How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld an Angled Joint

How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld an Angled Joint

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this
video for on the use of mig welder. Next job that we are tackling
is a creation of a right angle joint between two bits of steel. Now one easy way to create
the joint to start off with is just to use a magnet. Put the metal onto the magnet and
that holds it to a nice right angle. Next step is we need to talc weld those two pieces
of steel together. So we have to apply our …clamp first of all and then turn to the
welder. Now the welding would be done very much the same technique as before we will
be welding 2 points. Just two very small points first of all that we called talc welds. Something
like this. There is one you would notice the weld didn’t react quiet as well that time
that is the effect of metal steel. So we already went to a small amount to this metal field.
There that is the two talcs. Now we are going to complete the weld and put the weld around
the full length of the steel. Lets move this out the way a little. Here we go. Ready. There
we have the two piece of steel welded to form a perfect angle joint.

46 thoughts on “How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld an Angled Joint

  1. wtf the guy doest know shit, hes using a hand held mask, hes weilding with one hand, who the fuck uses a magnet, and they didet show the accutal weild, i wanna see this guy try show us how to do a vertical up.

  2. Come on guys, give the ol bloke a go, he is trying to show begginers the basics of welding, for all you know he may have a cheap welder but a large knowledge!

  3. "the sounds of the welder definetly sounds like its set too cold." maybe you should get your facts straight before criticizing him; bear in mind his gear is far from top notch and he's welding one handed.

  4. You can teach alot with that little gismo, ok it wont spit out big a-values but if you can weld with that. you can weld with a high end machine as well.(well u might spend a tiny bit of time getting used to different machines but that's always the case anyway) I for one am pleased with these vid's reaching youtube.

  5. ur a bad welder,and u shud be using an arc welder, nd magnets, put an off cut of an angle in a vice nd grip the plates to the back of it, im only 18 from ireland nd my granfather was an ironwrker in chigago and he taut me everything he knows, bout welding nd im welding since i was 10, nd ur no weld yet alone a teacher. we have a pickhill bantam oil cooled welder, not a fkin solderin iron like u have

  6. mrjihad91
    YOu're too stupid to argue with.

    Why did you drop out of school? Did you think welding will save you?

  7. Just a general question.

    Why are all the welding videos filled with illiterate trash who can not write a sentence without 10 mistakes?
    That's one, here's another. NO ONE gives a shit about how young you are and how long you've been welding and how good you THINK you are.

  8. hey disndat whats it to you, maybe sompeople try to make an honest living outta welding, and they see an ametuer trying to teach someone to be a professional welder and they can laugh about it dont be stuck up ur own hole

  9. mrjihad91
    When did he claim to be teaching 'someone to be a professional'? You argue like a woman! If you can do better post a video and TEACH ,instead of posting worth less remarks.
    Have a good day.
    With regards from Iran

  10. argue like a woman if you said that to my face you would wake up with a crowd around you.
    and if you not taut right at welding how do u expect to ever achieve a high standard

  11. Perfect angled joint?
    That would end with perfect 90° and start by tacking at maybe 92°. The weld will pull pieces together, so you have to consider that *before* and not *after* by hammering to fit.

  12. haha im an apprentice boilermaker im 8 months in, i preferably weld left to right thats just wats more comfortable for me but now if i need to i can do ether way easily ;D

  13. @mrjihad91 if you push a mig weld , how then do u see your puddle , no puddle no weld. and plus you cant see where u r placing your bead evenly

  14. @kringle02 That's the CC (close captioning) function, for some reason it gets turned on by default sometimes, you need to click the "CC" button on the bottom of the video screen and it'll go away.

  15. either that machine's heat or wire speed is off adjustment or he should try cleaning that piece of steel up a little because that machine sounds like crap!!!

  16. anyone that say you have to push or pull is an idiot!!! you can do either it does not matter…i usually do both depending on the position im in when im welding..the only thing you can NOT do is weld down hill on a vertical can get away with it with hard wire but an absolute no-no with flux core—if you weld vertically down with flux it will break every single time because your just trapping slag in the weld.

  17. if you cannot weld vertically up hill with hardwire or flux core than you are no welder what so ever…period! if you cant do that then you have no hope of passing a 6G pipe test….if you cant pass a 6G your just a dumb ole wire burner and you best stick to tacking bolts on to brackets or fixing lawn mower decks

  18. how are you supposed to learn anything if you cant see what his doing

    get a close up view with a sheld on the camera!

  19. According to the info this guy has 30 years experience. Then why is he welding like an idiot? The magnetic field he talks about, in my experience can be over come with higher temp, or a more solid ground.

  20. @autuben22……being a welder and left handed I'd say your a jackass. Ever bought a miller welder??? watch the little welding 101 dvd in it. explains sometimes you push, sometimes you pull. But go ahead and tell an inspector it felt "more natural and proper" see if he passes you.

  21. @Filebackup as much as i agree with your push/pull comment I have to say your other one is very shallow minded…."..if you cant pass a 6G your just a dumb ole wire burner and you best stick to…….. fixing lawn mower decks"….Ive been a welder for quite a few years and have never passed a 6g test. I have friends who build cars/trucks from scratch and have never passed a 6g. Maybe that 6g defines your industry/world but not everyones.

  22. As a beginner welder , I dont get any instruction from this guys videos. Its all talk and no show ! I want to actually see the welding , not the light show… how to hold the handle ? Which way to push ? How far away to hold it ? Guess I better keep looking for someone elses demos !

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