How to replace the rubber tracks on a morooka mst 3000 dumper!

How to replace the rubber tracks on a morooka mst 3000 dumper!

My name is Tim Turner, I’m an employee here at Newman Tractor, today we’re going to work on one of these 3000 Morooka’s, they’re very tough, but unfortunately this one has a worn out track and a worn our idler… …we’re gonna go ahead and replace it. First things first We got to get the Morooka off the ground with some jack stands put on the cross-members so we can get it high enough to where we can loosen the track up all the way and get this track pulled off. Next we’re going to take the track tension out. Little trick that we do around here we put a pin right the center of the track. That way when we move the track forward it goes against the idler. That’s the only way we can get it off here. When we get the forklift back over here, we’re going to lift the track up. We’re gonna pull these top rollers off. I want the least amount resistance up on top as possible. When I have a bolt that don’t want to break free with me, tighten it first and then I’ll loosen it. Breaks all the rust off the threads on the bolt As you can see we got our pins pinned between the idler and the track. What that does is gives us enough space to get it off the idler. And we’re gonna use a forklift to kind of walk the track off the idler. Now it’s gonna start the tug of war. We got the track off. The bearings inside the idler are completely… gone. Ain’t supposed to do that. That’s why we’re gonna have to replace this one. Gonna use the crane on this service truck to get this thing to drop down. We were replacing an idler on another VDR, actually. We had the crane in here just like this. I had my hand in between the track and the frame. The track relaxed and it just dropped straight on my hand. Safety station shows it pretty much fractured my hand in two different locations. There’s your tid-bit for the day. Not only were the bearings on the pivot shaft completely worn out the wheel itself was worn down Pulling it up, it’s probably not gonna work so what I’m gonna do is place a wall jack underneath here? Maybe the tension from the bottom and the tension from the top will actually raise it up into place. Now we got the idler replaced we’re gonna go ahead and set the track on. We got Wyatt. He’s kind of the forklift guru when it comes to putting the tracks on. So he’s gonna show you how he does it. Go ahead, Wyatt. Try to teach Tim a lesson to while I’m doing it. There is no set way of removing the track and installing the track so you pretty much kind of gotta do it by feel or trial and error and in this case it’s been trial. Put some pins in, tug=o-war, push it in and eventually ride it up on the idler and you’re good to go. As you see it was it was a tough outing but it’s on. We’ll go ahead and put these rollers on we can roll forward get the track tension put on it. We use this as a wear indicator when the track starts to wear down this pump right here will go away. Your average the two measurements out and there should be a three quarter inch distance between two. Thirty seven and a half, so we’re right where we need to be. All right! As you can see we got the track in the idler on. So if you need any Morooka or crawler carry needs just visit us at Thank you

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  1. Been watching a lot of your videos. I'm also an equipment mechanic.
    Wheres your PPE? Not even safety glasses? A lot of places wont even let you on site if you arent wearing them. Speaks a lot about the way your shop operates in this day and age.

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