How to MIG Weld : How A MIG Welder Works

How to MIG Weld : How A MIG Welder Works

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this
video for on the principles of mig welding. Lets have a look in the machine
itself. The whole idea of mig welder is that you use a wheel of steel wire which is fed
by a electric motor through this holes, up to the top, and it is this wire that creates
the weld that you are creating the steel with. At the same time ..gas such as this shield
goes straight through the machine, through the cable, up to the torch, when you pull
the trigger you get gas before you get fire. This gas creates a strode around your whirlpool
and prevents the world from oxy and give you a good quality weld. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “How to MIG Weld : How A MIG Welder Works

  1. I'm sure he does… Experience also told me that if I want to explain things to people, especially artisans, then I must not be the perfect example of a bad example. The workspace is too cluttered, the gas bottle is standing upright, he is confined and has lots of hazardous flammable junk around him. Its just not safe… bad video for educational purposes. Unless teaching to kill. Maybe I have better standards than most, it doesnt make me naive it makes you naive and stupid. Think a little…

  2. Hehe, I remember when I was learning how to weld… the teacher always encouraged every1 to go out for a smoke before welding for a better weld 😛
    PS. Nice video for the curious ^,^

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