HOW TO SOLDER COPPER PIPE – END FEED – REALISTIC Plumbing Tips honest reviews and advice Hold Tight and welcome to todays video, I’ve dug deep today because i’ve got Man flu I don’t know if you can hear, my nose is all bunged up so i thought istead of doing an insane video I was going to do a simple video on to solder copper pipe. Now we have done one video before, I think it was the first one we ever uploaded so I thought we’d re visit that and also show you how unrealistic every other plumbing video is on soldering copper pipe so lets go now oh yeah Hold tight! So firstly what we need is some flux a brush and a cloth A blow torch you’re not going to get anywhere without your blow torch and some pipe cleaner and some solder this is lead free for potable water so first things first we’re going to get a little fitting out so the simplest fitting there is a little Tee like that. First thing i’m going to show you is how to prepare the pipe. So the first thing we do before we continue is clean the pipe give it a little run round with your cleaner so once thats nice and clean we can put some flux on it. You get some flux on your brush, and put that nicely over the cleaned area. I recommend you try and get some in the end of the fitting as well so we can see at the moment there’s nothing in there so try and get some in the end of the fitting. Then push the piece you’ve cleaned Into the fitting you’ve got push them together just like that. Now that piece is ready to solder. I’ll do the same on the other side and out of the bottom. Now we get our blow torch, light it up and adjust it as it’s only 15 mm pipe to a really nice soft setting. now apply the flame nice and lightly to the copper fitting that means our nozzle is about one inch away from the copper fitting. Now once it gets nice and warm try and heat it up all the way around and then once you think it’s hot enough just touch the solder and that will run nicely into the fitting. Pop the flame underneath as well. make sure it get’s all around the fitting. We’ll do exactly the same at this end now. Heat that fitting up nice and evenly until you think you can get the solder to run into the fitting. So we warm this fitting up here for this lower one as these can be tricky sometimes. Everytime you touch the solder wire to the fitting itself take the flame away and then try and suck it into the fitting just like that Sometime when you’ve finished soldering a copper fitting, give it a paint with some flux especially if it’s still hot, that’ll clean the copper fitting down. A really important thing to remember is to get your wet rag and wipe the excess flux off otherwise it will go green and horrible. make sure the pipe is nice and cool and give it a wipe So there we go we have a nice, clean, non wastful soldered fitting there. clean, non wastful soldered fitting there. Nice 15 mm solder. So that is nice and easy but what about in the real world? You don’t have a vice on the desk in the real world will be doing soldering like this in a place like this HERE, that’s were you’ll be. You’ll be doing this sort of thing because you can’t get round to the other part of the pipe. You’ll getting the pipe you’ll be going Ahhh, trying to get it all clean wondering why did I take this job up? You’ll only be able to get your flux round one side of the pipe, because you can’t get to the other side because it’s against a wall or something and then you’ll be getting your copper fitting and fluxing it becuase if it doesn’t get all around it ain’t gonna solder brother. The pipes might not go together. You’ll have to pull them out and push them back in You’ll go Oh my god I need to get my heat matt in here but it doesn’t want to stay up or something. You’ll get to the point of grabbing an old bit of pipe to hole your heat mat in position We can’t heat it all up so we’ve got to put the flame up a little bit more sometimes there’s even a little bit of water in the pipe that you weren’t able to get rid of so you heat it up more. Sometime you have to pull the pipe down so you can get some of that water out if there’s any in there only once you’ve done all that can you run your solder in just like so. So really are any of the other soldering videos out there on the interenet realistic I will take full responsibility for the
one on produced about two or three years ago and but i think of set a record
straigt soldiering is easy if it’s on a bench in front of you and if you can do it on site in front of you then you today but there’ll always be a time when you have to get under a sink, behind a bath or round a tenant or home owner that won’t move to solder up a copper fitting. I hope you’ve enjoyed todays video I hope you realise I’ve got flu and I don’t feel very well but I’ve come out here today so we could all improve our soldering sills remember to subscribe twitter and facebook Twitter for the pictures and facebook for the pictures as well becuase we re-tweet all the things you have been doing especially if its plumbing disasters going on that looks like this! Right I’ll see you all soon in the next video HOLD TIGHT! Honest reviews and advice

100 thoughts on “HOW TO SOLDER COPPER PIPE – END FEED – REALISTIC Plumbing Tips

  1. you didn't clean the inside of your fitting,and you didn't dip your solder into the flux before you applied it to the hot joint.

  2. Well, its basically the same thing. All you have to do is not whine and bitch and man the hell up and solder the damn pipe right.

  3. Compression ring fittings cost about a quid more but are stronger, reusable, don’t need tourch and solder and soldering and job can be completed in less than 20 seconds even by inexperienced people; regardless of the location of the pipe.

  4. 3 things You must clean your pipe its so important, it never hurts to run solder around the entire fitting all the way round and lastly use a decent flux

  5. ah forgot one last thing check you don't have any strands of wire wool in your flux if you do no matter how much you solder the fitting you will get a small pin hole

  6. great video, in regards soldering under sinks, wouldnt push fits be ideal for that? i wouldnt have the patience doing it the hard way

  7. I've just stated my plumbing course yet I know you don't add flux or wipe straight after soldering as it can crack the soldered joint! Other wise good vid!

  8. Thanks for that.. just saved my bacon.. have to solder a weak join near a radiator at a friends house where I nudged the radiator… Phew………..

  9. help!! ive drilled a hole in the hot water copper pipe to ktchen sink, its in a external brick wall with minimum access, ive removed a length of pipe and used a push fit flex hose, is there any way of making a more permanent repair, theres no play in the pipe and the gap is around 10 inch,,,,,,,,thankyou

  10. Solid video and easy to understand for a basic DIYer like myself. Will be trying this out soon, might even gopro it like you did for some entertainment for others 🙂

  11. Wow! This is a great how-to. Perfect tips, especially the upside down part. I've been looking for a good, clear tutorial for that. Thanks!

  12. You are the man, thanks alot I have a waterhose pipe that busts every year due to cold weather. I dreaded using a torch and soldering for fear of blowing myself up, but thanks to your tutorial, I am going to try it. I will report how it goes, but if I blow myself up then I won't be able to connect back to you.

  13. I actually learnt how to solder via your video. And my first onshore experience with it was underneath a kitchen sink, on my knees shelf out, generally in an awkward position. Heat mat balanced! I am pleased to say I did it first time! Rock on! Cheers dude!

  14. Awesome video, thanks. I have to move loads of radiator pipes to fit new length radiators and was thinking of using compression fittings rather than soldering, is this stupid? Are there any issues in doing this? Or maybe I should just man up and buy a blow torch! Thanks!

  15. Thanks for the reassuring video, I can now continue soldering safe in the knowledge that I don't need to see solder all the way round the join as it should be drawn in.

  16. Yes youre right not all pipework can be accessed easily, I find one of those little dental mirrors held round back when youve soldered shows whether its run properly. Good videos A+

  17. Haha, I love your videos! Most entertaining DIY tips videos I've seen on YouTube. Recently got my first house which has had some seriously cowboy plumbing done… Thought I'd need to "get someone in" to sort out the shoddy pipework but I reckon I can take it on myself…

  18. I always wonder why the solder runs around a fitting when it's upside down. I would have though it wouldn't run round the pipe and fall down the pipe instead.

  19. But when you put solder on the pipe you need to put away a fire, because when you put solder straight into fire it could make pipe green,dont think so? sorry for my english

  20. Thanks for the Video. I've just started college and I'm still a rookie with soldering. Obviously it takes practice. I've been told on numerous occasions that you never put Flux in the fitting because it can bleed into the system? Is this true? Has it become common practice now on the field to put in the fitting, or is there a different approach when doing different systems, drinking water, hot and cold system etc?

  21. when you have water in a pipe, get as much out as possible by opening an upper level faucet then put (a ball) of white bread in the pipe and push it in a couple inches with you finger it will stop water from being a problem while soldiering and it will come out easily when water is turned on. Only use cheap ass white bread no crust no whole grain high fiber that bread that won't dissolve like white bread.

  22. Yorkshire or end feed …. is one better for some applications than others or is Yorkshire just for convenience?

  23. Hey mate, anyone can solder out in the open……Must be 50 videos on You tube. I wanna see you do a video of copper pipe within the walls, studs…………without burning anything. Or is this too much to ask??

  24. Hello, a quick question for an advise video. I am having great difficulty clipping then soldering 22mm copper pipe under floors as the clips (talon hinged) are so tight, if I am off by 3mm or so it all goes to s**t, Equally if I try to solder then clip I need to support the lengths and it all gos to s**t. I am doing something wrong surely, any advise you can offer would be great!! Thanks

  25. flippin' heck I didn't know Bradley Walsh did plumbing. Anyway no joking aside good videos mate even though you are madder than a box of biscuits at a diabetic convention – good tips

  26. a nice low setting on the blow torch is so key in my opinion as a newb learner, i was learning to solder from utube vids and i was using a higher intense setting and when i applied solder it just melted and fell away it never took to the fitting or pipe, when i listened to these videos carefully you all mention a nice gentle low heat, BOOM soon as a i heated the joint up slowely and gently i got that nice capillary action you mentioned, touch wood so far no bad sweats

  27. hi do you not have to solder underneath? does it automatically run around the bottom itself? for gas pipe is the regular joints ok which are locked using a wrench?

  28. Hi, will a stainless steel pipe solder to a copper fitting, I would like to solder 1inch pipe stainless steel to copper tee joint?

  29. Your are great man!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!. A Colombian living in Amsterdam really appreciate what you do and how you explain everything!. Cheers!!

  30. Are copper t's and other fittings already made with a small slither of solder soldered into a ridge on the inside of the joint? You then only have to put some flux onto the joint you are soldering to and then push the connector over and apply heat and the solder can then be seen forming round the edge of the joint?

  31. Bloody brilliant, helped me loads in my first soldering test in college, which I passed first time. Just got to get the bending right, with fewer attempts. Doing my head in.

  32. great videos as always. As practice I'm trying to solder a T bit onto a vertical copper pipe. However all I get is the Flux running down the pipe then a large blob of solder on my shoe! 🙂 What am I doing wrong? I have cleaned both parts with a deburring tool and put plenty of Flux around each part.

  33. Links to the tools I use everyday here:

    Plus, follow my Vlog “TimesWithJames”:

  34. Be interesting to see how best to solve a badly soldered yorkie joint under floorboards. Typically I heat the joint to the max and still no solder appears at the ends of the joint. What's best to do next? Take it all apart and start again?

  35. Every time i solder a T fitting i will solder one and it will be good no problems but when i go to solder the next joint i will melt the solder on the first one if you know what i mean.

  36. I'm getting better at this, but I always use too much solder so I end up with a big drop at the bottom, just paranoid that I'm not using enough…..when in reality I'm using too much. I'll get there eventually.

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