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Undercarriage detailing: everybody always asks how it’s done, and how to get the best looking undercarriage. That’s fender liners, undercarriages, and anywhere under the vehicle you want cleaned up. I brought a Mustang out here, it’s been to a few track days, the undercarriage is real dirty, we’re gonna pull those wheels off, give the undercarriage a good scrubbing, dress it, and make sure it’s protected for the next few months. Let’s go ahead and take this Mustang out and show you exactly how to clean out the undercarriage. I’ve got a lot of good tools here to show you how to do it right, so I’ll explain each one before we get started. The first think we’re gonna use today is
Signature Series Orange Degreaser. This is what we’re gonna use to scrub out the fender liner, clean out all the dirt, mud, tar, nasty stuff on the underside of the vehicle to make sure it’s all clean. Then we’re gonna go ahead and dress it up with
Bare Bones. Bare Bones is the dark shine undercarriage spray. It gives the darkest look on any undercarriage, and it’ll make the fender liners on this car look invisible. We’re also going to use
Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Gel. We’re gonna use this to clean my brake calipers and suspension. We’ll clean the Bilstein shocks, springs, and brake calipers with Diablo Gel. After that we’ll protect the brake calipers using JetSeal. That way they look good all year round. We’ve also got a few applicator pads right here, we’ll be using the Fireman hose nozzle, a Goat Brush, Stiffy Cleaning Brush, and a Soft Flagged Tip Brush for scrubbing brake parts and sensitive areas. Let’s go ahead and get this Mustang up on jack stands and get the wheel off safely for a good clean. Let’s do it! So let’s start some undercarriage detailing. On most cars, you can actually do this with the car on the ground, and you don’t have to jack up big lifted trucks, but I wanted you to get a full look at what I’m doing in here, so I jacked the car up, put it on jack stands, and took the wheel off. This is a good method if you like to get more in depth in the cleaning. Remember: if you’re gonna jack up your car, always do it safely Use safe jack points on the vehicle and always use jack stands. Do not get under the vehicle unless it’s securely lifted up. I use strong jack stands so my car will not fall down if there is a failure. Now that I’ve removed the wheel, you can see I have a lot of dirt on the brake calipers, Bilstein shock, there’s grease, road tar, and road grime everywhere. The fender liner is also completely dirty. It hasn’t been cleaned in about a year and a half, and it’s really disgusting, so let’s clean it up. The first thing I like to do is wet everything down. I’ll use the Fireman Hose Nozzle to get a good mist and wet everything down. Now that I’ve got everything wet down, I’ll soak it all with Orange Degreaser. I’ve diluted this Signature Series Orange Degreaser 10:1 to scrub out all this dirt and nasty stuff in here. I’m going to spray everything under here: the fender liner, the shock, I’m not going to spray the brake caliper since I’ll use another product on there. I’m also going to spray the springs, suspension parts, and everything. Next, I’ll take my Diablo Wheel Gel to remove brake dust from the calipers. I’ll clean all the brake parts with Diablo because it’s gentle on these sensitive parts. That way I won’t have any problems with brake squeal or ruining my brake pads because Diablo is safe for that. Let’s start with the caliper first. I’m going to use the Goat Brush to scrub the caliper. The foam created by Diablo is perfect for scrubbing the brake parts. You’ll see the foam turn brown because it’s pulling off all the dirt and brake dust and nasty things. I like keeping my brake calipers clean, and this works on powder coated calipers as well. I’ll use the same brush to clean the Bilstein shock. I’ll add more Orange Degreaser. I can scrub everything to clean them up and make them look fresh. Now let’s start cleaning the fender liner. I’m going to use a soft flagged tip bristle brush to clean the fender liner. I’ll take the soft brush and really scrub in there. This also works on carpet style fender liners, this is a plastic fender liner. I want to scrub it down and make sure it looks good. Make sure that fender liner looks black. I like going to car shows in this Mustang, and I don’t like the fender liners to look dirty. Look at the dirt getting pulled off the brake caliper. All that dirt and brake dust is coming off. Before everything dries, I’m going to hose off the whole fender liner. I want to give a thorough rinsing with lots of water in here. Now that I’ve got everything cleaned off, I’ll do a few things before I let this dry. I’ll use an old microfiber towel to dry off the brake caliper. Look how well Diablo cleaned the brake caliper. It did not harm the painted surface, it left it smooth and cleaned the rotor face. I’ll dry off the shock… I’ll take the same towel and dry everything in here. This is an older towel I had lying around, it’s on its last use… You see how easy this would be on big offroad trucks, lifted vehicles, any type of car this is good for. I hate looking at dirty fender liners. This is a touch you should do once or twice a year. I like taking my wheels off to clean the springs, sway bars, and it looks good! I go to car shows and people know this person puts a lot of time into their car. My main concerns were getting the brake caliper, shock, and fender liner cleaned. Once I dress this with Bare Bones, it’ll look nearly invisible! It’ll have a nice dark shine that won’t attract any grease or dirt. I’m going to repeat this on the other side while I wait for this side to dry, then I’ll come back to apply Bare Bones and the sealant. So now we’ve completed the cleaning of our undercarriage. We pulled the wheel off, scrubbed the fender liner, cleaned the shock, the brake caliper, and now we’re ready for the dressing. All the cleaning was to prepare the area for Bare Bones. Bare Bones is a dark shine undercarriage spray. It’s designed specifically for fender wells, undercarriages, subframes, springs, any area under the vehicle you want to go black! It’ll make gray and black parts go invisible, so when the wheel is on the car all this area just disappears. So when you go to the car show, people see your fresh paint, and they don’t see the inner fender well. It makes older parts like this old fender liner look black and rich again. This liner is from 1998. It’s very weathered, but we’re gonna make it look good with Bare Bones. I want to cover the brake components because I don’t want the dressing to interfere with JetSeal later on. I’ll use a normal trash bag to cover all the brake parts. That’s perfect, now all our brake components are covered up! To use Bare Bones, I’ll spray all the parts in the undercarriage. I want to spray a good wet coat so when it dries it looks invisible! Notice that just after a few sprays the Bare Bones makes the plastic look black! I’m going to apply this very liberally because I want a good coat and even coverage. Some people like to apply two coats: I like to apply one heavy coat, then add a little more later. I’ll also spray the springs and control arm. I’ll let this dry for a little bit, spray the other side too, then wipe down and reapply if needed. Now we’ve let Bare Bones dry and we have this beautiful dark looking fender liner. It’s dry to the touch, and has no greasy feel. Bare Bones is not a tire dressing; it’s an actual undercarriage protectant that leaves the undercarriage smooth with a dark, rich look. It also resists dirt longer than a traditional dressing because it’s designed specifically for undercarriages. So if you have a big lifted truck, or a lowered vehicle, it’ll make the undercarriage look deep, dark, and rich. Once we put the wheel back on, it’ll completely disappear. The last thing to handle is the brake caliper. I’ll use some JetSeal 109: the ultimate protection against the harshest elements. I’ll put this on my brake calipers because I like JetSeal to resist brake dust. These brake pads create a lot of dust, and I can easily put some JetSeal 109 to make it look great. JetSeal requires a 20 minute dry time, so I’ll wait 20 minutes and come back to wipe it off and remount the wheel. It’s been 20 minutes so I’ll wipe off the JetSeal. We’ll buff it off to expose a nice, clean caliper. Even though these are painted calipers, they still look great with JetSeal. Now our brake caliper is smooth and protected. Now I’ll go buff off the other side, remount both wheels, and show you how to torque them down. Now that I’ve got the car back down on the ground safely, I need to torque the wheels. This is a torque wrench and it’s super important to torque your wheel bolts to factory specifications so the wheels don’t fly off and you don’t have any danger. This Mustang requires a 98 ft. · lb torque setting. Check with your manufacturer for the proper torque setting on your car. Whenever you torque a wheel, always remember to torque in a star pattern to 98 ft. · lb. *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* There we go we’re all ready to go! Now I’m gonna go ahead and put all my tools away and we’ll see you in a moment with the awesome results! So now we’ve completed our awesome detail on this undercarriage. We got the inner fender well looking really black and it’s so black it’s hard to even see back there! Bare Bones makes everything disappear. It really makes everything invisible, and keeps it looking great. Bare Bones resists dirt, debris, road tar, and all that nasty stuff. So my inner fender wells will stay looking great. We got a lot more detailing to do on this Mustang, it’s long overdue for a detail… But now we know the dirtiest part of the car is clean before we go on to the rest of the exterior. This process works on every car, truck, RV, and even big lifted offroad vehicles that have a lot of fender liner. So even with big diesel lifted trucks or Jeeps, you can easily clean the inner fender liners using this method. If you have any more questions about Chemical Guys products, you can check them out on our website: You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool detailing tips and tricks. You can also find cool deals on our Facebook. Remember: Have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing!

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