How to make a DIY metal detector / Easy Tutorial

How to make a  DIY metal detector / Easy Tutorial

100 thoughts on “How to make a DIY metal detector / Easy Tutorial

  1. Is there a particular battery that has to be used? For instance GP supercell super heavy duty, GP powercell heavy duty, etc.???

  2. as soon as you turn on the switch it begins to squeal. never once did you turn on the switch and it was silent. make another video showing it on and quiet and get closer to the metal

  3. Hi sir I have seen your video on YouTube and I have done all the work you say.But it's range is very less how I can increase it's range.

  4. I could not trust a circuit constructed in this sorry video. A breadboard or mini circuit board are a mere few dollars. How would you ever be able to mount this mess into a case? Who would want their work represented by this glob of solder?? Poor poor poor

  5. really neat! I am interested in other day videos u may have done involving metal detectors or other gear. thanks.

  6. cool but all items were only separated by air. for this to be feasible it would need to penetrate earth, water, etc. it's just a neat toy to show proof of concept more than something very useful. still a good demo…

  7. This circuit is absolutely wrong I tried making one using it and also asked my professor with this video even he said this video is providing wrong information be alert

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