How to MIG Weld : Picking a MIG Welder

How to MIG Weld : Picking a MIG Welder

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this
video for on the basics of mig welding and how to choose your machine.
The first thing to think about is the weight of the material that is likely to be working
with. If you are on simple automotive work and steel work on just up to 2-3 millimeters
that are basic 100 watts mig welder such as this is more adequate for the job. You get
a chose of four different heat settings and multiple wire speed settings selected to be
…thickness of material you are working with. The second choose you get in this stage is
whether to go with a machine that requires no gas or a machine that uses special wire
which is called a gas less wire.

31 thoughts on “How to MIG Weld : Picking a MIG Welder

  1. 100 Watts?……..That'll be about 4-6 amps then given the voltages you're working at…..methinks he means 100 AMPS…….Dear o dear

  2. I am a hobby welder but I am also certified. I just don't do it for a living. look at my welding video and please and leave me a nasty comment like you do with everyone else. I havent gotten one of those yet. Just click on my name or search harbor freight 80 amp inverter. thanx

  3. flux core actualy penetrates better than mig and there is a quality code for that process unlike mig. here in the USA it is approved for more crucial applications than mig including structural connections.

  4. TIG welds the cleanest and best looking and by far easiest to use when welding al, but MIG with gas is just so fast and easy as for the heat that you would need ( i am assuming you meant motorcycle frames not bicycle) just simply find out the thickest material you will be welding and head down to your local welding supply shop and they will set u up. my guess is a MIG (using gas makes for a clean weld) and probably about 140 amps.

  5. acetylene = flammable gas = explosion or fire

    argon= decent tig sheilding gas
    helium= upside down tig or mig
    75%argon-25%co2 = excellent low amp mig

    dont try hooking up acetylene or any other flammable substance for inert gas….unless you are not a fan of eyebrows

  6. At the risk of sounding like a hater……this was the least comprehensive guide to buying a welder I have ever seen. He only showed the small welder he happened to have in the shed. Complete waste of time….

  7. OK, you guys didn't even scratch the surface of options available for welding. You showed a cheap MIG for 1.5 seconds, didn't talk about it's capabilities at all, then ended the video briefly mentioning flux core.

    Don't put something up that isn't thorough you waste everyone's time.

  8. could you discuss multi pass welding and whats the best welder for weldng space frames using 0.120 chrome molly or mild for my race car/weekend fun car.
    I just bought a chicago mig flux core 90amp that says it can weld 3/8 on a single pass
    thanks in advance

    what a way to test for weld strength I will need in a space frame on chrome molly/mild steel 0.120 tube.its for my tube chassis in my race car/super luxury car.

  9. This shmuck says to use a 100 WATT welder, and according to this welding "expert" it would be "more than adequate for the job". Well, unless this sub-moron will be SOLDERING with his MIG welder, then 100W is most assuredly NOT adequate for ANY job. (Now, 100 AMPS is definitely suitable for most small welding jobs, but the power consumption of such a unit would be approximatively *6000 WATTS*, not 100W…).

  10. the problem is with home welding machines spooling machinery, they all last about 6 hours of use!
    then the wire stutters and snags etc.
    and thats with changing nozzles and keeping things clean and lubricated where need be.

  11. @boldero66
    adverts clog tv.
    advertising products is only productive if everyone watching wants to see them and wants the product plus anything can be advertised regardless of quality.

  12. @boldero66
    thats an interesting way of hiding from yourself.
    so dont argue.
    nobody but you wants adverts. end of.

  13. @boldero66
    and calm down, were talking about adverts not child abuse.
    why do u find being dissagreed with regarding opinions so annoying?
    neither of us is guaranteed to be correct, plus in this case its not a question of right and wrong its a case of us forming an opinion based upon inputs into our minds.
    It seems americans suffer from this disposition quite badly and it shows in their treatment of other countries, especially the ones they dont understand.
    you have my sympathies.

  14. WARNING those Overalls/Coveralls he is wearing are British Army Mechanics ones they are NOT flame or fire proof and if exposed to any heat or sparks they will melt and stick to you just like a shell suit. After serving for some 16 years in the British Army as a Vehicle Mechanic I have first hand experience of this plus I am also a qualified Welder-Fabricator. There are some far better videos on here please do not take all this person is saying as gospel, take a look at weldingtipsntricks

  15. Don't take any notice of this guy, buy one of 2 brands: miller or lincoln. I use the miller xmt 350 with a external feeder, solid 1.2mm wire all day and it's the bizz. Shameless plug haha

  16. you can buy miller and lincoln in the uk, and even better european brands, such as esab, Murex, Kemppi, Lorch, EWM, Fronius, Cebora, the list goes on and on, and most of those brands make high quality small machines (130-150amp) all the way up to industrial 400+amp machines, and everything in between.

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