How to Run a Secondary Compensation Test on Continuum Systems

Take a few minutes to review important
safety information found in the Owner’s Manual. Remember to follow all warnings and wear appropriate safety gear. As your welding leads age,
wear out or get damaged, it can change the amount of
voltage drop through the cables, effecting your welding arc. Continuum has secondary compensation that performs a test of your weld leads, and the power source makes adjustments based on the condition
and layout of your cables. For best results, ensure the
power source is configured to use the bolt sense
lead for voltage feedback and that the bolt sense lead is connected. Before running the compensation test, log onto the webpages to
ensure secondary compensation has been enabled. Go to the Setup tab. Under Weld Cable Setup,
click the Edit button. Enable both Resistance and
Inductance Compensation. Then select Save All. To run the compensation test, go to the Setup Menu on the user interface and Select Secondary Compensation. Select Yes and the user
interface will prompt you to pull the trigger. First remove the gas nozzle. Second, cut the weld wire
flush with the contact tip. Then, firmly place the contact tip onto the workpiece or weld table. Now pull the trigger and hold until the user interface
says the test is complete. Make sure to repeat this
test with any setup change to your welding gun or welding leads.

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