How to spray paint aluminum Mack dump truck bed- paint booth restoration

How to spray paint aluminum Mack dump truck bed- paint booth restoration

Do you have a equip? Come on Gus.
I’ve lost it. No come on you got this eye of the tiger. Grrrrrrr! Do you have a
piece equipment with aluminum on it and it’s worn out, weather beaten and Haggard
up? Have you tried elbow grease, pressure washing you still can’t get it
off? Well today’s your lucky day because we’re gonna show you how! Last season we showed you how to clean
up aluminum by using acitd wash. But, sometimes it gets so oxidized you can’t
restore it we got this old Mack truck in which has an aluminum bed, beat up
pretty good, stained up; So we’re going to show you some steps on how to prep
aluminum correctly and paint it. We’re using 180 grit sandpaper
and we’re also using scotch brite pads. They’re good to use and the little tight
areas where you can’t get a sander. This step though is super important. I
mean, if you’re in this line of work, you do need to come back make sure every
area is hit because if not the paints not gonna stick it’s
gonna peel back. We got our dump ready for our 2 part epoxy. and that’s going to help with corrosion, adhesion and coverage with our base coat. Todd has a Gibson RX 750 and when he jumps that’s when you know everythings tuned up! When that music comes on and your just like… (laughing) You put it on there, the reason I’m doing
this is for longevity and gyrate. Gyration. We got a epoxy primer
on our dump bed in there which gives us a nice even surface for our single stage,
which we’re putting on two coats of black so we get a nice build of paint
for adhesion, protection of scratching, UV rays and it makes it look a lot better
on the job site for years to come. You’ve seen me and Kenny use these guns
on our episodes of deconstruction the top button
is so you can adjust the pattern if you want to tight our fanned. The bottom is for how much
material comes out of the gun. And everybody has different preference on
how they want to paint. This how I got my mine set up. So this is a pinpoint. See how tight that pattern is. Back it off about a half a turn is what I usually go my gun. And as you can see it opens the pattern up. Hopefully this tip helps you out if you wanna try spring sometime. We’ll come back with one more coat and she’ll look brand new! Our paint job came out excellent, our
customer’s gonna be very happy! So hopefully by watching our videos
you’ll see it is possible to paint over aluminum. And if you like what we do, Hit
us up Is the aluminum on your the truck
haggard and staggard? Haggard and staggered! Today we’re gonna share
and tell you how to fix it Did you get that on film? Was that thing on? I put a pretty large down payment on a motorcycle. and and the wants the rest of his money. And I dont have it! Got me one of those leather jackets with the tassles. Oh my gosh I can’t wait till spring! You cannot be blackmailing people that thing. Oh you know he will. You got a hundred bucks I can borrow? And you’ll say no and he’ll say well I got some footage that begs to differ.
Yeah cuz he will post this on.. on the line! When the guys like this isn’t spirit fingers. This is spirit fingers! That’s about right! That’s who he reminds me of! Let us film you! Let us film you! That’s why his battery goes dead he’s got all our bloopers!

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  1. Greetings, to treat the aluminium by sanding, cannot be very abrasive although I have applied chorreo with sand or silicate, and paint with airless… very good work, guys, greetings from the Canary Islands.

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