How To Spot a Fake Rolex Watch – Can You Do It? ?

How To Spot a Fake Rolex Watch – Can You Do It? ?

On this video, I’m gonna be going over a very
important topic that I actually get a lot of requests about and it’s, how to spot a
fake Rolex. [opening music] Alright, so for Rolex there’s a lot of different
models that they have and there’s a lot of different ones that are copied. I would say
that the one that they did the best job on is the Submariner. It seems to be the one
the that gets the closest to look exactly like the real product. This particular example that I have here is
a yellow gold Sub. And I don’t know about you guys, but the first
thing that I spot right off the back is the color. Right here with both of them in front of me,
it’s pretty easy to see which is the one that it is. Obviously this one right here looking a little
bit cheddar cheese gold is the one that in my opinion just shouts fake right off the
back. But to the untrained eye that could be something
that maybe they won’t pick up, especially if they don’t have it side by side. So the first thing that grabbed by attention
when I actually saw the watch was the obvious color. I just feel like it’s very sharp yellow,
almost like it was ran over with a highlighter of sorts. But the thing is I said OK well let’s just
say it’s been sitting a hundred million years in a safe, which would highly be unlikely
considering it’s a pretty modern watch and maybe it’s had some like oxidation. It kind
of looks weird, whatever. You see it a lot of with the old school Presis. But then comes the weight. I mean, the weight
is a dead giveaway. The second you grab it in your hand, this thing feels like it’s made
out of titanium compared to the other one. I mean, if we go ahead and weight them side
by side, you’re gonna see the drastic difference. So right off the back, we went for the color,
then second was the weight. But let’s see exactly what was the difference in weight. Alright, so the obvious fake when you put
it on the scale, it comes in at 148 grams, 147 around there. Obviously weight too light. When you put the
gold one on, I mean it’s like a very big difference. It’s at 221 grams. So it’s a big difference because obviously
gold is a lot denser and way heavier than stainless steel and obviously this is not
made out of the highest quality stainless steel, which is what Rolex uses. So my guess is that obviously it’s a stainless
steel Sub that they kind of used like PVD coating of sorts and kind of just, in other
words, gold plated it. Another thing that I wanna point out is that
all gold Rolexes…all modern gold Rolexes when you have the pins where the screws are
for the removable links, they’re not drilled all the way through, so on this side is the
actual head of the screw, but on the reverse side it’s gonna be a smooth polish where the
actual screw doesn’t perforate all the way through. However, this gold Submariner clearly has
the holes on the other side. Another red flag. These are easy red flags that you guys could
pick up at home and you don’t have to be an expert like me that’s touched hundreds and
hundreds of these watches. There is no gold Rolex where the bracelet,
the pins where they pass all the way through. So you gotta keep that in mind. If you see
a pinhole on both sides, that’s a bad sign. So this particular thing might be a little
bit harder to find on a stainless steel watch because the stamps that come on a stainless
steel model are not the same as the gold, but the gold one has very particular stamp
and the one thing you’re gonna notice is they just don’t look anything the same. Of course
they try to make them look very similar, but they don’t. They’re not the same stamp. The Rolex crown doesn’t look right and then
there’s of course the stamp of quality, which when you magnify it with the loupe like this
one, you’re gonna see that it’s actually the head of a St. Bernard dog. You know, the original
one is a very small stamp pressed into the gold that distorts the gold and leaves perfect
shape. However, the fake one is pretty much just a very superficial scribble with a laser
edge. So remember, anything that’s gold will always
have the stamp of quality and that’s a good thing that you can loupe and see it for yourself. So let’s move on to something else, the end
links. The end links on this watch are also a dead giveaway because when you look at them
from the back, on the solid gold version, you can actually see that the end link is
made out of three pieces, the two outer pieces and the center link. This one here is all one solid piece. Again,
another dead giveaway. Yes you would have to know these things like
I do and here side by side, but out of all of these, if you pick up at least three or
four or them, the watch is definitely a fake. So here’s a trick that I like to always do
and I actually do it on every watch. I’m gonna magnify it fully here on camera but, one of
the things that I always look at is, in the center of the hands in the dial layout there’s
actually what appears to be like a rivet on the last hand that’s on top, which is usually
the seconds hand or the seconds for the chrono that has a very particular rivet that goes
on there. That for me is always a dead giveaway. You have to see it with a loupe, but man it
never fails, OK? The fake one looks like the cheapest rivet
you can imagine with sharp edges, whereas the original always has a super smooth polished
finished rivet. I love to use the rivet as a way to see if a watch is real or fake. Now,
not to be confused with the butcher watchmaker that maybe perhaps ruined it, but again, these
are kind of clues that you like to look at to piece the whole puzzle together. Another easy one for me is the pearl. These
Submariners have a pearl as they’re called at the 12 o’clock position on the rotation
bezel. Always looks kin of funny. The first thin to notice from the original is that it
usually has an even tone with the rest of the markers on the dial and hands, whereas
the fake always looks always wider or it looks wider, so the tone won’t be right. The size
won’t be right. Stuff like that and also seems to be always taller when it’s fake. Now, look guys I have a bunch of different
things that are just different on this watch. We can go on this video for 30 minutes. The
clasp layout actually looks pretty good. Stampings are all wrong. Clearly it’s just been gold
plated, but the clasp actually looks pretty good, dead on. But a little one that I like to use that’s
always a shortcut on these fake Rolexes is the original, the bezel actually sits on top
of roller balls and springs and they will always have a little of like a spring action,
almost that you could push the bezel down a little bit. It will move very little, but
it’ll have a a spring action. Fakes almost all the time are all the way down. There’s
no play. So that’s one of the easiest ways that you
could tell if these watches are real or fake without opening the movement. Obviously when you open the movement, there’s
gonna be a big surprise. This thing on the outside looks great, but the inside is janky.
And don’t ever let that be just the signifying sign because there has been cases, maybe not
on this gold one, but perhaps on a stainless steel one, where people have put a clone mechanism
or a perhaps even an older mechanism that maybe they pieced up at a cheap price to kind
of make it feel like it’s, to kind of make it feel like it’s original. People will go above and beyond to make these
things happen. Now, remember that some of these fake watches
were puzzled together not so a guy can wear them and flex on their Instagram and act like
he’s actually has money or can afford it when he doesn’t, but sometimes is more just so
that they could rip somebody off and actually turn a profit out of these fake watches. Yeah like, honestly the dial is pretty nice.
The dial is very nice and it looks very, very good. And the bezel, the actual ceramic bezel
insert is also pretty impressive. I mean, overall I feel like that the dimensions are
almost spot on. There’s always gonna be little trails, but I’m quite impressed by the finish
and the look of the hands, the dial and the bezel insert. So pretty much if you follow some of these
guidelines that I put out there. Like I said, I could go on this for about an hour and a
half because the differences are there and I see them, but you wanna use these quick
little reference guys to kind of piece it together. And remember, one thing for me won’t
ever tell me if the watch is fake. You have to have several of them that’s gonna piece
the puzzle together and really prove it to you. This one being gold for me the easiest thing
would be the color and the weight. There’s no way that they could mimic that. However,
there has been some watches where I don’t know how they did kind of weigh it down a
bit and it was very similar. This one is a dead bust just on weight and color. But be careful out there when you’re buying
a watch from someone you don’t know and like the saying always says, buy the seller the
first, then buy the watch. So feel free to comment below on any things
that you might have noticed on this watch. And don’t forget to hit the notifications
bell till it looks like this. And if you liked this video, please like and share. Also, subscribe
to our channel. My name is Eric. This is Watch Your Style.

100 thoughts on “How To Spot a Fake Rolex Watch – Can You Do It? ?

  1. ? the right one is the crap fake lmao. Giveaway the gold plate always absolutely junk, dial, bezel, hands, crystal, Review the noob daytona 4130 chrono accept most genuine parts.

  2. Gold is too easy to tell. Do a steel sub using the latest noob version you can’t even pick up which one is real.

  3. Good thing you said something about the bezel being springy cuz i almost bitched at my AD cuz I thought it was loose or broken lol, NVM, thank you for that.

  4. I never knew about the St. Bernard stamp on the precious metal subs. Always learning from you Eric. Thanks.

  5. Had a real and fake ceramic 2 tone and the easiest giveaway was the centre gold part of the links where the fake was still silver on the sides of the gold pieces, where the real obviously is solid gold for these centre links. Also the colouring of the numbers on the bezel was off and way too bright.

  6. Thanks E, Nice simple and clear examples of how to simply tell a fake Rolex. Yep the gold colour was way off bro …. how garish was that !!! LOL.
    I'm saving for my Sub … a pre owned lol is way better than an attempt to carry a fake on the wrist I think. Just paid $8K AUD for a bangin' pre-owned late model Breitling Cronomat blue dial, perfect condition … wonderful :)) Thank the Gods for pre-oiwnded reputable sellers such as CRM and others out there.

  7. a very high end fake steel sub is almost impossible to tell — but then if you replace the crystal and put a genuine datewheel for a total of $400… it is absolutely impossible to tell pretty much. it is so good i bet your average jeweler couldn't even tell unless he opens it up.

  8. looks like he's using a low quality dh gate rep. Maybe if he had a rep from the arf or noob factory he would have to open it and examine the movement to tell the difference also gold reps are a bad comparison. no way he could spot a rep without checking the movement of a steel sub.

  9. Actually, it's hard to tell considering the modern technology of watch factory in China. I need to make the statement first that I have a real 15710 and a 50 fathom. However, I still love to play so-called fake watches. They also use 904 steel with the same material of the shell, however, with poor waterproof performance and poor inner works (sea-gull). The truth is luxury watch has its inner significance, on the other hand, Chinese fake watch, they are fantastic actually, you know what? with the same KIF. We know how to differentiate it that we need to open the lid and the rotor, check the detail. Purchasing the real watch is magic because we can enjoy great watch with great service (high maintenance fees as well to support their luxury strategies and advertising campaigns). However, I still love to play the Chinese fake watch and would love to exchange the inner works with eta cosc,just like the race car, with the same shell, however, upgrade the inner part. There is a saying about a luxury thing. “If I drive a Porsche and wear a fake one, people do not believe that is a fake watch; if I wear a real one to take the bus, people do not buy that I wear a real one.” I spend 20,000 USD to buy a 15710 and need to spend at least 5,000 UDS to keep it working in the near future. Normal watches something likes 7750 heart or evenTourbillon are no longer about advanced technology. However, luxury watches could reveal your social level if you are in that class.

  10. Awesome and informative video! Could you please do a video like this with a stainless steel model such as a hulk? Thanks

  11. The damn fakes. The Chinese are relentless going as far as attempting to clone the 3135 and 4130. The steel No Date Sub is the toughest one to tell with the naked eye.

    I’m with you. Gold plated shit always looks off right away. For those who own 18 kt jewelry and handle gold often telling them apart is not a problem.

  12. Hi Eric. For me another big tells are the datewheel font/placement and crystal cyclops reflectivity.
    The ceramic sub has a black hole effect on the date, which most fakes never get right. Always buy the seller.

  13. Eric you can start a second career as a watch authenticity consultant for people buying used watches and watches on internet e commerce sites.

  14. Another great video! Loved it – keep up the good work! I’ll definitely be by the shop when I’m in Miami next season!

  15. The fake is so obvious…my friend has two fakes…a Daytona and 2 tone yacht master 2….he says I don’t call them I call them replicas…but he has a real 2 tone yacht master 3 and 18k Big Bang…plus $800 k in 4 cars in his garage

  16. Eric, i absolutely LOVE that intro. Do it in all your future videos please! So badass!!! 🙂 Awesome video by the way!

  17. Easiest giveaway for anyone not so familiar with watches is if the seconds hand ticks and doesn't glide it's a fake since Rolex hasn't made many quartz watches.

  18. Dear CRM, do the pins or screws for the adjustable links go all the way through on a two tone GMT 116713?

  19. Great video Eric. I am interested to know what you have observed with the gold-filled fakes concerning the wear of the gold. Do you generally see eventual wearing off of the gold fill exposing the stainless steel base metal underneath? Or, does it hold up over use and time so that it continues to "look" like solid gold? This would seem to be a dead giveaway. Thanks again for helping to educate us.

  20. I’m not going to lie I have contemplated buying a fake I’m new to watches I’ve looked at the stainless steel subs which I wish Eric would’ve did a review on it not the gold because obviously the gold is dead giveaway but I can’t bring myself to do it it’s not the fact that the 10,000 or so it’s too much money that’s what I make in a good month it’s the fact that buying a used watch over retail and $10,000 is a lot of money to spend in at one time it’s not a easy decision to make. Yes at the end of the day buying a fake is just not the same you don’t get the feeling you don’t get that accomplished mean it’s just all a lie But then again same goes with prostitutes in there is no shortage of need in tha but then again same goes with prostitutes And maybe that’s why I’ve never bought a prostitute but I know plenty of people that have so I guess the same gratification could be had I guess all the sentimental and emotional shit really doesn’t matter just the satisfaction is really all that matters but for me at the end of the day I’m a one woman man I’m a real motherfucker as they say so I want the real thing not gonna be patient I’m not going to spend 10 grand and less I get a wild hair which I have been known to spend 5K on a cubelink and custom charm nothing OK about that purchase. For me right now the problem is finding something that I will be as pleased with or proud to own or even happy to own that’s not as expensive the way I see it is if you buy a Tudor You’re just an idiot you should’ve put up the rest of the cash and bought a Rolex anything else in that price range even a Cartier you’re just a dummy that paid too much for a watch that’s not hot A tag Heuer is not a Rolex a Citizen is like buying a minivan there’s really not much more to say either put up or shut up in my right

  21. By the way, could you please do a review of the VC Overseas 4500v? Would be good to get your thoughts on this piece. Thanks.

  22. In fact, buying a fake is a crime. Twice a crime. First, because it hurts the genuine brand. Second, because Organized Crime is very often directly involved in the much profitable "copies' industry"!

  23. If you filmed them outside in daylight then you could spot the fake a mile away because you can't replicate the color that Rolex achieves in it's gold. They make their own refine their own gold and it might be impossible to copy.

  24. You missed one… the ETA based fakes have a missaligned crown compared to the real one or a 3135 clone based fake.

  25. these days they make such prefect replicas that people gets cheated easily, i know a person having AAA Quality replica of G.M.T Master but he says it's real, and he has been using that watch since many years, without having problem, no matter if you show the proof that its best replica but not the real. they don't believe you. ????

  26. I always look at the hands rivet too; original rolex, that thing looks sharp. I don't think I've ever heard any other youtube jeweler/watch expert talk about that. Kudos Eric!

  27. this was so easy. its actually a pretty bad fake, i could really spot the fake one in the first 30 seconds from across the table…easiest tell on the new subs is the datewheel font and crystal magnification. the fake ones are terrible and dont have that "black hole" effect

  28. First never pick up a gold model as replica and then, where do you buy your replicas ?? Extremely poor quality, if you are gonna make a good video and comparison, spend a few thousand dollars and buy the best replica available, this is not difficult, I am sure you know where to go….

  29. I owned steel Rolexes for years before I could buy a solid gold one. When I finally purchased a Gold Submariner, one of the first things I noticed was the sound of it. Steel – it rings and clangs. 18k gold has a dull sound with no sustain. If you hold the watch and giggle the band, you'll know right away if the band is plated… 'Just one of the possible red flags…. Love your stuff Eric!

  30. Main way I know is to look at the glass, especially find a ceiling lamp and try to look at the reflection of said lamp in the glass. Rolex has a very specific way of reflection light, it seems to be shared universally across the entire range and seems to be more difficult to replicate than the case or movement to my laymen eyes.

  31. submariner weighs more then my gmt2. about 10 grams difference must be on account of submariner being a dive watch

  32. If you pause the video at :06 you can see the FT for feet is clearly different so that to me is my first step. Then the numbers on the bezel are more easily legible on the left one. Next is the center screw, which the left looks cleaner. Next is how easy is it to read the text and I went left. I’m 12 seconds in and paused so could be completely wrong

  33. Great video, maybe you can show the movement in your next video. Some of those look pretty funny. I have seen some fakes that would pass for a real one if you see the details.

  34. Aside from the weight (specific to gold) the best tip was the play in the bezel. Bezels are very hard to machine correctly and the easiest (cheapest) way to do it is to mount it flush with the case. True Rolex (& Tudor) always have a little bit of see-saw action on the bezel due to the proper mechanical implementation with bearings.

  35. Personally for me if you need scales and a very trained eye to spot the difference between a $50 and a $15000 watch. Then the latter Is a complete rip off lol

  36. if I have to go through all that to find a fake, then id rather buy a fake. For a $30,000 price tag I should be able to walk at a glance and spot a fake. this is too much work. And why should I care about someone I don't owning a fake watch? I got better things to be concerned about

  37. Great video Eric! U are right weight is a key factor with Gold. However, I always look at the hands and are they sharp and precise, the magnifying power of the date, the crown and bezel, is the Rolex crown lasered on the glass is Rolex round the inside of the dial, the gold marks. But if still in doubt have my jeweler open the watch and check the movement and is the price just too good based on the market value for the piece.

  38. hi i wanna know what do you think about zenith brand
    specially the christophe colomb i really like it!

  39. I have no problem admitting I have a collection of Replica watches. I have always been into watches & used to be a buyer for a watch distribution company in the UK (Fossil, Zodiac & a lot of fashion brands), reason I bought the reps is because I love the design of the watches I bought but since I have been researching the relevant homages & watches from smaller brands, I no longer buy them, and in fact, hardly wear the reps anymore. Namely because:

    A) some of them are bad copies to the trained eye i.e fluted bezel slightly too thick, dial detail not exactly to type,
    B) although I have a nice house, I drive a modest car, you don't see many people stepping out of a VW Passat with a Rolex sky dweller lol and Finally
    C) They are not fit for purpose, whats the point of having a dive watch you can barely get in the shower with?

    Now, I have an Orient Daydate (which actually looks more classy than my fake skydweller), a Phoibos PY007 instead of a sub, a seiko 5 explorer instead of a explorer 2, I also got a couple of Parnis (only because I couldn't find any better looking homages to the Pepsi GMT on a jubilee that had a ceramic bezel & also the IWC Portuguese with a open heart)

    OK, they are no premium watches but I love them just as much and more importantly they are fit for purpose! Now I just gotta get rid of these pesky replicas!

  40. How about removing the sun glasses so you look more like a professional and less like a coke head about to tell me about this genius business plan he just thought up?

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