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– [Eric] I really like waffles. You want to make some? Here we go. Make, fix, grow, cook. Garden Fork. – [Camera Woman] What’s cooking? – I love waffles. Don’t you? – [Camera Woman] I love your waffles. – This is a shout out to my friend, who I haven’t talked to in a long time, John Baroni, who put this idea in my head probably 10 or 15 years
ago about yeasted waffles, which are, an overnight batter waffle, that tastes, it just
blows away the waffles out of a box or the waffles that you just make real quick. We also have some other waffle videos, the links gonna show down there. But I have this really
cool waffle maker thing, that I bought, you can
buy these online now, I’ll link below and I
want to make some waffles, and I want to bring
you along for the ride. Ready? – [Camera Woman] Ready. – Here we go. Alright, first thing we’re
gonna preheat our cast iron, cause cast iron takes awhile to warm up. I just rinsed it all out, so
it’s got some water on it. It’ll dry off and that’ll heat up. – [Camera Woman] You had to
plan ahead, look at that. – Yeah, how unusual for Eric. So last night, I added
together some flour, and yeast, and milk and
a couple of ingredients. This is all based on
Mark Bittman’s recipe, in his How to Cook Everything book. And, you do this the night before and you could leave it
out, I put it in the fridge cause I didn’t know how
many hours it would be and I love a cold yeasted rise. It smells kind of like a bread dough. – [Camera Woman] It should. – Yeah, cause it’s got
yeast and flour in it. To this, we’re gonna separate
some eggs and whisk them in. So, I want to separate the
yolks from the whites here, and you can do this a
couple different ways, but this is how I do it. Alright, my yolk goes in there. It doesn’t have to be
perfect, it’s Garden Fork, where done is better than perfect. So the whites drip down, the yolk stays in your little cup here,
and that goes like that. – [Camera Woman] Why
are we separating them? – You get a better lift with your batter, if you fluff up the
whites and blend them in at the last minute, there’s
more lift, like meringue, the meringue on top of a
pie, that’s all egg white and it’s all puffy, that’s
cause you whipped up… Well I’ll just show you. – [Camera Woman] You
were showing us. (laughs) – So first, I’m just gonna
break the yolks on here, so that’s gonna go into our batter. Actually, let me flip this over. – [Camera Woman] Woo! – You might want to
turn on your range fan, your hood fan or whatever, or stick a box fan in your window. We’ve done that before. – [Camera Woman] Whisked? – A little bit, it’s getting foamy. I mean you could whisk, you know, it’s like how much
whisking do you wanna do versus how hungry you are,
and I am really hungry. I don’t know, I just, it’s a perfect kind of weekend kind of thing. It’s cold out. I love cast iron. Okay, that’s pretty good,
that’s kinda whisky. I’m gonna first just cut the
eggs in, the egg yolks in. And then, I’m gonna poor these in and I think in a perfect world
you don’t wanna overmix this but what are you gonna do? I’ll mix it in and we’ll see what happens. You don’t wanna beat the heck out of it, you just wanna, it’s called incorporating, that’s what the recipes always say. But do we follow recipes? – [Camera Woman] Hardly. – I don’t know, it’s an
experiment, life is an experiment, so let’s see what happens, you know? We’re gonna use maple syrup
that came from our evaporator, that’s right out the window. (light music) Alright, your cast iron is preheated, then take some vegetable spray. – [Camera Woman] It’s thick. – That’s a cup of batter. I think we need a little more batter. – [Camera Woman] Around the edges? There you go. – Uh oh. – [Camera Woman] Wow. Oh. – Yeah, I forgot about the
yeasted thing had kinda, it expands exponentially when you bake it. – [Camera Woman] So maybe you
put four waffles in there. – Yeah, about four waffles worth, so I’ll do a little cleaning afterward, but this will be good. Okay, I see a little
bit of browning there, so I’m gonna take this… – Oh, that’s so cool.
– And flip it like that. If you have an electric waffle maker, you know a little light comes on, I would suggest letting
it cook a little longer than the light, you know
the light will go off or on as an indicator, I’d let
it cook a little longer. Maybe, 30 seconds or a minute more. I really love cast iron, I got a couple more videos about it, if you’re curious about
how to season a pan, how to restore a pan when
it’s all rusty and cruddy, some cool videos. And also, whether you can
use soap on your cast iron. A link to all those videos,
will be in the show notes here and I think at the end
of the video as well. Alright that needs to cook longer. – [Camera Woman] But it’s pretty. – [Eric] Yeah it looks nice. – [Camera Woman] Okay, so you can lift it and then put the lid back down. – [Eric] Yep. (light music) (dog barks) (laughing) – [Eric] That’s great. Oops, a little overdone, so we’ll just put that side like that. – [Camera Woman] Don’t look. So the different sides, like this one is very different color than that one. – Yeah the burners on our
stove are a little wonky, I mean this stove came out
of a 1950’s camper trailer. It’s amazing, what kind of
food I can make out of it. – [Camera Woman] You
will do better. (laughs) – I made dinner for six
last night. (laughs) Our own maple syrup. It’s beautiful. – [Camera Woman] Is it hot? Oh, he likes it. (laughs) Can’t fake that. – This, it’s quite a different taste than your waffles you would
make in about 10 seconds with some flour and baking powder. – [Camera Woman] Because of the yeast? – Cause of the yeast–
– And the eggs? – And the overnight, and the
egg flavor, wow that’s great. – [Camera Woman] We’ll be making more? Can I have one? – Oh yeah. – [Camera Woman] Alright, we
have to go eat breakfast now. – More cooking, gardening, making, fixing, building, DIY, it’s eclectic Eric. The link should be floating
around here somewhere or right below the video here. Just click on a link
and learn more about me. How do you guys make waffles? Do you have cast iron, do
you have electric cooker? Curious to know about that. I’m gonna eat more food, okay? Mm. I’ll see ya later, make it a great day. – [Camera Woman] Bye. (upbeat music) (dog barks)

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