How To Split And Merge Your Video Clips On YouTube

How To Split And Merge Your Video Clips On YouTube

Hi this video is about how to split and merge
your video clips on YouTube Do you want to remove a section of your video
on YouTube? Do you want to split your video into several
videos clips then merge them together to create a new video?
The YouTube video editor allows you to edit your videos online without having to download
your videos to your computer. It creates a new video from the clips that you’ve merge
together…right within YouTube Herman Drost
Here are the steps to split and merge your video clips on YouTube
Login into your YouTube channel Click the profile icon
Click Creator Studio Click video manager
Select the video that you wish to edit Click the drop down box
Click enhancements Click “try the YouTube video editor
Here’s a list of videos that are on your channel Select the video that you wish to edit and
drag it down to the timeline If you go down here you can expand the timeline
Select the part that you wish to edit…here it starts at about 5 seconds
Hover over the scissors icon Click split clip here
Play it where it starts…ends Ok I want to split it again..move it back
a little bit..ends at about 9 seconds Spit it again
Play it Now I’m going to remove the section that I
don’t it on that Click the icon which says “remove clip”
Ok I’ve removed it Play it again..yes it’s removed
Give your video a name Click “create video”
It says “sit tight your video edits are being processed. Come back to this page in a little
while. Whiel it’s processing you can optimize the
video by clicking the pencil icon which says “info and settings”
It says public so let’s change the privacy settings to private while I optimize the video.
So I’ve got my title here, got your description…description box and add your tags
Click “save changes” After you’ve optimized the video change privacy
settings from private to public and Click publish
Let’s check
the video That’s it!
Now you know how to split and merge your own video clips on YouTube
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65 thoughts on “How To Split And Merge Your Video Clips On YouTube

  1. The YouTube video editor allows you to edit your videos online without having to download them to your computer. It creates a new video from the clips that you've merge together…right within YouTube

  2. Herman, thanks for making this video. The timing was perfect. Is it possible to merge two different videos together with the YouTube editor?

  3. Thanks for sharing how to split and merge video clips in YouTube . . . I don't do enough editing here. I need to learn this stuff!

  4. I was confused about how to split and merge my youtube clips using my youtube creator studio… your video really helped, thanks 🙂

  5. HI Herman, you have been so helpful to me, I have one more question about editing in the YouTube editor. I edited two of my previously uploaded videos in the YT editor and it generated a new video without the view count, likes and comments from the original video. Do you know if it's possible to transfer the views, likes and comments from the original video to the newly created video? 🙂

  6. After you split clip a video, can you undo the split clip if you don’t like where you split it and try again? Possibly with a command key combo….just curious. Thank you.

  7. Hello. Great video! I have an 1 hour and 40 minute video I recorded via hangouts/youtube live stream. I want to split the video into 2 separate videos. I have split them where I want, but can't figure out how to save each as a separate video. Example: first split is at mark 43:16 and I want that to be the first stand alone video. The remaining (beyond the 43:16) I want to be a second stand alone. Is there a way to save the split as 2 separate videos? Thanks for your time.

  8. good but that background music ruins it, can hardly hear what i need to hear , for me its too distracting.

  9. Finally, someone who does't take 15 minutes to explain something so simple. All I was looking for was to get past a small issue with 'split' and you didn't waste my time like other you tubers do. THANK YOU!

  10. I recently read the ideal length of a Youtube video is two minutes and fifty-four seconds. Many of my videos are too long. I have 102 videos and merely 6,129 views. One of the songs I wrote has about 1,500 views on Facebook, but only about 50 views on Youtube. Will this method work to divide a 30-minute video of mine into ten separate three-minute videos? Thank you for uploading these informative videos.

  11. Hello! I have all my videos (personal and for a volunteer organization) together on my own 'site' on YouTube. How can I move the volunteer videos to its own site? Thanks!

  12. So…I want to know how to split a video into 2 parts that are usable…how do i do this? When i try i lose half of the video?

  13. OMG thank you so much isitebuild finally I can put my clips together for my plush videos that too me to weeks to find out how to do thanks

  14. The red arrow pointing at the button at 0:42 doesn't exist anymore since the dang change they made. Any other bright ideas on how to cut together videos, Mr. professor isitebuild?

  15. Good Day IsiteBuild,
    I really enjoyed the quick tutorial, unfortunately the video editor on YouTube has been discontinued. With respect, Would you be so kind as to remove this video so that other user's valuable time is not wasted. Thank you!!

  16. Hello. I can't get this to work. I am trying to remove 15 seconds from a video, but I can't seem to save the completed new video. It just reverts back to the original one.

  17. Hello In my video I forgot to do my intro and outdo and I want to know how I can do this without removing they are saved on my computer I just want to throw it in

  18. I know this is an old video, but how do you do it now? I did what you said, and after i click enhancements it takes me to the page, but the "try the youtube video editor" button is not there

  19. Please answer my following questions (as per the youtube's new policy of REUSE and duplicate content)
    1. Can I merge some of my youtube videos into a single video and upload it to my channel while keeping the original videos without deleting them. is is content duplication?
    2. Can i shorten a video by removing useless parts of a video and upload it without deleting the original video? is it again content duplication?
    please answer !!!
    (Youtube is not showing any error message of duplication though on uploading but i am worried)

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