How to Set Up Your Welder and Tips on Your First Welds from Eastwood

How to Set Up Your Welder and Tips on Your First Welds from Eastwood

congratulations on your purchase of new Eastwood make well we’re going to take a few moments to guide you through the setup and usage of your new machine so you’re able to start welding or thin sheet metal or steel projects up to three sixteenths inch quickly and easily to make 135 comes with a 23 still McGuire gas regulator and instruction book the only thing you’ll need to do is run a bottle 75% co2 25-percent Oregon here’s how to install the supplied to make wire and tip in the machine first open the side panel to gain access to the wire drive mechanism note the reference chart on the inside of the door then feed the ground cable through the front of the Machine and connected to the proper terminal for your wire to make 135 can use flux core or solid wire and the reference chart shows the connections reach now feed the trigger wires and the torch connection through the unit and secure the torch with the wing plug into trader liars and show the weather arrives with an 8-inch waters full adapter installed this adapter allows you to use larger spools of wire and make 135 a little bit to use the supplied oh 23 wire sport before installing the spore be sure the drive roller is matched to the wire size to make 135 to handle several different wire sizes the rollers turn to the correct setting the wire size options are found on the reference chart when installing the wire school be sure not to over tighten retaining them this ball needs to spin freely for the best possible welding performance the wire is then fed into the drive mechanism guided over the drive roller and fed into the torch sleep the pinch rollers snapped into place you can now throw all the welder and pull the trigger to begin feeding wire the lower nob is the wire feed speed and you can adjust it up to speed the process once the wire emerges from the end of the torch turn off the Machine and install the supplied tip nozzle under ok now you can install the gas hose on the welder it’s a good idea to wrap the threads with gas compatible thread tape the regulator connects to your welding bottle and the hose connects to the regulator turn on the welder open the gas bottle and pull the trigger to begin gas flow then adjust the regular to about 20 CFM regular mig welding jobs overhead welding welding and windy conditions may require higher gas flow now you’re ready to begin welding compare the steel thickness of your project to the settings on the chart and match the welding average and wire speed to the recommended settings connect your ground wire and you’re ready to go alright you can well then sheet metal with the big 135 what we have here is some 18 gauge what we’re going to show you is our inner grips setting the proper gap between the panels and also the use of our Copperweld backers which goes behind your well to backup the big puddle note how we’re doing a series of tack welds and thin steel this will keep the heat level down event working the panel when finished carefully grind tack welds down to have continuous Queen will join now we’ll move to some thicker stock again check the settings on the chart to match your steel you can apply clean continuing speeds on thicker steel at the risk of warping the material going to show you here how to fill a hole with the mig welder if you were to simply take your gun here try to weld this you’re just going to blow wire right through the whole we’re going to use is the welders helper comity really simply backs up the whole allows the big well to penetrate and Phil make 135 is versatile machine that will allow you to repair body sheet metal fabricators steel brackets with 110 pound home shop be sure to check the eastwood catalog for replacement tips and wire to find other tools and welding accessories to help you with the restoration projects

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  1. Nice video. The crappy music is both intrusive and annoying. Please refrain from music in future vids. If I want music, I will turn some on.

  2. There was a error in the gas mixture mentioned in this video, sorry he was a bit dyslexic! The correct gas mix to purchase is: 75% Argon, 25% CO2. Sorry for any confusion!

  3. Reguarding The top comment about the ground clamp from a year ago… This video is included with the 135 and 175 welder (as I saw in the eastwood store). The smaller ground clamp is with the 135 (lower amperage; so only needs smaller clamp). The larger clamp comes with the 175 welder (which needs it for the higher current that welder can put out). Not sure why the eastwood guys didn't pick up on that; but it really doesn't matter. Both welders get a thumbs up from me!

  4. really ,why does anyone think they need music behind talking???? I would think if I wanted to be heard on teaching something ,that any back ground music is not needed period.

  5. Another 'attention to detail' issue. In the video @ 2:37, the audio states " … then adjust the regulator to about 20 CFM for regular MIG welding jobs … "
    However, the video shows the regulator being adjusted to only 10 CFM.

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