How To Install Floor Pans on Hands-On Cars 3 + Racing! Eastwood and Kevin Tetz

How To Install Floor Pans on Hands-On Cars 3 + Racing!  Eastwood and Kevin Tetz

on this episode of hands on cars we dig
up some history on Kevin gates before he shows us how to replace floor pans in
the camaro and then gets lost racing down in Nashville yeah what we got said sled stripped down to
the bones and let me tell you it ain’t pretty it could be worse but it could be a
whole lot better and it’s um it’s worse than I thought but at the same time like
I said we got it down to the bones the bones are solid frame rails are solid we
got some good cross bracing it needs floor pants thankfully there’s lots of
parts available for this car and we got a little help check this out these stamp replacement
pads came from the National parts depot and they’re fairly accurate
representation of what needs to go in this car now there’s a floor redesigning 1977 i
believe so your earlier model pans won’t fit these will but they still require a lot
of wiggling and there’s an interesting challenge with the toe boards to show
that to you in just a second now if you take a look right here this
is where the floor pants tops and as you can see we’ve got some issues here on
the toe board well welcome to restoration this is a well it’s just part of the
game and this is a flat piece of metal and that’s a flat piece of metal we’re flying we got some metal fab
equipment we got our two hands and you got a BF h we can beat that sheet metal
into submission make the toe boards that we couldn’t get
out of a catalog but there’s still some tear down we got brake lines we’ve got
an e-brake we got just some stuff to get out of the way so speaking of get out of
the way I got to get out of my own way it’s worked out don’t destroy this stuff this can be used as a template if you
got to make another fuel line if you got to make it to the brake line hang on to this stuff and hang on to the
shape that it’s in find a safe place to store it parts shift in a way to where the raw
steel and they’re not going to rust they’ve got a coating on them that
protects them and it needs to be wiped off before we start messing around it’s just kind of eliminates that greasy
field but a pre-painting prep gets rid of that protective coating in a hurry that is a reference to any to cut yeah now all i have to do is drill out the
original spot welds with my Eastwood spot-weld cutter and there’s an air
chisel to help remove the remaining floor from the bracing tell up at the
back side that’s not too bad side of the braces ok
now while i clean the metal and get it ready to have a new floor pans let’s see
what’s happening back in east with hands on cars is brought to you by the
eastwood company when you’re restoring a car truck or motorcycle Eastwood has
everything you need to do the job right eastwood since 1978 well Kevin’s really
tearing into the camaro that’s a Mustang but you would make his
job a lot easier and a lot quicker and eastwood versa cut plasma cutter if
you’d like to learn more about Eastwood plasma cutters click the link below now before we get
some tips on how to install those floor pans let’s see if we can learn a little bit
about the man behind the paint gun I grew up in a small town in south
central British Columbia Canada was the okanagan valley and me and my brother my
cousins Glenn white and Alomar local herb we grew up around cars my dad was a car guy I think I learned
that there’s no such thing as can’t from my mom and my uncle herb had aah used
auto parts and cars from the twenties thirties forties fifties sixties even
into the seventies I learned from an early age that I love
cars i love everything about cars i love fixing them they scared the crap out of
me in the sense that i think i’m always in over my head that’s that’s kind of where I grew up I
graduated high school I took shop classes all that kind of stuff and
decided that I wanted to be a rock star and I wanted to get out of town and go
and become famous and it was just going to be that easy i’m going to join a band
and and I did I’ve been playing music in barb and
since I was 14 years old and having a lot of fun with that and developing that
dream of of one day being being a rock star and we see how well that worked up and of course it was the eighties the
eighties were were very silly we didn’t know it and and it was great
music it was feel good music and that’s what I like about it kind of like the
sixties you know but the music of the eighties was about let’s go have a party get the girls grab
the beer let’s go let’s help me and kick it man so we had a lot of we had a lot of fun i
traveled all over Canada all over the United States back and forth lived in la
a couple of times nearly starved to death do I so play that sometimes I jam around
but I got it out of my system and the one thing that I figured out the one
thing that I’ll always carry with me is that it had almost nothing to do with
hard work as far as you success rate ratio you had to get to bring it you had
to have you know a talent good band good songs all that kind of stuff but
sometimes it just didn’t matter how George whereas with cars the harder you work
the nicer the car is and the more you put into it the more you get back out of
it so that was a really nice thing to realize so i’m i’m i’m in the cars i
have no regrets with the the the music thing I used to think I wasted ten years of my
life on the road didn’t do it no it was great training for film
production for being in front of a camera in front of an audience and all
those kinds of things so there are no wasted moments it’s all accumulative in the sense that
it brings us where we are today which is at my shop so the east of guys wanted me
to show you around show you a couple of different things in the shop what we work on how I spend my time
check it out now this is of course jaded my pro
touring 66 mustang coupe and it’s a fun car it’s got almost 500 horsepower at
the rear tires it’s very well balanced it’s got a full
frame chassis all race car suspension all that kind of stuff it’s it’s a
really powerful and and it’s just a lot of fun but what was more fun that
driving it was building it and what what I learned from this car I just can’t wait to apply to the next
one which is project said sled at the shop is designed to be able to shoot 360
degrees with all the cool tools that you would ever want all the eastwood
equipment media blasters welders all the hand tools that I’ve gotten from the
eastwood catalog just like you guys can it’s all here and more importantly it
all works and it all works great now this is something really cool this
is a Fender that Ron : I built on my first TV series classic rights on the
DIY network it all came from flat stock and it was just magic watching him work I knew how great he
was just from the videos that i had and just his reputation but becoming a
friend to him has been one of the highlights of my career and this this is
just need proof of that somebody kind of made a joke and call this the mean wall
but there’s stuff here that kind of reminds me of the great opportunities
that have been presented to me in the time that I’ve been doing television
another massive highlight hanging out talking cars with Jack Roush its weak george barris it was wicked
cool we made Eastwood color chart with the
front end of jaded and an idiot and this is the other shop this is where a lot of
the the body work gets done not so much filming more body work and this is in
1934 packard with a hand-built Dietrich body it’s a it’s a Victoria we’re putting a
paint job on it we’re getting it smooth and it’s it’s going to be something that the
owner really enjoys and this is the rest of the Packard on various stands we’ve got Eastwood 121 epoxy and I build
Polly surface of the contour Polly surfacer on these panels it should be quite obvious that have a
lot of confidence in the quality of the materials and I wouldn’t be using it on
this car if I didn’t wow I mean Kevin’s really
cut back on the hairspray over the years and the eyeliner and the fishnets but it’s a good thing is laying off the
Aqua Net with all the sparks he’s making working on the said slit he does have quite a shop and a cool
collection of cars and eastwood tools but now let’s get back to the action learn how to install those floor pans is
gonna work I know it’s gonna work now we’ll throw a handful of sheet metal
screws at it and turned upside down what it looks like all right the pan fits pretty good and since our
braces have integrity in the middle so good and we saw from the bottom side now
we cannot find a more permanent mounting solution so here’s another reason to clean that
cosmoline whatever it is that the rest prevention coating is off of there now
you can trace lines outside your braces when you pull that padlock again because
you’re not done you want to make the plug welds from the
factory of the rowset welds so this gives you an idea with a brace
it actually doesn’t give you an idea tells you precisely with the braces sit
and you can mimic the factory spot welds even the factory spot with locations so
my nifty little plan to utilize this good metal here as a shelf it’s gonna work but there goes about
there so now we can find – we can i call it
sneaking up on it we can sneak up on this repair & for instance right here a little more
trying to do but that’s ok that’s ok and with our drilling from the top down
we can take this up to a good day Flintstone no more now all i have to do
is Mark 7,000 plug locations with a sharpie so I know where to drill the holes hope I get a shot it so why is it necessary to drill eleventy
billion holes while you gotta remember it’s a unitized body car the floor is the car the floors the
frame let’s put as many or if not a little bit more structural links and
connection points in the new floor as it was in the old at least GM did minimum tolerances so did
everybody lots of holes more stronger arrest encapsulator insurance even
though the metal is pretty darn ok the wealthier primer the contact areas
which is a primer now we can float that sucker in there
once I get this in position I’ll temporarily attached with sheet metal
screws and then welded into place with my East would make 175 ok e well another hundred seventy-five plug
welds the floors in this thing the truth is i’m tired i’m bored good guys is just down the street we’re
going to jump and jaded and go and have some fun this will be waiting for us
when we get back yeah now we’re talking about photo/tina and
marked up for paint jobs to create an aged look this is the real deal man this
is neat the paint is actually faded it’s
authentic well except for the there’s an African
livestock making love to his front seat but you talk about a diamond in the
rough in said sled we’re putting a 6-litre lq4 Angela the forelady
transmission modern LS power what this is out of a two thousand four escalade
with 58,000 miles yeah it’s got the iron block so what’s
got the cathedral port aluminum heads this thing with a cam swap can make
about 414 horsepower naturally aspirated without doing anything to it you throw a power adder and it’s got six
bolt means it’s an amazing engine and it’s exactly what we’re going to use for
the San sled camaro so you just never know I thought we were going to find
anything but this is a great deal and that’s a great price you guys are no stranger to DC panic k 1
customs are you doing good good glad to be here well Jane it of course is behind this
tc’s bay one shop was closed down for out . in 10 weeks or something like that
before SEMA Show 2012 crashing getting this car ready some of the behind the scenes stuff that
nobody ever really knows about people getting cars ready for SEMA Show let’s talk about what happened at SEMA ok so we’re with the teardown was like
nothing else right well well before that when Kevin called me asked for some help
with that he was about what bible it’s out six weeks out it was kind of a good
shop so I need a little help me said well I’ll take you to Vegas if you help
me walk into his shop and his car is scattered over three bags of stuff that
was part everywhere he said and by the way we got a custom fit of – and chop
this day on wrapping in leather we’re gonna put this motor and it was
just out of trouble but when see my tears apart the whole place just
explodes in but it’s like it implode say they announced and everybody was a big
applause and the boots are just flying down to work driving the car out of the
cement convention hall and we want to avoid the parade because the car’s not
running right it’s missing like crazy the cooling fans aren’t working and
there’s a big electrical problem somewhere so you know it it’s starting
to overheat and it just got really crazy we got funnel into the into the parade
tonight yeah we got following the parade with them we were hauling water when we
pull over Kevin jumps out getting the Coke machine get some donzi water we’re feeling the radiator up in the
cooling fan wasn’t working so as we get past the parade starts overheating a
little bit we have to borrow a piece of wire from a
truck driver Kevin’s got a job in to the computer in the other end into the
cigarette lighter and start working but we know we’re in four lines of rush hour
traffic in Las Vegas yeah but you know what the car held up
and turned a lot of heads and everything is held up it looks fresh this is a two year old paint job and you
never know I mean it still looks good so ever your work everybody that helped
with it i mean the work was done well it was done fast but it was done well
wasn’t it yet but I’m excited to get around with you in the run course here
in just a few minutes yes we are going to change it to the
autocross and we’re going to try and make TCPS payments find out videos I told you those Canadians right now like him has the microphone
and i am one that’s pretty good driving left standing what we call tracking continue I missed everything I didn’t hit cones
but i miss the road course and it happens is very complicated course Brian
Finch you got lost the first time out so it makes me feel a little bit better car
did great I can’t wait to leg it out again maybe
all actually find the pack it’s not all right Chris Lee’s hear from key plastics
and customs chris is a buddy of work on jaded how you doing it very good thank you we
will talk to me about your muscle okay well it’s a 66 coupe yeah it’s recently and also excel in the car very
good solid body and we just cut it up yeah majorly cut it up channel the body
down either the AC and basically talking shop every single panel all yeah well you were just talking to me
about the wheels it’s a 315 tire on attending a happy – well how did you do
that on the back end where you to put it and we moved in a wheel wells in an inch
and then we pulled the the whole finger off the car we took both sides with the
quarters of stretch them out from the mat we’re going to bed we’ve got four
and a half inches you’re really famous one of the coolest
things about it is that from the side profile you can’t tell but if you look
at it down the line you’ve got this beautiful called bottle of sculpting
down the bodywork how many hours have you got in the sheet
metal as it sits as it’s probably 3,000 and while and of course there is a Eastwood epoxy
1215 run right there is any sort of boxing on it and all the shit people fed
and everything is one of these would welder yeah take well to make well to plasma kinda
had a great running yeah what is good equipment and it’s
affordable and they’ve got a great warranty right I’ve got a very good warranty i stand
behind the products I had a little issue with 11 mix in i pointed out to me that it was still
under warranty send me a new welder it’s just kind of
move it’s now you can’t beat that so tell me about plans for the car
where’s it going it’s going to see more in the book it’s going to be on the truck plus name
seamer in New Zealand means Cena to find someone who can do me good paint job on
it well i think i know a guy that might be
able to to spray the car but before we go away talk to me about the engine tell
me spit some numbers out what’s going on with that it’s a 460 big block it’s getting struck
out two 557 keep against the complete Trick Flow top notes scene so you still
on the heads are limited so on the kids a single playing harder eyes and tight
huge team 50 Trick Flow cabaret Iran and we’re projecting around seven foot
beyond rules chris is very familiar with driving without any traction all used to
actually go pilot and a navigate and race really good rally cars in new
zealand and what wear it where else in the world Australia rallied in malaysia and china australia
places so steering with the back end is no stranger to chris lee will Chris
thanks so much for your time and also for all the help on jaded you were
instrumental in helping me get that car done I can’t thank you enough man in a
fantastic work great work thank you thank you very much go back well good guys success had some mint some old friends
didn’t find any parts like the car out on the autocross and it did great I didn’t do so good but the party is
great and thanks to elastic rap I didn’t mess up my forged aluminum
hoops and feeling off and we get our own wheels back thanks for watching his own cars it’s
kind of fun yeah on the next episode of hands on cars
Kevin replaces the roof on the said sled before stopping by the eastwood summer
classic for a ride in the street rodder roads or 59 Impala yeah

29 thoughts on “How To Install Floor Pans on Hands-On Cars 3 + Racing! Eastwood and Kevin Tetz

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  2. Just an Opinion but weld through primers tend to melt away ( fumes ) ,best to protect over the welds then seem sealer.

  3. Question, in my case I have a 92 mustang lx. The rear pass side floor pan has a small section to be replaced. I really would rather not replace the entire back section, instead I want to patch it. When I cut it out and go to cut the new one should I overlap or cut exact and weld where they join. If I overlap I guess I would need to weld underneath and/or used body filler? I want the finished look to look like factory. Wish I could attach a pic. Your help would be appreciated. Thnx

  4. AMD floor pans have the body plug holes and go up further in front. Thicker steel too. They have really stepped it up in quality, like they did with Mopars..

  5. I appreciate the video. I have a concern. I am starting my '80 z28 and I need to cut the floor out too  along with a quarter, rocker and who knows what else. I have a lift, rotisserie, and chassis jig. I intend to put the shell on the chassis jig, cut and replace anything structural while it is braced on the jig then rotisserie to make sure it is cleaned up. If I find anything that I think is structural it goes back on the chassis jig for cut out and repair. I would think that the floor should be done on a chassis jig so the body doesn't flex when it is removed. Am I overly cautious?

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  8. Im 18 and appreciate the styles of the greater times…..My dad, brother, and I all are car guys and one day before i turned 16, my brother found an older 1979 camaro RS sitting in a field near our home… Needless to say that car is now mine and it is my first car. I have so many great plans for it and watching these videos of your journey with your z28 is giving me so much motivation. Thank you!

  9. Kevin, This is weird I think we were brothers in another life as yours and mine almost mirror Identically!! Raised around cars, Dad had tranny fluid in his blood (raised literally in two body shops etc..) left for NYC for music career almost got there changed directions at the last minute and here we are…… 60+ and still gigging and bustin knuckles lol!!

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  11. pro-tip: Add a spacer to your drill bit (air tubing works well), exposing only about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the tip. This will make drilling faster, extend the life of the drill bit, and will limit your fatigue.

  12. y would u do this when u can get these cars so cheap i have gotten a few of these for free way too much work for one of these i just found three with no rust for parts not one was more then 400 dollars so doing that work is worth 400 or less i would start with a good car first nice job but i would never do this maybe an old camaro like 67 to 69 or my 55 2 door post but that has no rust because i start with a good car the 55 i paid 300 for it and has good body on it no motor or trans or interior

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