How to Merge/Join .mkv files

How to Merge/Join .mkv files

Hai guys..another tutorial..
another video. ๐Ÿ™‚ How to Join 2 or more .mkv files You need : Mkv merge
[free software] & required space Now open mkvmerge. Click ‘add’
load the mkv file. Now click ‘append’
& load files for joining. Just make sure that video & audio formats match Select destination/output
folder and click ”Start Muxing There it is.. Joined mkv files..
bye for now..

15 thoughts on “How to Merge/Join .mkv files

  1. can you help me i have a movie that has russian audio ! i have a english dts file wen i do the same as your video i get a error wen i press start muxing

  2. Worked perfectly for me, did not have the quality problems others mentioned in the comments, maybe newest version fixed the problems. One thing to note, after adding the first file, I had to click its name first to get the "append" option for the next file(s). Also the tool is now called "MKVToolNix" downloadable from:

  3. Attempted to combine 2 4gb mkv video files ripped with makemkv. Wont do it. Cant seem to find a simple program to do this. Movie maker wont do it either. I can use Freemake to join the files but then it shrinks them no matter what I do.

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