How to Replace The Flash Lamp And Air Filter On Your Rofin Laser

How to Replace The Flash Lamp And Air Filter On Your Rofin Laser

The flash lamp will be replaced every three
to five years. Once you start to notice you have to increase
the voltage to get the same results, this means the flash lamp is getting near the end
of its usefulness. Take off the top panel with the provided allen
wrench set. Be aware of the ground wire. Remove the dust protectors, unscrew the chamber
cover, drain the water using the tube in the back. Unscrew the six screws and remove the top. Unscrew the sides and wiggle the contents
to release the flash lamp. Unscrew the two side screws on the gold-plated
chamber and place them in the holes next to them to make handles. Lift up the gold-plated chamber. Pull the flash lamp out. Put in a new flash lamp making sure the red
dot goes to the front of the laser welder. Do not touch the flash lamp with your bare
hands. Replace all parts and screws. When screwing in the cover and the sides,
do not over-tighten them. A diagram has been provided to show you the
correct sequence to screw in the screws on the top. Turn the machine on for 30 minutes to get
rid of any air pockets and check for leakage. The performance welder has an air filter behind
the working chamber. To replace it open the chamber, slide the
lever, and take off of the cover. Remove the air filter. Replace the new air filter, placing the black
rubber to the back. The air filter should last around three years. Thanks for watching and if you need any more
information be sure to call us on the tech line.

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  1. ola tenho uma maquina de Gravação de 100w / lampada iag . Gostaria de saber se tem como me Ajudar ,pois Gostaria de saber as especificações do Modelo dela comprimento etc . Grato

  2. Hi we have same laser welder. We experienced having to increase power to get same result. We replaced the lamp in December and was working fine. Last week we had the problem, and changed to another new lamp but didnt fix issue. Van you suggest anything else?

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