How to MIG Weld : How to Setup a MIG Welder

How to MIG Weld : How to Setup a MIG Welder

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this
video for on the basic of mig welding. Lets have look in controls of
the machine this element of machine along as many many similar machines just have basic
power controls. You have a master power switch with phase one, phase two for maximum power,
with a off position in the machine in the center. You would selected the lowest power
setting for welding thinner metal. You then go to the second power control so with number
one selected here. Number one selected here this is your lowest power output. The welding
for this material. You then go to number one selected here, number two selected here is
your second most powerful output. Go over to number two, one for the third most powerful
setting and leave it on two max two gives you the most powerful output for this tough
machine. The second set of controls, controls speed which the wire is forced out of the
nozzle. This controls how much filled you are putting to your welding and is selected
by simple twilling the dial very difficult to preselect you really have to by trial and
error. The only other control to be set for the welder is the gas pressure. Which is adjusted
on the gas regulator and again is best set by trial and error depending on the conditions
of where you are welding if there is any wind at all. Take that to a count. But in still
conditions quiet a low setting is quiet adequate for that. Finally before you could weld anything
you must the ..connector to the work piece to complete the electrical circuit for the
weld to function.

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  1. wow, you're almost up to a thousand views. Good for you. I have just bought a mig welder and was hoping to weld aluminium. My problem is that I bought it second hand and do not know whether it is already set for ally wire (ie. teflon liner etc). What should I be looking for?

  2. Expert village has a ton of videos here. I have seen about 5 of them. They all suck. Unbelievably bad. No content. No useful info.

  3. We call it earth also in the UK (where English was invented). He is from England, so i guess that explains it.

  4. First off, shielding gas doesn't protect the filler metal from impurities in the metal…it shields the molten puddle from the atmosphere. The molten metal would rapidly oxidize if exposed to air (i.e. you would burn the metal away…if you don't believe me just try it…or wait for the first time you forget to open the argon cylinder valve…done that before…) Second, 35 cfh would be a little high…more like 25 cfh. Too much gas flow and you will pull in outside air.

  5. What's with the fruity accent and WTF kind of dipwad MIG welder is that supposed to be? LMAO!! OK can we all come back to America now and get serious here. Sorry Expert Village, I really do appreciate your intentions, and you're very noble for trying, I compliment you for that, but those of us in the USA are in the 21st century, please update your files.

  6. If you people think his welder looks dinky you should see the one in my video. check it out it's a funny chinese 8 pounder.

  7. lmao what a cute tiny welder… i bet he cant tell you what the voltage and amp draw that little piece of crap that welder is set on … if it burns through the metal it's to hot ..lmao or if it pops like popcorn it's too low lol and he's a pro????? any pro wouldnt use a rinky dink owl shit of a welder like that….

  8. Too many damn experts on the comments page. Listen to what the man is saying and if you disagree share your input or make your own video. Don't start name calling, because all the man is doing is sharing his knowledge. I don't know much about iron work or welding, but in my field the cocky ones tend to get killed. Good videos, thanks for sharing!

  9. trail and error, how does that teach anybody anything? you needed to point out how a weld reacts to to little wire and how it reacts to to much so people know what to look out for.
    Amateur village i think this should be on.

  10. He Is using a basic welder to give someone who knows absolutely nothing about welding an Idea of the Basic being the key word here, You dont need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to give someone a class on something. Hell he could do it on A fucking white erase board if he wanted to its his class,

  11. Very well said Sir, Just because this man can't make you an expert welder overnight doesn't make it his fault no need to angry at him, He has been doing this for much longer than most of us, If Everybody really wants to learn how to weld so bad get a job then go to college for it.. These videos are really for people that just want to gain a little more knowledge about a subject, and for people that need some brushing up like me. They are not going to teach you how to weld.

  12. flux coated wire give a better gas shroud due to wind blowing the gas away before it actualy shrouds the weldi, however the flux boils of as a gas shrouds as the wire weld therfore it is more efficient


  13. @west7productions
    German dialect, which is a mixture of Low German + Danish + Celtic + Latin + Normon French + Spanish + Greek = all came together in Britain making it English. If had been "invented somewhere else it would be called German or Swahili or maybe Japanese……

  14. thank you very much i have a welder and have never really understood what all the buttons do
    very usefull
    thanks again

  15. WARNING those Overalls/Coveralls he is wearing are British Army Mechanics ones they are NOT flame or fire proof and if exposed to any heat or sparks they will melt and stick to you just like a shell suit. After serving for some 16 years in the British Army as a Vehicle Mechanic I have first hand experience of this plus I am also a qualified Welder-Fabricator. There are some far better videos on here please do not take all this person is saying as gospel, take a look at weldingtipsntricks on here

  16. @millicentbistander go fuck yourself, this video does exactly what the title explains. No more no less you illiterate shit

  17. Well.. yea i'm gonna have to agree that robdawrench's comment is unnecessary considering anyone who owns a pair of these overalls would be well aware of the dangers of welding in synthetics. I had not heeded some good advice once and was welding overhead wearing a synthetic thermal as a base layer.. ended up with a good sized scar in the shape of a yin yang symbol on my shoulder. Cool scar. Not so cool story.

  18. Inherited an older Century quick feed welder. I got the wire feed working properly,but it wont do anything spark no weld…eeesh

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