How to Layer Iron-On Vinyl and Make a Baby Yoda Milestone Blanket

41 thoughts on “How to Layer Iron-On Vinyl and Make a Baby Yoda Milestone Blanket

  1. Cool, great idea! I used books beside my children that had huge numbers on it, for photos
    First I heard of a milestone blanket

  2. So cute? that giraffe one is adorable. Do you find the big easy press drops heat all the time. Im on my second 9×9 and when im at 305 i go to oress and its always droping ?

  3. Jennifer this is fantastic… i have 2 grand babies due in April so this will be a perfect gift for both.. ty for making it look stress free lol x

  4. You had me at Baby Yoda. Learning so much from your videos and from the other makers you have recommended. Thank you! Going to be using my Cricut Maker and Easy Press for the first time today, early Christmas presents from my husband. Excited and nervous.

  5. Baby yoda is so adorable! I was thinking of sculpting one. I don't even have a Cricut, and didn't realize what all they were capable of doing! I'm so glad I found your channel, and the videos are so relaxing for me to watch.

  6. So cute! I love the idea. However, I too, missed out on this idea for my babies, grands and greatgrands. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I can't believe how much you love baby yoda! My youngest daughter is nuts about him! I love how you made the baby yoda! Thank you for sharing! You are so awesome!

  8. This is such a great idea!!! My first grandchild is going to turn one in January so I will have to wait until grandchild number two comes along.

  9. This is so cute, thank you. And just for a heads up, if you are a cricut access member the entire cartridge with this image was only $9.09 to purchase. The R2D2 and the 3CPO in this cartridge are also cute. If your a star wars fan the cartridge is a great idea.

  10. Hello, again Jennifer. I love your tutorial. I also love your tool holder (tool holder can be seen at 23:25 of video). I know you made other tool holders, but this one looks different. is it my imagination, or is this a different type of tool holder? Thanks again for all you do. I purchased the Cricut coach playbook. I love it.

  11. Can you please do a video on how to create custom rubber stamps with your cricut? I have the material to make them by hand, but they don't turn out right :c

  12. I absolutely love this. I wish I knew someone expecting so that I can make it. I was wondering if you would do a larger than mag window cling tutorial. Thank you ?

  13. Your baby Yoda is do adorable. Would you say it's recommended to always wash a blanket before putting on vinyl? I have some plush polyester blankets from Kohl's that I want to add vinyl to, but wondering if I should wash them first.

  14. Thank you soooo much for the freezer paper/star alignment trick! I made my first multi color shirt last night using it. ?

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