How to merge two different facebook pages.

How to merge two different facebook pages.

Hello guys,its Hirurokx here commonly know as HP13 and today and will be telling you how to merge two different facebook pages Merging allows us to combine the both pages like into one page and and I will show you that
too many people know that trick many people know the trick but dont want to tell anybody
because they wanted to take the credit I would show you how to
merge two different faceebook pages First First we need pages name that are similar So we need to convert page name first For converting a page name So click on update page info and using the random page name we have to convert into to we will change the name Test page 1 So now both pages name are now similar so now facebook will allow ourselves to merge two different pages and now for merging two pages we need to using facebook as your ID now go to anyone of the page test page 1 now click on edit settings and now scroll down and you now find merge duplicate pages now click on that merge duplicate pages now and it will show merge test page 1 app page 1 like and merge pages and its loading and the pages are successfully merged so it was very easy but nobody is interested in telling us by watching this video you can easily merge two pages now go back to test page 1 now look likes it increased from 1 likes to 3 likes now you can do it that very easily and I I’ve have got two pages Fifa 14 and we love football now and it will be very good if you give a like there and suscribe my YouTube account and I’m and like this page it is a very good page now 1 K likes thank you now

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  1. Hi! Is this supposed to happen inmediately once you request to Merge the pages or do you have to wait for some time for the request to be approved? I requested to merge my 2 pages like 2 weeks ago, and they are still not merged… and supposedly if you request it more thank once the can delete both your pages!! Help!! 🙂

  2. This name is already used on another Page you manage. Please try another name.] im getting this message while changing my page name to merge

  3. i have 2 pages with exactly the same names. I am admin on both of them but I didn't create them. Now when I go to merge duplicate pages option, it says 'you have no eligible pages to merge'. Help!

  4. I have tried to merge my two pages into one with exactly the same names and it says you dont have pages to merge…..please advise

  5. i am managing two facebook pages in my facebook account.How will I know which account has used its mastercard since they belong to 2 different people.Kindly advise

  6. great video – but is there a way to merge 2 pages from 2 different profiles ? i want to transfer my page to my company profile instead of my personal profile …please advice how! thank you..

  7. Very useful video. Helped me a lot to improve my knwoledge .Thank you admin for sharing this awesome post. Here also we provide for you <a href=""> Merge page on facebook</a>. Thank you.

  8. i need help bro .
    These Pages can't be merged because there is already a pending request to merge ភាពយន្ត រវើរវាយ Honest Shop Cambodia . You must wait for this request to be resolved before trying again.

  9. I have The Proble As>>>>
    An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.
    Please Help.

  10. so i have 2 pages whose names are similar. One has issues which i have reported to facebook but i seem not to be getting feedback in over 3 months. When i attempt to boost a post, the request is always declined by facebook. This page with the problem hase 98,000 likes. The other page has no problem but has just 900 like. Should i decide to merge, is there a possibility of the problems of the earlier page affecting the new page?

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