How to Paint Your Van Yourself

Hey Youtube, wazzup? I’m back here with a new exiting video this time it’s about how to paint your van We just finished this job and we’re so happy with the final result that’s why I want to share with you our experience tips and advices let’s start…now! We’re at Greek Westy workshop at the moment We’ve done most part of the preparation filling, priming and so on here it’s time to move the van to a professional
painting booth or what is called an oven in Europe so we can do a proper job that’s actually my first advice find a painting booth for rent nearby if you really want to have a good job done on your van We rent it for 80 euros for the day and it will repay 100% in the long run! You see that? Time for painting! We go to the oven! And here we are at the paint booth, or oven,
as we call this place in Europe don’t worry, we’re not baking Mork here we’re just painting him to perfection the question is: why have we decided to come here? it’s a pretty simple answer: because we
want a professional job done on our van especially for the long run let me tell you first what it actually is
and how this place works this booth is designed specifically for the paint job it’s a sealed room so you can avoid dust
and chemical residues to affect the paint job on your van dust, moisture and temperature are critical for spraying the stable temperature inside also will ensure
a long-term life to the paint of your van it’s safer for the person that sprays the
van and for the environment because of the special air ventilation system inside since it’s equipped with filters, that decrease the air pollution quick pros and cons about DIY paint job for your van you can say you did it yourself you might save some money it’s a good learning experience let’s see the cons it could cost you more if you screw up and it needs to be re-done by a pro you might have health problems, if you’re not using the proper precautions you could create problems with your neighbors and even get fined for air pollution you may not be happy with the final result the fumes and chemicals could wander into your house if it’s nearby our idea it’s to be on the road with a great
van for at least the next 10 years that’s why we’ve chosen Foris and Greek
Westy to rebuild our van let’s see now step by step what you need paint of course online there are loads of pages for finding the code for the factory original color if you want to change the color depends on the country where the van is register you might need to change it also in the van documents a spray gun and a compressor thinners for the color and for cleaning wet sandpaper rags or sponges underbody protection clear coat masking tape, paper or plastic for masking and of course time: it took us a full day
to finish the job let’s take a look on how to start when you’re in the painting booth be sure to use the air so you can clean as much you can the space itself remove all dust from tires, ground and the van once you’re done with all of that you can clean all the van surface with thinners make sure you clean all of the areas you want to paint then start masking all the parts you don’t want to paint make sure you take care of this part of the
job to avoid overspray we started first with the bottom part of the van we used an undercoat protection with a special gun that put a texture on the bodywork it protects any kind of scratches from
stones and debris you’ll find on your way then mix the color with thinners and load you gun you’re ready to go every time you start painting make sure you blow a bit of air on the panel to remove any kind of dust with a side-to-side motion you can start to paint from top to bottom make sure you give a thin and even layer of color when you complete this first part it’s time to check the van and all the small imperfections mark them and clean them with the wet sand paper fill your gun and start again with a second coat of color if the result it’s fine for you just leave it to dry for a bit the last part of this job it’s to add a protective layer on the color a clear coat will protect the paint from scratches and will give you the exact factory color nuance then you can open a beer and take your time leave the paint to dry well inside the booth when it’s ready, remove all of the masking tape carefully and you’ll be ready to go this is the result on our van what you think? Isn’t beautiful? thanks again for watching this video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel especially because the next videos will be about the inside of our van how we re-build and upgrade the Westfalia conversion to fit our needs safe travels as always

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