How To Metal Fabrication with the Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher

How To Metal Fabrication with the Eastwood Shrinker Stretcher

and show you one of the must-have tools
whether it’s a go to work or just general sheet metal fabrication it’s our shrinker stretcher what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna make a patch panel for this piece right here one we
can’t buy a replacement quarters for risk-free normally find any other so
going to show how to use a shrink or stretch Iran there and to do this we
need is peace of 20 gauge sheet metal sharpie tape measure some snips or peace
to each year and our shrinker stretcher let me see so here we are this is the unit so what you get you get the solid cast
body sugar jaws and stretch your jaw’s to handle the allen keys and full
instructions you can bolt this directly to a stand you got your 38 16 threaded
holes here run bolts up to your workbench bolt it
on there or I’m going to do is just put it in the Vice here this makes it easier for us an R&D all
right here we go what we’re going to do first is this is
going to be done in two pieces we’re gonna go ahead and build this
piece here at a 90-degree use the shrink or stretch to come into the radius of
the rocker there and then build this piece general radius and then weld them
together and across so we want to do approx inch on each side as we can use the hand here or Easter
the electric chair this guy’s great actually fun to use to
cut nice radius curve straight line simply this now we’re just going to do a gentle
stretching get our First Consul go you can see it doesn’t take a lot to
start moving metal that’s the beauty of these things go ahead the contrary got their check on
the vehicle all right change causes easy on this
thing I want to remove the Allen bolts removed the jaw insert to shrink the draw and put around
and this is the area that I want to shrink right down there in fact i noted
it because you can get moving along and something hit the wrong spot and you got
yourself a nice candy cane or something else but it’s not useful for what you
need so again same thing that will take much
to move metal you can see the compound curve one SP all right let’s go ahead and do that
piece of the same thing a couple measurements we’re going to keep this one long what
we end up doing is take out the spot welds here getting rid of that piece but
just for what we’re doing right now all right well here’s what we got we got
our panel just took to nineties on here this is the one that we really care
about this one’s going to go on the inside here this one we’re just going to
use for some forming and then later that’s gonna get locked off tacked on to
this guy so let’s shoot this because we need to
get that general radius in there not just hang a flat piece of metal on and again we’re saying this is a great
tool I must have an application is just like
this where we can’t even even if we wanted to buy that quarter or patch
panel but can’t find anything so for the price of this tool a couple
box less than 10 for the metal we’re gonna
have ourselves a nice and you can see what we’re doing here just bringing that nicely right in there can see the panel which is then going to
come down mimic discount store right now this lip here we’re not going to have to
use we’re gonna remove that we just put it on there so we can get our forming
they’re going to appear or other one in place I’m worked it go ahead and trim that the fit yeah

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  1. hi
    i'd be very intreasted in knowing about the helmet camera you are using for this vid, do you have any info or have you done vid on this

    and yes, will definatly be getting a s&s tool!!

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  3. I have the blue and yellow Shrinker-Stretcher set from Eastwood. The first thing I did with them was make patch panels for the bottom of the cowl for my 28' Chevy truck. It took about 30 minutes. Great tools.

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