How to Use a Handheld Grinder : How to Grind Welds with a Handheld Grinder

How to Use a Handheld Grinder : How to Grind Welds with a Handheld Grinder

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Terry. And
today I’m going to show you how to use a hand held grinder. On this piece of metal, I have
a weld here. If this was not cosmetic and I wasn’t going to see it I wouldn’t worry
about it. But let’s just say this was on something I’m building and I want to finish it to where
you don’t even know that a weld is there. And that the material is nice and pretty and
sound. So what I would do is clamp it down, so it doesn’t wander off. These grinders turn
about 1800 rpm. Once they get to rolling, if they flick your project around the room
it?s not very fun. I’ll start off with this grinder. I’m going to use a thick heavy coarse
stone wheel to just take the excess weld down. I don’t want to take it down so far that I
start moving metal around the weld. I just want to take it down to there. And then I’ll
use all my other attachments to finish it off. Using your grinder, on this weld right
here, I took the leading edge and just used the leading edge. Notice, I got a little here
into my mail, but around here it’s untouched. And that’s just what I wanted, because I got
some finer grit sanding and grinder wheels that will take care of that. If I’m just a
big piece of steel I’m wanting to knock off excess BB’s or what have you. I’ll lay it
flat and just let it ride itself around and go smooth. But I don’t want to mess up any
of this other metal. So that’s why I use the leading edge like that. It eats it off a lot
quicker. And that’s how you do that.

6 thoughts on “How to Use a Handheld Grinder : How to Grind Welds with a Handheld Grinder

  1. Needs the name changed to How Not To; Eye and Ear proection. SUITABLE Clothing. No adjacent shelves full of paint etc. Who is this clown ?

  2. I just got a grinder to remove rusted carriage bolts. The instruction manual says to wear ANSI Z87.1 googles for eye protection that completely enclose the eyes. The grinder should also have a guard to keep materials from flying back at the operator, which seems to have been removed on this man's grinder. Many places recommend a face shield vs just eye protection. Gloves, ear protection and remove things around that could cause a ricochet. I think we'll also have 911 dialed into the cell phone.

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