How to Roll a Cross Joint

How to Roll a Cross Joint

How to Roll a Cross Joint with @SheSmokesJoints Step 1: Get supplies 2 grams of cannabis, 1 grinder, 2 king sized rolling papers, 1 safety pin or toothpick, several glue strips (from extra joint papers) cut glue strips form the extra papers break up your weed and put in grinder make sure there aren’t any stems grind it up! Step 2: roll a large joint the filter is optional add weed to joint forming a cone to do this, put more weed at the end …than the filter roll the joint Make sure it’s secure! Step 3: Roll a small joint Roll a straight joint this time, not a cone Make it skinny enough to fit in the cone Twist the ends of the small joint Close the end of the cone joint Step 4: Make a plan Find the perfect place to cross the joints The amount of weed above the cross should be equal to the amount of weed in the small joint Step 5: Start forming the hole Poke a hole in the joint with the safety pin Step 6: Finish forming the hole Rotate the pin until the hole is wide enough for the joint to snugly fit Step 7: Combine the joints Feed the small joint through the cone Rotate and wiggle to get it through Poke a hole through the small joint Step 8: Seal it Using the glue strips, seal the two joints… ..together in an “x” pattern Step 8: Enjoy! Only true pros can light em all at once!

100 thoughts on “How to Roll a Cross Joint

  1. Love the music choice!!! C90’s shine a light for those who are wondering. Gta5 players already know wassup from the DMT mission.

  2. This is hands down the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Is this for times that you have to get loaded extra fast because Grandma is on her way over?

  3. I can’t believe this girl has just rolled the heaviest cross joint I have ever laid my eyes on and then toenailed the fuck out of the side and ruined the work of art

  4. that method for a cross joint doesn’t work, think about it yes you put holes in the small joint for air flow, but they were outside where you sealed the small joint to the large one, therefore there is no hole connecting the inside of the small joint to the inside of the big joint so how would the smoke from the small joint get into the big joint in order to be in hailed? as you only inhale smoke from the roach of the big zoot. yeh it looks cool but this method just waists any weed you put in the small zoot as your just burning it and all the smoke goes in the air…

  5. My dad and I just got done watching Pineapple express and I asked if he knew how to do a crossjoint, he said no, now I'm thinking for Christmas of making him one. Seems pretty simple.

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