How to Remove Rust on Your Car Without Welding

How to Remove Rust on Your Car Without Welding

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m
going to show you how to remove rust on your car and for all you cynics out
there I’ve been using this quick glow for years nobody’s paying it it’s made
down the road in Louisiana stuff works great here’s how it works you just get a
clean rag and start polishing and as you can see the rust is coming right off the
advantage of this stuff is it does three things it cleans polishes and waxes at
the same time so once you’re done cleaning it the wax can seal it and
sometimes up to a whole year you don’t have to re-polish this stuff and if you
got some really thick rust on your rims you can get any of these polishing
devices to stick on a dremel then dip that in the polish and get into all the
nooks and crannies now these are ten year old rims just look at the shine it
has now and the real advantage is that this Quick Glow has a wax built-in so
that’s going to seal it from rusting up and like I said it might even last a
year before you have to re-polish this stuff it’s a good deal I’ve been
using this stuff for decades now this is great for light rust like on these rims
but what if you have some really heavy rust on parts well then it’s time for a
big pan and some of this liquid metal rescue I’m going to show you how it
works on this rusty piece of tailpipe you just get a glass pour it in then
soak the tailpipe in it and of course if you’re doing big parts
you fill a pan with this stuffing and soak it in, now you might have to soak a 2
hours 6 hours 12 hours we’re going to let the soak overnight then we’ll see
what happens tomorrow and here we go early in the morning after it sat
overnight, let’s take it out and look one of the coolest thing is its water-based
it doesn’t have any strong acids so you can use it with your bare hands and when
you’re done you can pour the stuff down the drain it’s green but I wouldn’t pour
it away right now because you can use it over and over again eventually it gets
really dark it won’t get any rust off anymore but you can use this stuff over
and over again and once it’s done soaking you can rinse it off and dry
with a paper towel then use a dry coat protective spray and spray it, then
let it dry for half an hour and you can either paint it or just leave it with
the protective coating on it so really don’t throw your old rusty metal parts
away fix them up like new and now that you know how to win the war against rust
get out there and start fighting and remember if you have any kind of
questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel

100 thoughts on “How to Remove Rust on Your Car Without Welding

  1. Amazing… I also LOVE simple green… Simple green is bad ass… it will degrease an engine if need too. Dawn soap also. No need for expensive cleaners my friends. Let's go back to basics. Don't spend a lot!

  2. hey scotty love your video
    My question is
    my car on the startup makes a "Whistling Noise" for 10-20sec
    Why would be the reason?

  3. I will TOTALLY vouche for quik glo !!! I had some rims and motorcycle parts  I was ready to throw away. This product cleaned them up . Its like magic

  4. Or you can be stupid,get a metal wire brush or sandpaper.make sure you wear eye protection and a dust mask when you do this and clean out all of this crappy rust.and than repaint it.

  5. Scotty! Great advice. One question, what is your opinion about electronic rust protection module for cars?

  6. @Scotty Kilmer Hello there Scotty great help against rust, Keep bringing your wonderful videos with your tips and help. So i have another Toyota Yaris 1.0 2001 which does not fire or show anything because the battery terminals got put on the wrong way now its just sitting lifeless, would you know what could be up(maybe a fuse), i checked the ecu and swapped it but still the same. I dont have any idea what could be up. Please help Scotty. Thanks

  7. The buttom part of my doors are just starting to rust, if I used this product, would it damage the paint around the rust or should I use another product for this kind of job?

  8. guys , before starting your cars early in the morning , please check under the car or inside the hood for any scotty kilmer. ^.^

  9. what do you think about hammerite kurust? i know a few people that swear by it put it on, leave a few hours then primer and paint

  10. Scotty…….who sells quick glo? I live in Georgia but have never seen it any parts store or walmart.

  11. Thank you! Almost done with breaks/mechanical updates on a '69 Ford F100 — next step is rust reducing, removing, and a few areas of inch-size welding! Thanks, Scotty!

  12. used this stuff yesterday on my month old exhaust to remove some of the rust forming on the welds. Love it works really good. Just used a microfiber rag with light rubbing rust came right off.

  13. what about rusty frames? lol. guess paint on a few times and hope it works? i considered por40 but not rushing it.

  14. How did that wheel rust in the first place? Isn't it alloyed or chrome coated? Well too shiny to be alloyed, but after you cleaned it up, it doesn't look like chrome coating has been damaged or flaked off? Anyway, great video, since i am paranoid when it comes to rust showing up on cars. 😀

  15. "here's how it works'? I think you mean 'Here's how to use it. Rust is caused by oxidisation. Or Oxygen and iron mixed with a little H2o. You cannot reverse the damage from Rust but you can remove active Oxide from the suface and perhaps polish it back a bit – then add a Desicant.

  16. you got a handy fix for semi-harshly corroded chrome pipes on a motorbike? My 83 suzuki that I rescued out of a shed has some gnarly looking pipes and they seem a little scarce to find OEM ones for.

  17. I honestly thought when Scotty held the Glass up he waz gunna say, "Don't Pour it away, 'Cos you can Drink it" ¡¡¡¡ ¿¿¿¿

  18. I've cleaned some light rust with the aluminum foil and a Coca Cola, it has really worked good! And then sprayed with the WD40 and it didn't hold well. Rust came back after about 2-3 weeks, but the bike is outside on the rain and everything so… I've probably should have respray the WD every 10 days or so.

    I'll now try somethign like this.

  19. Things I used in this video:
    1. Quick Glo Chrome Cleaner:
    2. Dremel Set:
    3. Metal Rescue Rust Remover:
    4. Metal Oil Pan:
    5. Dry Coat Rust Preventative:
    6. Shop Towels:
    7. Disposable Gloves:
    8. Common Sense
    9. 4k Camera:
    10. Mini Microphone:
    11. My computer for editing / uploading:
    12. Video editing software:
    13. Thumbnail software:

    🛠Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend:

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  20. Scotty, I have a 32 year old Chevy S-10 that I just recently got into my possession. It was taken care of quite a bit during it's life but then after 2007, it was basically left to just eat itself to death. It's still not completely gone but we're getting rust holes in the fenders and whatnot that I think I'll need to replace eventually. But is there something I can do to at least help preserve it just a bit longer. Even if it's just a bandaid fix which I'm afraid is all I can do without replacing a bunch of parts.

  21. IV got a 78 with a belly full of rust, I want to know the very best thing to seal it. Plane to make it a daily and put a belly pan on it.

  22. so… i recommend that when you guys buy a new car, (brand spanking new) you coat it with Line X ultra paint job, on the underside carriage of the car, protecting the most important bits like the chassis and other mechanical stuff and yes even the exhaust. They claim this thing can even outlast the cars lifetime and the paint is virtually indestructible, search it up right now Line X Ultra, and scotty you better pin this up cuz trust me there aint any other paint job on the underside of the car that can do this for you

  23. Scotty, I went to a USA brand Car Quest yesterday, my 68th Birthday (over now). I was looking for There is a brand new plus the other C.C.C. (cheep China Crap) one town closer. Earlier in the week I went to the new one I think the cash box worker might of had a little bit of racism, a little bit (I have experienced it my hole life C.I.L.I.I.). I am looking at procuring a dash Wiper Switch for my '73 Stingray since my Ebay switch did not last 1/4 of the year or the winter. First guy Smiles as he starts to turn his screen towards me and shrug his shoulders, not in my computer. I will not be going back. So I go to my "go to" store I wait for Don (some time I do not mind known Don from Jr. High thru High School graduation. A long time. Well he could not help me ether. Here is my thought, I say "Don, can you show me where to put the oil in my new car (to me, 2013 Fiat 500e. Here in California it is a compliance car . Ebay, in the end I can say $5,900. A leasie 3yr. 25thou miles I told a friend and five hrs. latter he got his for $5,300 same color so much orange pearl in it, Gorgeous fully loaded white leather eleven airbags etc. etc.

  24. the metal rescue stuff is actually really good especially for motorcycle/atv gas tanks and you can add water with it to save on the stuff

  25. whippy doo. the hubcaps and tail pipe. how about the bottom of the doors or tailgate? the first signs of rust?

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