that good stuff, we also used the plasma arc cutter/

  12. I'm a welding apprentice and I wish I had this guy, my instructor didn't even propery show me how to strike up… Fuckin' jabrony. Cheers Colonol Sanders.

  13. @Arcwelder97 Better… Depends what your doing. Each kind of welding has its advantages and disadvantages.

    If your not very skilled mig/mag welding is easier so its better.
    If speed is important mig/mag welding is faster.
    If your welding outside arc is better.
    If you need everything to be portable arc is less equipment to carry.
    If you need small precision welds Tig welding would be better.

    Also what material your working with ect.

  14. @TheWoodsmanhunter its not really the best welding option cause it takes considerable skill and time to weld it the weld has no flux like the video says i havnt found any practical reason to use it for welding its good for heating up metal or cutting metal

  15. Could you arc weld something as thin as a shipping container? what current would you recommend? and what technique would you use for say, patching a leaky top?

  16. This was quite helpful, as I do arc welding at school in Mechanical Workshop. It is definitely a good skill to learn.

  17. No offense but jody from welding tips and tricks is more informative. No discussion about hot start or arc force?? I want to learn more about how to best make use of my everlast welder's features.

  18. Jody just released a video demonstrating and explaining Arc Force Control on the Everlast PowerMTS 250S. Great explanation.

  19. What if you have been binge drinking for years and dont have a steady hand? How do you weld with my condtion?

  20. Jody's welding videos are far better. This guy looks like he doesn't even know what an IGBT inverter welder is.

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