How to MIG Weld : How to Be Safe While MIG Welding

How to MIG Weld : How to Be Safe While MIG Welding

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this
video on welding safety for First we are going to look at this safety
equipment. Most important of all first of all there is the fireproof overalls which
you could see that I’m wearing. Secondly we have the safety gloves. Nice big sleeves to
stop sparks from burning your hands. But probably the most important of all is the hand shield
so you only have a look at the welding through darken gloves. The hand shield also have a
safety screen which protects the darken glass from becoming damage as you are welding and
it all goes together like this. So that is our welding safety equipment prepared ready
to start the first welding job.

4 thoughts on “How to MIG Weld : How to Be Safe While MIG Welding

  1. this old dude is gay!!!!!!!! when u do smtg like mig…it is necessary already written in many dont told urself pro dude…

  2. wow that sheid is massive may be ok for spot welding but would def. go for an up to date helmet you can go on ebay and get a decent one fo 60 bucks or so and as for the overalls dont think they are worth the discomfort unless you work at 40 deg. or less I weld in short sleeves and use protective sleeves to avoid UV burns not tryin to say he doesnt know what he is doin just putting a couple more options on the table

  3. @Confederate84 He he! Fine words from someone who has never had moulten weld drip onto their belly, trust me once you have you never weld again without protection.

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