How to Replace Lower Ball Joint 10-14 Hyundai Sonata

9 thoughts on “How to Replace Lower Ball Joint 10-14 Hyundai Sonata

  1. Great video, but after watching it , there's no way that I would tackle that. Also I do not have those kind of tools air chisel, torch, unfortunately not.

  2. Very informative. My 2012 Sonata GLS have a different shape control arm (sport suspension) , thus, it uses a different ball joint where the ball joint is mounted on top of the control arm. Nevertheless, the replacement and install is very similar.

  3. This was WAY harder than it needed to be. Just take the other mounting bolts out (2) of the lower control arm then remove the LCA. THEN you can bang on the ball joint- NO air tools needed.

  4. Mine has a ball joint but no two nuts. But the ball joint looks exactly like this. What do I do. There’s no top spindle cause the what looks like the rotor holder is encased in it

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