How to Stand Out at Soccer Tryouts | Soccer Combine Tips & Advice

What’s up guys and thanks again for
watching another episode of footballers advice today I’m going to talk about how
you as a player can stand out at soccer combines and tryouts as we all know, it’s
definitely hard already to stand out at a soccer combine so what can you do as a
player in order to make your performance impress the coaching staff let me go
ahead and break down some of the things that you can do in order to impress the
coaching staff also in the description box,
I left a link to another video that I made where I documented my experience of
attending the Ventura County Fusion Pro soccer combine in California if you’ve
never attended a combine before or a tryout and you’re kind of interested and
wonder what it would be like to attend, I document my experience and break down
the structure of the combine that way you’re more familiar with it I also
provide a couple tips and things like that in order to help you during the
combine and what to do in order to perform well alright so what’s the first
thing you guys need to do as a player in order to stand out at a soccer combine and I
know this is a subject that not everyone’s going to like to hear, but it’s
the honest truth and guys it is fitness The number one thing I would say that
you guys need to do is work on your fitness everything else after that, if
your fitness isn’t where it needs to be, it doesn’t matter what else you do at
the combine because coaches will see that you’re not fit and that you’re not
ready for the professional level again fitness we’re talking about long
distance fitness and also sprint’s long distance for me I would say is anywhere
from two to four miles I would recommend to get it in, if you’re going to run two miles
try to do it in 12 minutes that’s kind of like the standard but then also like
I said you want to incorporate a lot of short distance running where you’re
doing suicides so you go to a football field and you go from the goal line to
the 5-yard line and back 10 and back 15 back 20 back 25 back things like that If
you’re fit and you come in and your opponents that you’re trying out against
aren’t fit you’re already going to be a cut above so already you’re starting off on
the right foot so like I said fitness is vital there’s no way no other way around
it the second thing that you guys want to focus on is your technique and your
playing style Let’s go into your technique you want to
make sure that not only are you getting your fitness in but you’re also playing that means practicing on your own and also just joining pickup games you want
to be able to get a lot of touches on the ball before the combine you
need to be fine-tuning your technique right before the combine that way you
perform well you want to make sure that you know your crossing is where it needs
to be your passing is accurate and consistent you want to make sure that
your shooting is on goal and then the other side to that is also the playing
style you want to play your style of soccer (football) if you’re not comfortable doing
certain things and you haven’t prepared to do certain skill moves prior to a
combine, don’t do them if you’re not good with your left foot and your right foot is
better, show that attribute if you try to do things that’s out of your comfort
zone, that you haven’t worked on, that you haven’t practiced on, you’re actually
going to make yourself look worse so what I would do is whatever your best
attributes are as a player whatever they are you want to highlight those whatever
your strengths are show them you want to be able to just show a skill set that you
have that is valuable to their team and that’s what you want the
coaches to see but what playing style also means is playing as a team player a
lot of players man when they go into these combines and they want to dribble
the whole team and they want to you know always get the ball and shoot and shoot
and shoot another thing that will allow you guys to get your names crossed off
is if you hog the ball you don’t pass and you’re not a team player you have to
be a team player the third and last aspect that you guys want to focus on in
order to stand out at a soccer combine and tryout is how to market yourself when you want to go to a combine whether it be through a team directly or a
third-party like a soccer company that’s bringing in professional teams more than
likely they’re going to announce what teams will be in attendance and what you guys
want to do is go on their website, see what teams are going to be able to scout
that event and you want to go on that team’s website and send them an email send them an introduction email before the combine you also want to attach your
resume and your video highlights in the email this is important I think because
you’re introducing yourself to the coaching staff allowing them to know, hey
I’m going to be at this combine, I appreciate you also coming to
combine, I look forward to speaking with you during the combine things like that that’s kind of what you want to write in the email what you also want to do is if
you’ve done a little bit of research and you have some agents that you know of,
you want to send them an email as well and just tell them hey I’m going to attend
this combine and these teams are going to be in attendance and say hey can you
take a look at my resume my highlight video and if you like it you know can
you send a message to some of these teams allowing them to also know that hey
I’m going to be here attending this combine as a player so with that being
said you also want to focus on what you do at the combine and what I would
recommend doing is bringing a hard copy of your resume you want to bring
multiple copies of your CV, of your resume, to the combine to also pass out
to the coaches just in case maybe they didn’t see your email you also don’t
know if there’s going to be other agents or other people in attendance at the
combine that are also scouting that maybe weren’t announced at the combine
but they’re going to be there so if someone likes you and they want more
information of you as a player you can hand them your CV what your CV should
have always is a way of contacting you that includes your phone number and
email also the CV serves as a marketing tool because after the combine when
coaches go back to their teams they’re going to have the notes that they took down
at the combine you know what players they like things like that but if you
can hand them a physical copy of your resume, that’s also along with their
notes so when they go through they’re going to see your resume and be like oh
yeah I remember that player here’s the CV here’s how you get in contact with
them here’s maybe his background information, prior clubs, colleges things
like that teams that he played for so it can be a great marketing tool so then
after the combine you also want to send up a follow-up email maybe a day or two
after the combine and this is very short and concise as well you just want to say
hey thank you for attending the combine, it was great speaking with you and this
is also important too when you’re at the combine ask for information are you
holding any other open tryouts or combines or invite trials that I could
attend because I’m interested in showing my skill set again to the coaching staff
or pass me along that information that would be great I would really appreciate
it so this is something you can ask for during the combine and then also in the
email after it can make you stand out because a lot of
players won’t even send emails again guys it’s a very strong marketing tool
in order to promote yourself as a player and standout so that wraps up today’s
video guys, those are the three things that I would work on as a player in
order to stand out to the coaching staff Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see
you in the next video! Thank you guys!

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