How to repair a power cord that has been dog chewed.

How to repair a power cord that has been dog chewed.

Anyone who owns a dog, cat, or rabbit probably
has had this happen at one time or another. And this is what the result usually looks
like. So I’m going to show you how to fix this. The first thing you’ll want to do is
take some cutters and just amputate the bad part of the cable. Now the goal is to splice
the two remaining pieces back together. Start by using a knife or razor and careful cutting
away about an inch of the rubber insulation, but be careful not to cut too deep or you’ll
damage the wires inside. Eventually you should be able to pull the insulation off, revealing
the wires inside. Be sure to do the other side and both sections should look like this.
next thing you’ll need to do is strip back the insulation on the smaller interior wires.
Again, being very careful not to damage the wire inside. Once you get them stripped, twist
the strands to make a more uniform piece of wire. They should look like this when finished.
Then do the other side, eventually all 4 should look like this. Ok, now it is time to get
the soldering iron out. The goal here is that you want to tin the leads with solder. But
don’t heat them up too much or you’ll melt the insulation. Now we need to measure off
the heat shrink. So put the wires about like this, overlaping slighty. Now you can figure
out how much heat shrink you will need. OK, next go ahead and slide the heat shrink over
the wire and pull it back to a safe distance where it is away from the heat. if you want,
you can try using smaller heat shrink for these wires, but this is really hard to do
because they tend to shrink before you are ready for them. So I won’t be using these.
So, now it is time to line these wires up and melt them together. I know I look really
shaky with the soldering iron, but I’m at a really hard angle here with the camera in
my way. OK, the next step is to use pliers and work out any sharp edges or hard angles
that might eventually tear through the insulating tape. OK, since I’m not using heat shrink
on the smaller wires, I’ll be using plain electrical tape. Ok, now it is time to pull
the heat shrink over the new area, and use a cigarette lighter or a heat gun to shrink
the stuff into place. The final product will look like this. Alright, just a few final notes on this. For
anyone who thinks this splice looks ugly I would just like to mention it usually looks
better if you have black heat shrink on a black cable. Or in this case with a white
cable, I should have white heat shrink. And, uh, this is just what I happened to have on
hand and so thats what I used. Also it looks kind of lumpy and it would actually be possible
if you wanted to take the time, you know I just put the one strip of tape around. but
if I wanted to take the time to pad the tape where it was even all the way across, um,
this would look less lumpy. I’d also like to mention some cables, um, instead of having
two wires in them, are more like a coaxial cable where you have a shield of wire around
with a center wire in the middle. And you can still splice those too. Typically all
you have to do is take the shield and pull it out and twist it around and make it like
a single wire. So you can do either kind. Anyway, I hope this was helpful to somebody
and I’ll see you next time!

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  1. So annoyed. Was gifted with a brand new product and my cat ate through the cord this morning! Anyone want a cat? LOL
    For those of you that have pets like mine that are cord chewers you should get those accordion tubes and put all of your cords in those. A pet expert told me that. Unfortunately, I had run out of them last night and planned to put this cord in one today but she got to it first!

  2. My dog chewed the wire on my power controller for a recliner.  Problem is he chewed it within an inch of the controller.  How do I fix this

  3. Highly dangerous and illigal, BS7671. Replace the cable or use a cable combiner or plugd socket. Do not do what this video states.

  4. Thanks that was helpful now today my dog bit thru my green works 120V 10A lawn mower and I want to know how to splice or just plane ol fix the power cord

  5. A staggered overlap two layer heat-shrink slieve approach is much safer. It keeps the two live wires properly separated. Normally I'm REALLY happy with your ideas. But this repair just wasn't durable and therefore safe. Perhaps one day you may update this video with a better & safer one. I really don't want to be negative; because I love what you do.

  6. This shouldn't ever be done on a high voltage cable like that! Things like video game controllers and AV cables, maybe. BUT NOT ON POWER CABLES!

  7. This is dangerous. Who can guarantee then nobody ever slips over the cable or the toddler plays with ist and the soldered wires see the daylight again?If a cable is damagded, remove it from the device or cut of the wallplug so nobody can use it until its repaired. Then replace the cable with a new cable. Even if that means spending around 5 $ in a hardwarestore or buying the original replacemnt cable by the manufacturer. some bucks saved waking nobody from the electrocuted….

  8. IEC 60320 power cords are so cheap and easy to get that I really wouldn't bother repairing one. There are more fun things to solder than this. Especially when the result will be worse and potentially quite dangerous compared to the new one.

    If it's some proprietary cable whose replacement is hard to get or exorbitantly priced, then sure, I'd repair it.

  9. I would never solder a repair into a mains lead. I would use proper electrical connectors which are screwed in. You end up with a block in your cable but it is safer. But really though I would just buy a new wire….. Assuming I had enough after buying a new dog. Nice vid as always though.

  10. Too bad all these master electricians in the comments are too busy posting to make their own repair videos. Keep making videos sir. You are very informative and engaging.

  11. I simply just braid the wires in an interweave, tape that shit up, and it usually works.
    Of course, I don't cross the separate wires…but soldering isn't the answer to everything…

  12. OK you tried and you failed badly. The way you have instructed will not hold up and may even cause a fire or shock hazard. ALWAYS Make sure you have a strong mechanical connection. I am a retired Electronics Engineer so I know of what I speak. Avionics Video audio Automotive as long as it it copper multi strand or solid core copper you should always twist the wires together and should always use a heat shrinkable tube on the individual wires and then one to cover the completed repair. NEVER EVER TIN THE WIRES AND LAY ON TOP OF EACH OTHER AND MELT!!!!! Strip back enough to make the repair in the manner I have described.

  13. I like that you explain at least that the goal is to merge the two wires together. That helps. But yes, also the instructions I grok.

  14. Cut the parallel wires at different length to reduce the amount of bulge and the chances of shorting. Something like this:

    [=] insulated wire
    [ – ]Uninsulated wire
    [_] Gap.


    The smaller insulator cut in two pieces and slide one piece to the back on each side. Then when you are done soldering move one over the center and "its" side, shrink that, then do the same from the other side so that they overlap each other.

    A windproof "jet" lighter or kitchen torch works great, since the flame is directional.

  15. You did it all right!
    There are millions and millions of soldering techniques and this is one of them! People may prefer different techniques over yours so that's why there are so much comments saying you are wrong! And, for a lifehack, instead of stripping the inside wires, try burning it and getting rubber out with your fingernails. Works great for me tho

  16. Dude for AC lines, you really gotta work on that soldering job on the hot lead. Maybe it's a DC line but still, people are definitely gonna use this to repair their power cables and they're gonna fall apart in their hands with that type of joint.

    For anyone that cares, with stranded wire you can fan out the copper strands and then kinda interlock each broken end of the cable together for a good solid connection. Then twist the slack you'll probably have around each other so the joined ends are nice and thin and tight. Then on top of that be sure to solder them very well. And, good tip, you should use some flux if you can to really draw the solder into the cable.

    Be as safe as possible when it comes to your family and 120V.

  17. If anyone wants to know what the song at the end is called( so you don't do the same as me and just search for Endless heaven only to find a million things called Endless Heaven ), it's called Slowly Unleashing by Swagato Gangopadhyay

  18. Video should say how to half ass fix a wire. Then make excuses why its half ass but you could have done it better. But thumbs up from me lol.

  19. I KNOW THIS IS OLD BUT THE THUMBNAIL SCARES ME!!!! cut them at staggered lengths, blue short on 1 side long on the other, red long on the side with short blue and short on the side with long blue
    =========|===,,,vs yours====|——

  20. I repaired the cord to my large Vornado “air circulator” fan in 2016. But instead of soldering the two ends together, I used male and female connector clips. And instead of heat shrink, I used electrical tape. Perhaps your idea is better as my connection came loose and I had to re-crimp them again. So far, they have not come loose again.Hiring somebody to replace the cord would cost over $30.

  21. I buy some 40 dollar skull candy ear budds and my kittens that my parents still have not got rid of have chewed them up. I am fucking pissed.

  22. NO NO NO! If you put them together and solder them eventually it will just break. Solder is a 60/40 mix of tin and lead, even weaker if you use all-tin. YOu need to twist them together to the point where you cannot pull them apart and then solder.

  23. So… do you think not using solder and just twisting the wires together and wrapping them with electrical tape is Unsafe? I've done that method before with macbook pro cords and it's worked well (as in the cord worked normally for like… it's been like 2 yrs now). However, I would not leave that machine with the cord plugged in while I was out of the house due to anxiety/my lack of knowledge. I feel the same bit of anxiety with doing the same method with an AC and using it while not at home, esp if I don't solder.

    What… other projects can you use a soldering "gun" and solder for? lol

  24. Is there a safe way to do with without soldering? I need to do this for a Pi Boy i bought the battery is damaged they are sending me the battery and I have no idea what kind it is all I know is its 6000 Mah please advise thanks.

  25. When soldering wires together – do this at different level. My English, maybe, very bad, so i try to illustrate this thing, do like this:


    This give you additional isolation of
    wires and mechanically more flexible and stable.

  26. Today was a sad day! I had to pack my puppy's suite case up and all his little toys and snacks. My boyfriend's on his waY home from work at this very moment, and when he arrives he will find that our $3000 tempurpedic rise bed no longer works because my puppy decided to chew through all the wires and the power cord is completely chewed off as well as the controller that was also attached by a wire. Who would have ever thought a beautiful white maltese with the face of an angel was capable of somthing so horrid. I usually hide and cover up his messes but there's no hiding this one. Pray for my puppy

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