How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher. Accidents happen. Be prepared to fight your own fire by learning
how to use a fire extinguisher. You will need Courage Calm and fire extinguisher. Step 1. Know how fire extinguishers are classified. Class A extinguishers are for common combustibles
like paper or wood; Class B are for flammable liquids; and Class C are for electrical fires. The Red Cross recommends ABC classified fire
extinguishers for home use. Step 2. Inspect the fire extinguisher before use. Read instructions and warnings; check that
the pressure gauge needle is in the green portion of the gauge; and check for a clogged
nozzle, a broken seal, or other damage. A fire extinguisher won’t work if it’s
not properly charged. The pressure gauge measures the charge. Step 3. Decide if you’ll evacuate or stay and fight
the fire. Consider the size of the fire, the amount
of smoke in the room, and whether there is a reliable escape route. Step 4. Remember the acronym PASS. It stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep. Step 5. Pull the pin or ring that unlocks the fire
extinguisher’s operating handle, and aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire. Aim at the fire from 6 to 8 feet away. Step 6. Squeeze the extinguisher lever to discharge
its contents, and sweep the hose back and forth until the extinguisher is empty. Did you know Food Network star Alton Brown
used a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, a water cooler bottle, and a tennis racket to
make a fruit smoothie on television.

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  1. I've put out four car fires (of other people) on the freeway, not with fire extinguishers, but with cans of coke.

    Coke cans have a shelf life of almost one year. Leave a couple of cans in your car for four months and replace with new ones and refrigerate the old and drink them.

    If you are present when a car fire breaks out, shake the can vigorously and slighty pop the top and leave the can upright (so you'll get foam and not liquid) and spray the fire. Speed will ensure this works.

  2. You can keep cans of coke in each room of your house and do the same thing. The problem with fire extinguishers is that they must be charged every year so you're not going to have them in every room.

    As I mentioned in the other remark, rotate your coke cans and if you never have a fire, you won't be wasting hundreds of dollars recharging fire extinguishers or worse, grabbing one that you forgot to recharge.

  3. Step 1: Pull the pin
    Step 2: Dont stand 4 feet away from the fire
    Step 3: Squeeze the trigger and hose down the center of the fire.

  4. I already know how to use a fire extinguisher in FACS class they gave us a lazer fire extinguisher and a fake fire

  5. Step one is inaccurate, class A is for ordinary combustibles, class B is petrol, class C is gases, class D is metals and class F is Kitchen uses. Disliking due to no international help.

  6. Should I do a practice run with my ABC extinguisher? Never used one before. Want to make sure I can use it… will I be able to get pin back in and return to normal? Where should I practice?

  7. Well done, short and simple, although most people forget to pull the pin before they squeeze the handle.

  8. I had to watch this video because I was burning my KD Maryland blue crabs b/c of KD's switch to warriors lol

  9. Hello. Thank you for posting this video. I am the administrator for a small, locally owned healthcare organization that provides support for 30 adults who have developmentally disabled and are medically fragile. May we include your video in our training materials for new employees?

  10. I'm here to learn how to use that thing, not other things. geeez. Stop putting irrelevant information into the video.

  11. Hi, I've been emailing you to ask permission to use your video in a course on Health and Safety.  Do you give us permission to use the video?

    "wait I need to first inspect the fire extinguisher first, check for holes and stuff

  13. Thank you so much, this is useful…taught by the teacher,I dont understand, I want demonstration or actual..thanks!!!!

  14. An innovative and safe way to extinguish fire source, here it is:

  15. Had a kitchen grease fire today, luckily I didnt have to run for ours. It was in our garage (attached to the house) but sprayed the fire out with no problems. Its under our sink now

  16. My car almost caught fire because of a carburetor backfire, thank god i had a towel/rag to swipe at the fuel fumes. got to go get me a real fire extinguisher.

  17. Awesome I should learn how to use a fire extinguisher because in about to week or I plan to burn down my small batch of dry leaves and I don’t want the fire to spread

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  19. Yep, because when im in a fire i totally have time to give the extinguisher a little check up. Just use it and pray it works

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