How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld a Puddle Joint

How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld a Puddle Joint

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this
video for on the uses of a mig welder. Having showing you a few useful
techniques it is important to show you how to look at the machine itself because this
nozzle does get badly covered in splatter from the weld and needs cleaning periodically.
In addition wire in the sensor can become welded in the tip if you are not very careful.
This happens periodically so you need to know how to clean the problem. Firstly we remove
the gas shield. Simply by this. Secondly we look here we could see that the weld bead
of the end of the wire has become attached to the tip. So by pulling the trigger the
wire can not come through it is weld itself. We need to clear this problem. Okay to clear
the end of the welder tip we have a pair of wire cutters and we simply cut away the weld
portion and try again and Yes the wire is now flowing through. Cut it to length you
always want to keep this little length before you start to weld. So that is the tip prepare
for the next weld. This turns our attention to the gas shield nozzle. This nozzle has
started to become clog with bits of welding splatter inside. We need to keep it clear.
It could filled up complete if we don’t keep up with this problem. A simple round wire
brush is a good start. Simply brush inside of the nozzle until all those little bit of
splatter are gone. We could then take a larger wire brush and give it a simple clean around
the inside. The cleaner we keep this area the better it would keep itself cleaned once
we are working. now sometimes ….here you could get a very tough of weld splatter as
you see it is built inside we need to remove this with the wire cutters. Simply checking
away inside and then finishing with the wire brush one last time. This then goes back on
to our torch and we are ready to start the next welding project.

82 thoughts on “How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld a Puddle Joint

  1. I need to see the weld as it happens. Please place the camera behind the shield. Watching a bunch of sparks does nothing to educate me.

    Good technique info, however.

  2. Dont know if this will help anyone really…..But when using mig, it should sound like bacon frying. If you set your volts at 20 for example, set your wire at 200ipm an tweak it from there. Always push mig. I use the "lazy L" technique. Wire "stick out" should be around 1/4 inch

  3. It would be nice if you used an English speaker in the video. I have no clue what this cat was trying to say.

  4. It would be nice if some Americans learnt English. I understood him perfectly but I would being English and being able to speak the language!

  5. lol this guys forehead the next day was burnt
    put on the welding mask and use a reperator expert? i think not

  6. Hey..give the guy a break. He's only twenty three years old and can't have too much experience. I know he looks much older but thats because his skin has turned into a leather-like substance from welding without proper protection. LoL

  7. The sound of welding against rust <3
    If you gonna learn someone weld..begin to teach the basics like:take away all rust around the welding area,support you weldingarm by leaning to something or useing your other hand,can be hard with a lowbudget helm that needs to be caried maybe ^^

  8. you can mig stainless, alluminum, or flux core with my mig.. yea, M.I.G., You can also T.I.G. different kinds of metals too, also with stick welding… get yo shit straight!!!

  9. MIG Metal Inert Gas TIG Tungsten Inert Gas But the guy above you is a moron, stainless is commonly welded with a the MIG process. Stainless wire and co2 or preferable tri mix is all you need

  10. Watch my video. you could do what you want with that little stick welder and it's really cheap. mig welding penetrates less than stick but you could use special wires to make up for that. (flux core)

  11. HOLY FUCK THESE GUYS ARE FUCKED LOL. its a PLUG weld.ffs that weld sounded like shit and clean that rust off or ill wipe that smurk off your face rogers

  12. Why cant you guys when doing these videos about welding set up another handy cam viewing through a welding lens with a close up of the job instead of just setting the camera 5 meters away and showing people nothing at all?

  13. wire speed sounded too fast?? welder not set up correct? did you not see the rusted piece of shit metal he was welding? lol

  14. and for one thing it is called a plug weld! cant beleave people put things up here and not know what there talking about! i started welding when i was 8 and now im 23 and a strutural steel welder.

  15. Seriously? It's pretty sad that you're 23 years old and haven't heard of a synonym before. There are multiple ways to say the same thing in any language. Don't be such a condescending ass clown to the people who take their time to make videos. Jeez.

    Oh, and it's too bad that a master welder such as yourself has contributed zero videos on the subject, but seems more than willing to critique everyone else's.

  16. just like your daddy. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Tell me, if you know so much about structural steel then tell me how come you so dumb you believed that the fires brought down the twin towers and WTC7?

    You DO know about all the molten steel in the rubble dont you? Ooops, did the TeeVee forget to tell you about it?

  17. if you have not studied welding and you dont know about behaveour of metals and also the types of steel available and care to be taken during welding, you are not a welder, because if some body gives you different materiall you can not weld with just one technique which you know weld that material, you should know the material, you should know what type of electrode to be used what current , voltages and the speed of welding , wheather you have to heat the material befor welding and so on…

  18. also you should know that if you are professional welder, you should know that all the parameters of welding a piece which is critical, the welding engineer gives the parameters,

  19. I was a welder for ten years back in the 60s. I burned my eyes a few times and you are 100% correct. Feels like hot sand in your eyes. Any light causes big time pain. I would walk the floor for hours with the pain. I never went to the ER but many people do.
    Flash is NOT fun.

  20. I was a welder back in the 60s. I went to the Lincoln welding school in OH for my training but worked in Kansas City (MO). Many of the "welders' I worked with just guys off the farm that welded a bit on the farm.
    I was a certified welder. I was a member of the boilermakers union and the UAW.
    Most of the welding I did was re-building old rail cars and building truck bodies for KW Dart Truck Company.

  21. A part of welding one can call it as art, but it doesnt mean that any body who welds just simple steel, it doesnt mean he is profesional, to be a profesional welder, one needs to know lots of thing about materials and so one. to be a profesional one has to attend the training school for each types of welding technique, such as mig , Tig, simple arc, gas welding, plasma there are moore than 80 technology in welding and one can be exxpert just in few of them.. u must be a profesional welder

  22. Well I worked hospital security for 30 years so not sure now I could do much of anything. When I did weld it was pipe welding and heavy carbon steel.
    We used Mig (CO2 and other) but I never had in schooling on it. I never did TIG it was sort of new. When I worked at KW Dart Truck truck they did a lot of that in booths in the Kenworth building. Those were good jobs then.
    I was a welder for about 10 years. I enjoyed it and we were in demand then and the pay was pretty good.

  23. i agree, i mean wtf? there should b like a buzzing smoot sound, and if u dnt want weld on the side of the dam work peice dont weld, get someone who can

  24. put a natural cream in your eyes that wil work i´am a professional welder if you use wipped cream from cows not that fake veggie cream it will work trust me i have had many many of those burns

  25. @DLEWIS488 In the English language that is how the two words are spelled.
    Do you get it now? There is a difference between the way they are spelled. Most people mispell the one which describes a man who welds. A welding machine is described by the one spelling, and the person who welds is described by the other word.

  26. @ZaoHuZhua Well, don't post then. What has the time interlude to do with you being picky and me pointing out a certain irony in your comment? It was a bit of a tongue in cheek remark. I apologise if I upset you.

  27. @satan31337 Or a Puddle Weld if you're not from the southern half of The United States and from say…the rest of the planet.

    You see, English is not my first language and I am impeccably poor at speaking the irksome language and in a verbal context, I am hardly dexterous with it…but even I know what "synonymous" means.

  28. Does it seem that maybe the feed is too fast on this or too high amps,cause it sounds like its spuddering?
    Thanks as always,

  29. @hobbyguy In the real world steel has to be welded whatever its condition. Taking time to clean every joint before welding is just not possible or necessary.

  30. @cougar32v You are quite right. My "real world" comment was made in context of what I was demonstrating.

  31. Driveby sound is because he doesnt have a good ground. Need to grind all that rust off first. His settings to high as u can see it burned through.

  32. ***** but I really think for any beginner an auto darkening helmet can make life a lot easier… I am also a beginner and I spent the extra cash on one:)

  33. MIG welding is one of the best welding methods available and it is personally one of my favoured methods to use. Thanks for sharing this video and BTW a great welding company I have to recommend is –

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