How to Replace Driveshaft U Joints 07-14 Chevy Suburban

34 thoughts on “How to Replace Driveshaft U Joints 07-14 Chevy Suburban

  1. Having a brief clip at the start to demonstrate the noise is a HUGE help. Great idea I wish all repair videos did that. Especially for difficult to describe noises that only happen while driving. This is the exact noise my Silverado is making. Great job guys.

  2. About to change out both my rear diff and transfer case joints on my 05 Tahoe z71. Kinda nervous about screwing this up but this video helped out a ton! Appreciate videos like these!

  3. Gm has special plastic inside the driveshaft that keep the joints from falling out. No wonder it was so hard to take out the caps cause they didn’t melt them

  4. It is nice to see a real world tutorial where things don't go perfectly in each step! Thanks for the great video!!

  5. Pounding on the driveshaft with a socket is a disaster waiting to happen, bent ears, closing the grooves for the clips, you are replacing the u joint, pound on it. And enough with the rust penetrant already.

  6. Tech tip #2, if you are pounding on a socket, hammer on the hex end, not the square end, it’s much easier to fix the hex end when you beat it to death.

  7. i have never indexed any driveshafts that ive removed. in fact, many service manuals tell you to rotate 180 degrees from original position if you have vibration. in my opinion its a waste of time unless nothing was replaced. doing a u-joint defeats the purpose.

  8. believe it or not you can actually do it without taking the drive shaft off the truck most of the time

  9. I dont have a car lift can I do this while my car is on the ground? Or should I Jack up a side or???

  10. Awesome video! Question, do u joints typically start leaking fluid when they’re real bad? Looks red to me, so I’m assuming it’s tranny fluid. Noticed a good amount of fluid on the bottom of my truck, didn’t know if that’s normal or if there is something else that is wrong?

  11. Good to see a video where they have a hard time doing it rather than it being smooth sailing throughout the entire process makes you appreciate your mechanics work and what he has to go through to get things done

  12. Take a screw driver and tap the snap ring to get it to move. Or take socket that fits the size of the cap on u joint and smack the clip to loosen up. This video hurt to watch.

  13. Wait when you first grabbed on the drive shaft and it rotated side to side. Is that the u joints doing? Or is that another problem to fix?

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