How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld a Lap Joint

How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld a Lap Joint

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this
video for on the use of mid welder. Our next project would be how
to create a simple lap joint. This is technique often requires for joining any manner of piece
of steel when you need to extend them or you need to build them up, we need to join a fill
of metal to a thicker metal. Very simple, very straight forward all we need to do is
prepare our steel as long it is relatively clean if you have a lot of rust that is fine.
Lay the two together and clamp them in the exact position where you want the finish piece.
Clamp carefully. Line it up as you as matter of fact you would measure it to make sure
it position … Next we would attach weld the two items together. S clamp don’t forget.
Yes we are now going to carefully talc weld to keep this into position. Again. Again.
Again. Okay now you could see that we talc weld it. The two pieces here together this
is going to hold it secure the position and then we could double check that it is accurate
position before we finally weld our pieces together. Close your eyes. Ready. So we have
the two pieces simply not welded together. That would form a permanent join in the two
pieces of steel.

42 thoughts on “How to MIG Weld : How to MIG Weld a Lap Joint

  1. There is some REAL lack of maturity on the previous comments. Yes the video does not exhibit much detail, but to say the things you say shows a lot about each of you. Very intelligent <–Sarcasm if you missed it!

  2. Expert village!?? more like village people, 4 tacks on 2 pieces of scrap ? & the top left tack missed ! No word on health & safty, if he dont set fire to all that wood & cardboard in that little shit-tip, he'll pass out from the fumes… move your work piece not your body over it, amps 2 high or wire speed to low, this guy looks like he's going fishing, not welding, wot a mong!!

  3. this kunt nos fuckall where i work those tacks would be considered as birdshit! they look like shit, two of the tacks didnt even fuse absolute shit

  4. if any of you try pulse on pulse mig the best way to get a lovely bead is to weave bak and forth at the peak of the pulse wave, if you have a machine that gives you cc/cv wave form or cdt, once you learn the certain sounds of the arc, and the correct settings you will get a lovely weld with no spater, no haz (heat affected zone)and less distortion, remember bak and forth not side to side

  5. well i really hate talking bad about stuff but if i welded like that at where i work just once id get fired. the tacks shitty you only need two anyways the welds no fusion so no good there either and the wire speeds to fast for such low amprage so either crank that shit up or lower the wirespeed.

  6. Not saying that the video isn't somewhat helpful but uh.. He doesn't really explain what he's doing when he's welding the two together.. I know when welding with TIG, you have to sometimes move your arc from the bottom piece to the top to keep the heat and the bead consistent.. But uh.. Yeah.

  7. you can not explaine how to shag eather, just have to give it a try.Those two peaces are are joined permanently, there is no way anyone pulls them apart. Besides a welding doesn´t have to look good to fill the criteria- and it shouldn´t take more time then it absolutly has to.A proffesional wouldn´t use a klamp with plastic feet but used a metal clamp-layed the welds end then removed the clamp. That gives a nicer weld plus saves loads of worktime.

  8. OK Just on Point of interest that NOBODY! Seams to tell anyone. Is when you run your weld you always push the weld away from you on the mig this is so the Gas keeps the sheld around the weld Pool so it is not contaminated by the air around it, and on the arc you run it towards you so that the flux will pool in the same maner and give your weld the same protection.. Rod

  9. Voltage too high, amperage(wire speed) too low. wow im doing welding in school now i have 2300 hours of welding u need to ajust ur amperage and wire speed alot, learn to weld also before u go posting videos, because ur teaching people wrong

  10. ianalyward33
    2300 hours? WOW, I'm so happy for you. Why don't you go back to school and leave these videos for people who don't have 2300 hours under their belts.

    At least you know how to spell. Most loosers who comment on welding videos can't spell worth a spit.

  11. he did pretty damn good for the kind of machine he has. i mean look at his welds, they look pretty good to me. nice and smooth.

  12. is this a joke? haha!!!!!!!! omg i could weld better than that from behind my back!! if you suck at something pleast dont try n teach other ppl about it ok? and get a welding helmit not that stupid ass thing you hold wtf is that anyways… wel with 2 hands not one you might actually get a decent weld aaand your welder sux too pop fart drrrrr great weld

  13. oh and clean allllll the rust off any bit of rust will create bubbles and imperfections in your weld…… good try though

  14. If youre getting your welding lessons from a youtube vid you probably arent going to get bent about technique because your a novice level welder.

  15. Good job,now I see why your so far away from your work,don't want to catch that beard on fire.I was took close and now I'm bald.

  16. @jobbly1234 seriously faggot i build tube chassis and weld everyday i know its a hand shield , its dumb no one should ever use it ever get a helmit for 20 bux and part of being a "good " welder is knowing that you set it up wrong and it sould not sound or look like that… seriously what did you take metals in highschool or something ?? ha ha!

  17. Stoners and their trade school welding classes …lol…come back and comment when you weld something in the real world and not a shitty coat rack or a jack stand for your Vespa , But something you fabricated and welded together that is put through extreme duty over and over that your welds hold up on …lol…and items that require real world positions not controlled school set ups …LOL…every welding video I see full of negative comments from guys who probably have not done shit ,but maybe school and even that is probably just something they might do if they slow down on the pot smoking after flunking out of regular school .

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