How to Merge Onto Highway, Interstate, Motorway :: Do NOT Stop on Acceleration Lane | Merging Smart

How to Merge Onto Highway, Interstate, Motorway :: Do NOT Stop on Acceleration Lane | Merging Smart

Hi there smart drivers. Rick with Smart Drive Test talking to you today about merging onto a highway a freeway or a motorway, or interstates for
those of you in the United States. This isn’t for the people who are merging
onto the highway this is for the people who are already
on the highway and are helping other people to merge out onto the roadway
because as I’ve said in previous videos merging onto an interstate a freeway or
a motorway is a team event and everybody needs to participate now just before we
get started here if you’re working towards a license or starting your
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available for you now one of the things I’ve had several questions from smart
drivers here asking me if they can stop on the acceleration Lane
now let me be kind of clear about this the answer is no do not stop on the
acceleration Lane have I been clear about that do not stop on the
acceleration Lane get your vehicle up to the flow of traffic and merge onto the
highway freeway or motorway it is a completely unpredictable action if you
stop on the acceleration lane and you are going to be rear-ended and not only
that if you’re lucky enough to escape being rear-ended you’re going to be
cussed and cursed by other drivers me especially do touch stop on the
acceleration lane unless the traffic is backed up and bumper-to-bumper you need
to get the vehicle up to the flow of traffic and merge on to the highway
other vehicles will slow down they will move over they will help you get onto
the highway and if you want to have grief about this and it can argue with
me about this leave a comment down in the comment section I’ll be more than
happy to have a go with you do not stop on the acceleration language is an
unpredictable action it’s like this guy who stopped halfway through a turn
you’re expecting the person to go around the corner and continue if you’re having
difficulty with your turn abort the turn do not abort accelerating onto a freeway
once you get onto that acceleration lane you were committed go
get your foot into it and go other traffic
we’ll help you as a driving instructor said to me other vehicles on the roadway
have three choices they can wait for you could they can go home and he had some
exploit is added into that going home part or they can crash into you and most
of the time other traffic on the roadway is not going to crash into you so get
going and I also had a comment from Jeff at all wheel driving Academy and he
talked about other vehicles on the roadway helping people to merge onto a
freeway Iowa or a motorway or an interstate and yes you have to help them
do that so that’s we’re going to talk about today and in the break here I’ll
calm down a little bit and not get so excited about you know not stopping on
acceleration lanes when you’re merging so we’re going to go out to the car and
we’re going to show you how to help other people to merge onto a highway and
interstate and a freeway so stick around we’ll be right back with that
information my driver’s log backwards hard drive –
fuckin’-a about lean merging and helping other people to merge onto the highway
now I know on the overpass here there is a lane that is merging and I’m looking
behind me here there’s a truck and hit Alain but he is far back there there are
some cars that are merging here and I’m doing exactly 90 kilometres an hour I
simply just move over to the other Lane is that you can do and we’ll do this up
here farther is just moved just let off on the throttle you don’t have to break
most of the time you just let off the throttle and the other cars are
accelerating while you’re eat celery ting that is almost twice the amount of
speed that you’re traveling because they’re trying to accelerate up to the
road speed in turkey celery ting therefore instead of say approximately
90 kilometers an hour now it’s 160 170 kilometers an hour that’s the two of you
are moving away from each other because you’re decelerating and they’re
accelerating so when vehicles are getting on the roadway there’s lots of
speed if you just let off the throttle a little bit and you’re not going to slow
down that much maybe 10 or 15 clock down kilometers an hour or 10 or 15 miles an
hour 15 miles an hour is probably extreme you’re probably going to go from
65 to 60 if you’re traveling along a highway or an interstate to let other
traffic on to the freeway interstate or motorway depending on
where you are in the world so it’s something that I always say I’ve
had quite a few questions of late about merging lien that drivers need to get
out on the merging Lane and they need to match the flow of traffic on this
there’s the posted speed limit puts down the ramp all the way to the end get your
vehicle up to the speed of the flow of traffic and as you’re coming out you’re
communicating early you’ve got your signal on all the way out on the lawn
ramp and the acceleration lane to indicate other traffic that you are
urging onto the highway that week is the plot of opportunity the year I just let
off the throttle and this guy in front of me is accelerating and I slowed down
approximately ten kilometers an hour and by the time I let my foot off the
throttle there that vehicle that had pulled out in front of me there he just
accelerated up speed and I just let off the throttle I slowed down ten
kilometers an hour approximately six miles an hour and I didn’t have to move
over to the other Lane and I wasn’t right up on them the vehicle in front of
me as you saw there in the image so it works really well you just let your foot
off the throttle just beat and help the other traffic to get out on the roadway
and people have asked me to stopping on acceleration lane if you’re stopping on
acceleration links you’re just asking for trouble because you’re committing an
unpredictable action one of the reasons that in my professional opinion that
traffic crashes occur is because car drivers of vehicles commit unpredictable
actions if you commit an unpredictable action and other drivers don’t expect
you to do for example stopping on an acceleration
land ramp or stopping halfway through a turn other drivers don’t expect you to
do that if you do that and they’re following clothes they’re going to run
into you so I do not in any stretch of the imagination advocate you stopping on
acceleration Lane get out there and get your vehicle up to the flow of traffic
and pick your DAP communicate early and you will pull over on the traffic and as
well for the vehicles out on the highway simply move over and let the other
vehicles in it can’t move over that get you put off the throttle and II
celebrate sometimes you’re decelerating and the other vehicle is accelerating as
you saw here in the image the other vehicle is going to be able to get up to
highway speed up to the flow of traffic whichever is less and you’re simply just
going to have to slow down a little bit and then adjust your speed and this is
another thing that what you’re learning how to drive you always just work the
throttle up and down on the throttle now you can see here this vehicles coming
out in front of me there’s no risk of us intersecting or our paths colliding I
don’t even have to adjust my speed because that vehicle is accelerating and
getting out on to the highway really well up to speed the vehicle is probably
doing the posted speed limit of 100 kilometres an hour
so now the driver has his or her signal on again and they just they didn’t even
slow down on the highway to wait until they got into deceleration lane and then
they slowed down to make the right-hand turn there on the highway now I’ve got
my signal on early and I’m getting up speed limit I’ve got a huge gap as a
motorcycle back there and I’m now doing the posted speed limit the motorcycle is
over and I shoulder check and I simply drift over not drift over to fully into
my lane very controlled in how I do it speed the traffic flow is about a
hundred kilometers an hour set my cruise and move and now the motorcycle you can
see the motorcycle here’s the dash cam coming along and that motorcycle saw me
and purging out onto the highway and just go over to the lane so the
motorcycle helped me first on to the highway and for those of you coming down
the freeway in one of the other previous videos and I’ll put a card up in the
corner for you here you have to take note of where the merge lanes are you
can see those with the road signs along the highway it will give you a good
indication you take note of where the off-ramp is and most of the time maybe
not some of the interstates motorways in other parts in the world but where
there’s an off-ramp there’s also going to be an on-ramp most of the time so
you’re looking you’re scanning as you’re driving down the interstate freeway or
the motorway interesting note of where those on ramps are that way you can
either move over to the other Lane to allow merging traffic to get on to the
highway now you can see here that you can see here there’s an off-ramp so up
here on the other side there’s going to be an on-ramp so I’m standing down over
there and making sure that there aren’t any vehicles coming back out onto the
highway because if there’s peoples coming out onto the highway I’m going to
move over so I can any on-ramp here there’s a
vehicle coming is another vehicle here right in front of me and I just let off
the throttle I’d cancel the cruise and I’d be accelerating and you can see that
vehicle in front of me is accelerating and there’s lots of space because I’d be
able to get over and all I did was just take my foot off the throttle it just he
celebrated just a little bit so you can see how that works for those of you
driving along through in the interstate take note of where the off-ramp is this
is going to be an on-ramp and then note the vehicle coming out on the on-ramp
basically just either decelerate a little bit to let them get out onto the
road or the Lord’s the other lane if you can or if it you have to through
necessity so that’s how you help other vehicles or other vehicles to merge out
on the highway a quick review of merging onto a freeway motorway or interstate
for those of you merging out onto the highway do not stop on the acceleration
lane simply match the flow of traffic the speed of the flow of traffic on the
highway and the highway traffic will help you to create a gap that you can
move into do not stop on the acceleration lane because it makes you
unpredictable and when you’re unpredictable you risk being rear-ended
it is very likely that you’re going to rear-end it because the people behind
you do not expect you to stop on that acceleration ramp now for the people who
are already on the interstate freeway or motorway simply decelerate and
oftentimes if the person on the acceleration ramp which most of the time
they will be will be accelerating and if you simply start to decelerate the speed
of those two vehicles moving away from each other will create a sufficient gap
for the person to move into on the freeway highway or motorway now if you
can move over to the other lane because you’re going to as you’re driving down
the interstate motorway or freeway you’re taking note of where the on-ramps
are because you’ll see an off-ramp and very close to the off-ramp often is the
on-ramp and just simply note the traffic coming out on the on-ramp if you take
note of that you’re not going to be caught out by the fact that oh my god
there’s a car there trying to merge onto the highway freeway or interstate
because you can see and sometimes you’re going to have to
look out over the overpass to see those vehicles coming onto the highway
freeway or motorway and if you can and you can simply move over to the other
Lane because you’ll have enough time to change lanes and create a space for that
vehicle to merge out onto the highway freeway or motorway if you don’t know
there’s a vehicle there and you can’t get over that you simply just take your
foot off the throttle or cancel the Cruze and start to decelerate which will
create enough of a gap and if the people on the acceleration Lane in fact do
accelerate and do not stop which they should not do in any any case unless
it’s an absolute emergency and even then I don’t advocate ever stopping on
acceleration Lane then there’s enough of a gap that’s created that those vehicles
will be able to move out onto the highway freeway or interstate question
for my smart drivers have you ever had a driver stop on an acceleration Lane and
catch you out were you just about rear-ended them leave a comment down in
the comment section there all that helps out the new drivers learning how to
drive if you like what you see here share subscribe leave a comment down in
the comment section as well hit that thumbs up on check out all the videos
here on the channel if you’re working towards a license order starting your
career as a bus or truck driver lots of great information here as well head over
website awesome information over there and tremendous online courses that you
can purchase I’m Rick with smart drive test thanks very much for watching good
luck on your road test and remember pick the best answer not necessarily the
right answer have a great day bye now I didn’t see the earthly vehicle zone Roger stimple now my happy car Mulder
because a simple

21 thoughts on “How to Merge Onto Highway, Interstate, Motorway :: Do NOT Stop on Acceleration Lane | Merging Smart

  1. Three major flaws: 1. It’s not always possible to do a “perfect merge!” Why? The cars on the inside Lana of the Interstate are SPEEDING past the ability of cars merging to accelerate! Cars on inside lane should not be above the speed limit! 2. Merging drivers DO NOT USE TURN SIGNALS. The use of the blinking light catches attention more so than no lights! 3. Drivers merging TAILGATE not allowing enough space for the “zipper” merging technique! All of these are the results of state governments NOT TRAINING drivers properly. The USA drivers are left to figure things out for themselves and the YouTube recorded merging crashes, both entering and exiting an Intestate are proof. THE only way to avoid a crash in these “imperfections” which what I call “intersections,” is to expect the dumbest drivers to be around you! Thanks

  2. Thank-you so much for your videos, it's helped me more than I can say as a newer driver. I appreciate every video you post, a lot of us aren't taught half of these rules and need guidance. So thank-you again.

  3. First of all thank you for attempting to advise and teach others about driving but one glaring thing I couldn't help but notice is the huge crack in your windshield. This is something that drivers should be cautioned not to allow to remain as a part of their windshield as these cracks will enlarge and should be either repaired or have the windshield replaced. Your instructions are wonderful but I would offer the suggestion to advise people who have these cracks in their windshields, even small ones, to have them taken care of immediately rather than allowing them to exist and be a part of your driving.

  4. I fail my G today to many mistakes especially getting on n off the ramp as well as merging to the left n right

  5. I watched most of your videos and practiced for months and I just passed my test today! Thank you so much you’re very helpful and clear with explaining. Couldn’t of done it without ya!

  6. I've been in situations were the traffic was bumper to bumper and the only choice I had was to stop. I've lived in Chicago, Baltimore, San Diego, and a few other cities.
    I now live in an area that is not very populated but have been in situations were tractor trailers were in the traveling lane and others in the passing lane.
    I've been driving for over 37 years, and have situations were you can not simply merge. People are selfish and will run over you if you try to get onto the highway. People around here are not very … friendly, nice, or even decent human beings.
    I'm not saying your wrong .. but … when you are around people that think they are more important than anyone else… you could die.

  7. I have a scenario. What it you can’t merge over because traffic is bumper to bumper going highway speeds. I know you can’t stop, but do you continue regular speed in the shoulder until you can finally merge over?
    I have a fear of driving on the interstate because of this scenario. I will go the long route or backroads to avoid merging on the interstate. I do just fine on country highways and exit ramps.
    , but the crazy traffic on the interstate makes me so nervous. Thanks.

  8. So I just got cited for merging onto a highway with no yield sign. I merged on correctly, but the car in front of me stopped. I merged before they did. They merged into me after stopping. I argued for a second, but then thought about it. The side of the road is not the time to argue a ticket. I will be going to court over this citation. I was told by the state patrol officer. If the person in front of you stops or deems it unsafe for them to merge. I'm suppose to stop as well. I questioned, I don't know why they slowed or stopped. I felt it was safe for my vehicle to merge safely. I also merged safely. She hit me.

  9. Dr. Rick August:

    Many salutations! Driving out on the highway like you were doing in this video looks like a lot of fun; if my economy were not whimpering in pain right now, I would go rent a vehicle and join in the fun. I got hit with a $111 electric bill this month (September 2019); still, I am confident that my fortunes will be better next month.

    While I am waiting, I shall share some of my experiences. When I was heading back home from prosecuting a DoorDash delivery session in Kerrville, IH-10 was quite different at night than during the day and I at first wondered if I had accidently turned west instead of east because the San Antonio radio station Magic 105.3 was not clearly audible when I was in Kerrville. As I drove further east, the aforementioned radio station came in with greater volume and clarity which lifted my spirits quite a lot.

    This memory is also why I reversed course back to San Antonio when my rental car reported a tire pressurization diagnostic fault during my second trip to Kerrville which ultimately led to that tire blowing out on me to the tune of $46 to have the tire replaced; even though I could then set course toward Kerrville after having the tire replaced, I was so freaked out by the experience that I stayed home for the rest of that day. Why would the right rear tire develop this fault in spite of me driving the car forward most of the time? Would one of the front tires not be the first to give way? What is to say that one of the three other tires would not blow out on me after I had the right rear tire replaced? Such worries played out very heavily in my mind, Dr. August . . . especially since I got that tire pressurization diagnostic fault for the same tire while I was prosecuting a DoorDash delivery session in Pleasanton; fortunately, re-pressurizing the tire did the trick.

    But back to my original point. Driving on IH-37 at night north from Pleasanton was only slightly less scary because I had Magic 105.3 coming in loud and clear which is a sign of my proximity to San Antonio; still, I really had to hustle through Poteet to Jourdanton or I would have lost that DoorDash delivery session. I remember my rental car advising me to consider taking a break during these two road trips I conducted; still, what if there is nowhere to heed that counsel? What if the vehicle makes this choice for me and how can I diminish this likelihood, Dr. August?

  10. People behind you should not be following so closely that they rear end you. The merging traffic MUST YIELD the right of way.

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