How To Prep Your Car for Paint with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

How To Prep Your Car for Paint with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

properly cleaning the panel’s before you
move to the painting process is critical to the success of your paint project and
since there’s more than one type of contamination you should use more than one type of
cleaner for the panel’s such as pre-painting prep isopropyl alcohol even
a glass cleaner check out how we clean project said slit before moving on to
the boulevard black base coat and show clear whenever I’m prepping a vehicle or
parts for a paint job I use a three-step cleaning process
starting with the glass cleaner which is a nice organic debris cleaner I follow that with a prep solvent wipe
down pre-planning prep is a good one and then finally before i shoot paint i
use an alcohol wipe down in a pump sprayer the alcohol gets very aggressive
things like acidic fingerprints up off of the substrate and it works as a very
nice anti-static spray as well and remember don’t use paper towels as a
final wipe spend a little extra money on some body shop safe lint-free towels it’s money well spent step one two three
step process is a glass cleaner okay just to prove a point as clean as
that car looked look what I picked up off the surface
you’re not ready even if it looks clean you got a cleaning here’s the other
thing this one’s done its gon get a new one you can spend a little money on towels
but you can have a clean surface step 2 after the glass cleaner is
pre-painting prep you want to wipe one direction roll your rag you’re trying to evacuate
the solvent off the top not rub it in again second stage look at the dirt i’m
picking up this is why this is why three stages of preparation why it’s so
important you’ve got to be clean baby your final
wipes off and also gives you the opportunity to test for straightness
it’s another way to wet check the last of the three steps is the alcohol wipe
down and keep in mind this is isopropyl alcohol not rubbing alcohol it’s a seventy-five percent alcohol
twenty-five percent water mix that I get from a local drug store what that does rather than rubbing
alcohol is it has a higher flashpoint what is a higher flashpoint mean well
you’re not going to blow yourself up if you have a static charge on the surface
like fiberglass or something like that so keep safe use the 75 25 isopropyl
alcohol smells minty fresh look at that where do I keep picking up
dirt I don’t know but i keep cleaning until my rags come off clean that was
toast I let my tack racks it opened up for a
few minutes to mute the sticky so it doesn’t stay on the panel for the first
tak wipe I use a blow nozzle set about the same
pressure as I spray this blows out any dust particles and debris into the tack
rag and get it out of the cracks and crevices lastly I ball up the tack rag loosely
and give the panel’s of final tacking just for good measure so here’s another tip just like in the
video expand your tags let him sit out in the
air for a while and it keeps the sticky stuff for being deposited onto your
panels before you paint so for more tech tips for me and the
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  2. Hey How to make match the paint of a car, I mean if you get a car just to fix a part of the car, but you have to get the same color of the old paint how you do it ??

  3. What's good (degreaser) for BASE COAT before i put on the CLEAR COAT ? So the base coat does NOT come off …

  4. What would you recommend for a guy doing his body work himself over a long period, for someone to professionally paint later? What can I put on the metal in my small shop to prevent rust over the long term, that the paint guy can readily accept? I imagine rattle can primer from the dollar store isn’t advised.

  5. Seems like the alcohol is all you need to clean if it's will still getting dirt up.. thanks for the information, very helpful.

  6. Actually, I'm more interested in how you clean up all the flux and mess after a weld. That stuff is stuck on and nasty, and you can't always get to it with a wire wheel or other rotary brush, and a hand held wire brush don't do the job. It would laugh at glass cleaner, prep, and alcohol.

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