How To Make Mini Spot Welder Using old Microwave Transformer

How To Make Mini Spot Welder Using old Microwave Transformer

The first subscribers of my channel remember that I was gathering the ladder of Jacob. As a source of high voltage a transformer was used from the microwave oven. But we are not interested in high voltage, but a large current. Accordingly, it is necessary to replace the secondary winding. Let’s check the resistance of the windings. On the primary in our region is five ohms On the secondary in the region of two hundred. Now our task is to remove the secondary winding. First, try to cut one side and if you’re lucky, we’ll try to pull it out. We do not need this wire, we can cut it off. At first sight, because of the lacquer, the winding resembles a copper one. In fact it is Aluminum. Sometimes the tool jumps off I recommend that it be wrapped around with something. I could not pull it out. But Aluminum is perfectly drillable. But for a start, we’ll wrap the tape. It drills quite easily. My drill was short therefore drilled from both sides. A thermal fuse was discovered, but unfortunately I managed to damage it. Now proceed directly to the winding. Wire sixteen squares. The length is only one meter. It is better to take a stock. After winding, the length of the terminals was twenty-seven centimeters. Having removed the insulation, I installed the clamps. For safety, I connected to the mains through a fuse. The voltage was about 1.5 volts But we are not interested in tension Let’s try the test. This wire is designed for a current of more than twenty amperes. Two seconds was enough to melt this wire. The power supply from the old computer is ideal as a case. Unfortunately now more thin metal is used. Pay attention to the protrusions they will disturb us, I had to work a little with a hammer. The projections are removed, but the holes coincide with the attachment points. To do this, you have to rewind the winding. But to install the reverse side of us prevents the thread. The thread is sawn off. Now you can mark the points where we will drill. One of the previous projects left a copper tube with an internal diameter of six millimeters. Which came just perfect. Initially, it was planned to solder the wire to the tube, but without the burner it did not work. I will squeeze the entire tube, then you will understand why this is necessary. We establish a loop that was made of what was near at hand. In order that the angle of the loop does not touch the wooden element. I advise you to fasten the loop so that the battery is placed under it. This will simplify the assembly of large batteries. In general, I consider the design to be successful, but time will tell whether this is so. Note this is the same clamp only without a plastic casing. A thin wire is still used as electrodes. The maximum possible diameter is five millimeters. The copper bus is fixed to the screws. In order for the clamps to sit well. I bent the copper bus. To reduce vibration and noise, silicone gaskets were installed. At the time of testing, we will monitor the temperature for this, set the thermocouple. We connect power. We collect the case. Try to include. How he is terribly noisy. Install the gasket between the transformer and the cover. Running. Did not help. Noise emits the edge of the lid. Temporarily put the paper. It really helped. Now let’s try the test. I did not test on batteries, they are afraid of overheating. We must first collect the electronics, this we will do in the next part. Thank you for viewing and until the new meetings with you was TechnoExpert.

8 thoughts on “How To Make Mini Spot Welder Using old Microwave Transformer

  1. This is good but not good!! ??
    You need more voltage, to be able to use it for lithium .
    Try to pull of rubber insulation from the secondary and replace it with heat shrink ???
    You will be able getting more coils and more tension!!!

  2. las altas corrientes pueden hacer explotar las baterías de lithium por eso hay que controlar el tiempo del paso de la corriente mediante algún circuito temporizador para que en la salida solo obtenemos un pulso muy corto incapaz de emprender fuego en las baterias

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