Now , I have decided in this video. that i need to use Some J-B Weld (two part epoxy) Epoxy, and I found a weak spot -Right… in this area right here So=I am going to show you how I USE J-B Weld This version takes about 24 hours to cure Thats if ..done With its own chemical reaction HEAT will greatly increase the DRYING time . Now , what I have done.. I take a piece of paper like this like this and the JB Weld and a FLEXIBLE (1$ painters knife) which works really well for putting it on What I will do.. and we have this cool tripod deally right here I will Put Half of what I need in the Black , and half of what I need in the White (50/50 mix) on here in two lines I am going to shut the Camcorder off and do that then we are going to mix them up and i will put them Right……. Now- I wish the Light was better. The light is good , but I am on the wrong side of it . Uh,,,lets see? I will move the camera to a different position here Let us try it over Here.. Maybe- that’ll be better. Let’s see?? What I have done is…I have taken my Little Knife And I have… made some scratches in the panel Now, what these scratches are there for.. is to give these put uhm….. a lot of Gripping Spots For the JB Weld to Hold onto you can see that I have done some scratches on the other side I am going to go all the way along. THIS- WEAK.. SEAM+ all the way AROUND the Bottom Then I will let it sit all Night Okay- I am going to Mix Up the JB weld, and continue… We want to get like Two Equal lines, (parts) Two Equal .. Halves, one to one. I mean your mixture can be close..It is no big deal… One part is WHITE , One part is GREY=and as soon as you get done with one of them Put the DAMN CAP on it and put it somewhere because if you get this black sticky
stuff on You.. it is …uhm.. It is just not real good to do that I am going to mix this up… I have used JB Weld for alot of things.. some things it WORKS on, SOME THINGS , it does not work on Anything that can… SNAP!! It does not work on- It does not have a high-tensile strength Now, I like to use one of these painter’s knives Because, it has got You can bend it, See ?? and they’re also a buck ( 1 US Dollar) THey make a great little putty knife To put this stuff on with and you can get it off ..your blade You can get a really good mix with this method Now this is going to TURN…A dark grey YOu want to get it thoroughly mixed, you want to make sure right underneath here there’s always a little bit of white as you can see right there So you want to scrape it off , like that , and then .. Just like cake-batter kind of and then come back again. You have 24 hours , so it is no big deal… On this one And I prefer the Red and Black (version) , it also come with the 5-minute JB Weld which is Yellow and Blue And then there is a Marine (boat) version you can use with water I do not know how I do not have any…like- Submarines repairs I have had to make very Quickly and so..We mix all this up and you want to keep it off your hands, Okay?? because it is it’s really nice it cleans up the water
quickly When it sets (dries) it sets pretty hard And then the Nice thing about JB Weld, is that You can SAND it.. Now, if this were 5 minute Epoxy , and the five minute is a… both uh… our colors are black it sets up pretty fast- which is nice for certain things like this one ..or- long-term deals Now, let us see here… Now, I am going to put it Okay, this will have to be a two-part video Okay, Now I am ready to apply and Mold the JB Weld..


  1. Your heavy and labored breathing in this video has established a rather enjoyable state of discomfort amongst many viewers…. And because of that I'd like to let you know that I personally feel completely and all kinds of ,"fucked up," after trying to understand why this took nearly five and a half minutes to apply a two part glue. Combined with the sexual groaning of your early camera adjustments and some kind of background rattling, I'm exhausted. Fully. It's very nice. I appreciate it.

  2. Thank you very much. I have the old man groaning and wheezing down to an art. The Acadamy owes me an Oscar on my Great Acting.

  3. Sir this was a great video. As someone who has worked in construction, this was well thought out and through. To the others, I say that unless you have had the oppurtunity to actually work long hours with your hands, do not make negative comments like those bellow mine. It is insulting to yourself and others that you would come here and waste time by saying those comments.

  4. I see two things that I wouldn't do.  First it mixing on paper.  Use pvc or other plastic that won't absorb the epoxy.  You're losing part of the bonding ability by the absorption of the paper.  Second, a few scratches are nowhere near as good as thoroughly abrading the area with a good abrasive, 

  5. I have a screw that's totally rounded off in a bike brake lever. The screw is embedded so doesn't stick out and is frickin' tiny. The only thing I can think to do is use this stuff to bond another screw to the top of the funded one and use that to unscrew the stuck one! Do you think this stuff will be good enough to use to weld the smaller screw to the other one?

  6. @saggyceejay hey vecause the two chemicals react when together making them bond and thicken to harden

  7. I looked up JB Weld on Youtube so I could check the thickness/consistency of it…so this video was very helpful :).  

  8. Do you have to mix it for that reaction or is it possible to lay one on top of the other and have it work?

  9. Just a tip, instead of scoring the surface with a knife you can use heavy grit sand paper for the same effect faster

  10. I love this stuff. I snapped my digging shovel and my welder just died so i put a nice thick coat let it set for a week and i have been using it for 6 months heavily.

  11. the 2 tubes in this video makes the strongest weld but there are occasions it is too loose to fill a big vertical hole – references should be made to the JB steel epoxy putty –

  12. Can you put permaoxy 5 minplastic weld on top of jbweld for steel are Can I put plastic weld let it dry an put Jbweld for steel on top of it to make it hold better

  13. On plastic use PVC Primer first then apply a 50/50 mix of JB Weld and regular epoxy- I've "welded" the plastic wheels back on rolling luggage with this technique and the fabric on the suitcase wore out before the wheel did!

  14. Did you try to use this

  15. on your muffler video you say jb weld has a high tensile strength. In this video you said it does not have a high tensile strength.

  16. In your vid you SAY "heat will greatly increase the drying time" while your text states heat will make dry quite quickly. My understanding is that it's best to let it sit until it becomes a plasticlike mass and then apply heat, because while its still rubberlike it might start to flow as heat is applied, correct?

  17. greAt video………………………especially that part …………………………..where you ………………………….. finally got to …………………… put the jb weld onto the…………………………… and i was …………………… like…… …………………………………. ZzzzZzzzzzzz

  18. contains Bisphenol-A 🙂 read the back and the big orange 'irritant' label… should be using gloves and have ventilation

  19. I accidently (slightly) stripped the aluminum thread for my thermostat housing. I can put the stud back in there and it will hold a little bit, but when I tried to screw the nut on there when I put the new thermostat in, it came right back out again. Would JB Weld fix that?

  20. I learned the hard way that you really really have to spend time mixing it. I literally will sit and mix for 5 minutes straight before I use it. I've had it come off like clay before and it's pretty nasty.

  21. This was painful to watch, and pretty much worthless since there's really nothing in this video that can't be deduced from reading the instructions on the JB Weld you're using.

  22. My experience has been using heat has reduced the actual drying/setting time. However, I used a heat gun first time and changed to a LP Torch several times after that. Thank you for the video. Howard

  23. I have a stainless steel bracelet and I've been thinking about buying some JB-Weld to glue the clasp shut because in the past it has opened up and I've lost it when it fell off my wrist. Luckily I found it. I'm using some wire ties that I've wrapped around it but I don't care for using them for numerous reasons. Anyway does any body know if JB-Weld would be good to use for that or is there something else that would be better. I'm looking for something that will hold the clasp shut permanently that way I never have to worry about it coming off and losing it again.

  24. Heat does not greatly increase the drying time, in fact, if you place a icandecent lamp next to the project it will reduce the drying time.

  25. My GOD I almost fell asleep waiting for you to mix and apply the JB WELD. ZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ Is Fing A right Mate! How much weed DO you smoke? You can tell us.

  26. This is my first time messing with this stuff. Got it so I can temporarily connect my trucks driver door handle. Got locked out last night with the truck running. Lol. Thanks for the video. 👍

  27. "dont have any submarine repairs you have to make very quickly?"… So you have had submarine repairs to make, just not quickly. Thats awesome


  29. You had me interested for 33 seconds and then you mentioned heat was going to increase drying time “greatly” It was then I realized I should not stick around and that the video had peaked early with the greeting and was fading fast. As unlikely as it seemed, there was a good chance I was wasting my time watching someone who knew less than me. The video time of 5+ minutes to show me how to use 2 part epoxy was already a stretch by looking at the comments it seems my concern was warranted. Good luck in future videos.

    EDIT ACTUALLY AN INFORMATIVE VIDEO WITH WHAT IS PROBABLY A MISSPOKEN PHRASE RATHER THAN A MISTAKE. I was only jerking his chain and my horrible attempt at humor and sarcasm failed.

  30. Will letting it set by itself make it stronger? Because I thought accelerating the process made it weaker.

  31. I have a new JB weld I used last week that worked amazing and FAST, but I just did another project, mixed it well and it's been soft for 3 hours (and never got hot like previous does) which is odd. it's been about 60 degrees and really humid(raining) all day.

  32. Basically, this video has over half a million views and growing. I wish all of them could be that successful. RH DSD

  33. I'm just here because I broke my dad's recliner lever and I'd rather not die today. Will JB weld help spare me?

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