How to Make Welding Rods – Kevin Caron

How to Make Welding Rods – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): Making Welding Rods, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing? Kevin Caron: Playing with the spaghetti. I’m working on this piece of welded; of weathering steel over here. And I wanted to use my TIG welder, just because it’s so much cleaner, but all I have is MIG wire. So, I’m gonna make some TIG wire. You just unspool it off the roll. The Voice: Yeah. Kevin Caron: And then stretch it out; grab your handy-dandy cordless drill. The Voice: Did you double it? Kevin Caron: Yeah. I double it over, and then I’m just gonna twist it in the drill. The Voice: Why don’t you just use a single piece? Kevin Caron: Well, because it’s so thin. A single strand would be so thin that I’d be feeding it as fast as a MIG welder, you know. Just going and going and going, trying to keep enough wire in there on the weld. And it’s so floppy when it’s just a single strand that it’s harder to; it’s hard to keep track off. You know: It’s always going every which way. So now I’ve got it twisted up and I can just take my little pliers here and cut it off and now I’ve got little pieces for my TIG welder. The Voice: So, those are rods for your TIG? Kevin Caron: Yeah. These are basically TIG rods that I made out of MIG wire off the spool, rather than have to run to the store and buy more, you know. You know, I’ve got the cutting equipment. OK. Back to work. See you next time. (Text on screen): Subscribe to See More Videos! See and hear more at

38 thoughts on “How to Make Welding Rods – Kevin Caron

  1. nice trick… not something you'd want to be doing too often.

    But if you run out of rods and only need a couple more??? nice.

  2. Kevin, I don't even have a tig welder and probably never will but I watched this cuz I always enjoy you guys's productions. Plus, ya never know… Nice job. As always.

  3. @bjensen5 I have never used TIG rod that way but I have used coathanger when I ran out of steel rod for the TIG.
    Absolutely NOT for high stress apps. but will work in a pinch.

    As for the left over mig wire just do the same trick and use it with the TIg. Don't have a TIG use it with your O/A rig.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Hey Kevin,good idea,I used to wrap electrical tape to wiring in then old days when i worked on electrical on Ford any moons ago.
    Learned it when working in Chinese Liquorish factory

  5. My father used to repair grilles and trim in the old days.He used to melt pieces of brken pot metal and form rods as thin as possible,cause that stuff melts fast.
    And He used to weld aluminum with axcel/oxg,with some special flux he got from I hate to say it "France". Think it was hidden in the caves with the champanyne they hid from the Germans during WW2. But the can did open backwards though.I was just a kid when he did that,lost art now I guess.


  6. @theflyinwop Way cool!! I have been using cut off metal on this weathering steel piece I am working on. If the gap is too large I just grab a cut off and use that instead of rod.
    Whatever works, works the best!

  7. @dontbe I have to order mine off the east coast. Seems we don't have any weather here in Phoenix….

  8. Flux core wire twisted for arc,,,,

    I like it. Not sure how it would work but I can't think of any reason why not. You should try with three strands to start. Just so you have a stiff wire so you can strike it. Maybe shorter, like 10 to 12 inches or so.

    Let me know how it works please, would love to do a video on it…

    Thanks for posting…

  9. Glad I could help.

    I always try to have a few spares in the tube. Never know when I will need just one more to get the job done.

  10. The MIG Wire(rusted) is Great to use as guy wire for rockets & Barbies across a Large Yard between trees not too high and tight! Above[Just] A party crowd!!

  11. Pro tip! Above! and drill twist Wire loom/harness/bundles..better Balance and tape. Take care with heating if appl.

  12. I keep coming back once in a while just to enjoy the simplicity of a very cool idea.
    I never even thought of being able to do this til I saw you do this in this video a few years back.  Very Nice.

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