How To Turn Styrofoam, Into Solid Aluminum

How To Turn Styrofoam, Into Solid Aluminum

For this video, I’m going to show you how
to convert something made of styrofoam, into something made of solid aluminum, using common
play sand, and a little bit of magic. Start with some foam board from the dollar
store and peel the paper layers off the top and the bottom. Now draw, or print a picture
of whatever it is you want to make, and use your pictures as a guide, to cut the foam
board into individual pieces. I cut and glued my pieces together, to make an awesome looking
styrofoam pistol. It looks pretty cool like this, but to turn the styrofoam into metal,
we’re going to need some play sand. We’ll also need to fire up the mini metal foundry
we built in a previous project, and start liquefying a few of the metal biscuits we
made from recycled soda cans. With that warming up, let’s go ahead and pour a bit of sand
into a 5 gallon bucket until it’s at least 2” to 3” deep. Now take your styrofoam
creation, and glue a thick foam riser somewhere on the side, then push the whole thing into
the sand so it stands upright. If we sprinkle a bunch more sand around the styrofoam mold,
it should hold it firmly in place, and as you’re adding the sand, make sure the foam
riser is poking up out of the center. That’s really important. Now, when the sand covers
everything completely, give the bucket a little shake to level it out and fill any gaps around
the styrofoam underneath. It’s a good idea to have a little spray bottle handy so you
can spritz some water and moisten the top layer of the sand. This way you’ll be able
to build a volcano, around the foam riser, to act as a funnel leading down to the styrofoam.
Now here’s where the magic begins to happen. When we pour molten aluminum into the makeshift
funnel, the foam at the bottom vaporizes in an instant, and the liquid aluminum rushes
in to take it’s place. You can see it all happens very quickly, so be sure you’re
pouring fast enough to keep the funnel full, but slow enough to stop when it’s done.
Let everything cool for around 10 minutes, and the metal should be hard enough to grip
onto with a pair of pliers. So pull it up out of the sand, and you’ll see your styrofoam
creation has just transformed into solid aluminum, almost like magic. If you want to make it
look nicer, you can clean up the rough edges with a file and some sand paper, and that’s
how simple it is to make anything you can think of, into solid metal. By the way, this
also works with housing insulation as well. I put a pink foam sword into the sand, and
10 minutes later pulled out an identical copy cast in solid aluminum. Well that’s it for
now. If you like this video, perhaps you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at

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