How To Install an Iron Cross Bumper on Nissan Titan Project

– Hey, Donnie Smith
here and in this video, I’m gon show you how to
make my Nissan Titan, look like this, to this. Now, I’m pretty excited about this and I think you’re gonna
think this is cool, too. So you’re gonna wanna watch this video. So I was wanting a new front
bumper for my Nissan Titan. It’s a 2007 Nissan Titan. So I called up my friends
at Iron Cross Automotive. And I’ll put a link
down in the description and you want to be sure
and check them out, cause these bumpers are USA made. In fact, they’re made
in my neighbor state, right there in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So, if you’re looking for the real deal, I mean the real USA made parts, you wanna check these guys out and I’ll put a link
down in the description. So I was really excited
when this got shipped to me. Can’t wait to get it open,
see what it looks like and get it installed on the pickup. This bumper, it comes
with everything you need. It comes with the bumper, the brackets and all the
hardware needed to install this. Step one is to remove the grille. Now to do this, you’re
gonna remove some clips and the top ones you just twist with the screwdriver,
they’ll come right out. the sides you may have to
squeeze with some pliers. And the bottom I had the best
luck using the screwdriver, just prying them out. Just twist that clip right
there on all the top clips. And that’s all it is, pretty simple. Now on the sides, it did take some pliers to squeeze the tips so I
could pull the grille out. Couldn’t get to the front side of these and same with the bottom. On the bottom I found it easiest just to get a screwdriver down there, push in on the clip and gently pry it out. And then you can remove the grille. In step two, you want
to get all the clips out of the radiator support and transfer them back to the grille. And this way, when you get
ready to put the grille back in, it’s an easy process, just push the grille and the clips lock into place. And to do this, just use some pliers to gently squeeze on the clips
and then they’ll pull out of the location, the radiator support. And then you can transfer
them into the grille. You just slide them in and they lock into place in the grille. And then we get ready
to put the grille in. It just clips into the radiator support. Now, the next step is optional, cause I have a light bar
in the front, you may not. But if you do have any
fog lights or light bars, any thing like that, go ahead
and disconnect the wiring. And this way, when you go
to take the bumper off, you don’t get hung up with the wiring. All that’s removed, you don’t
have to worry about that. Step three, we’re gonna
remove the skid plate. And this make and model just
has four 10 millimeter bolts. You just unscrew those
and drop the skid plate. Pretty simple. Now, I’m just using an impact
here with the 10 millimeter, you don’t have to use that. A ratchet will probably need an extension. To be able to get to that. But you can use, socket ratchet, probably could even get a wrench in there, it might take a while. I used the impact for this. Just go around, take the four out. Now, the bottom are slotted, so you can actually just slide
that out if you prefer to. Right back here, you don’t have to take
those all the way out, cause I’ll show you in a
second how they’re slotted. So you take the front out
and you can just pull it out. Right there’s the front,
where the holes are at. And the back right here, are slotted and you can
just slide that pin out. Now, every make and model may
be a little bit different, this is specifically for 2007. But some of these, it says in the instructions
that the bumper may be connected to the fender. So in this step, just look. Look back in the back
part of this bumper here. And look and see if it is
connected to the fender. Now, in this one it was not. But if it is, you may have
to disconnect it there. Some make and models, you may even have to take
that wheel liner out. So here, I’ve just got a flashlight and I’m looking in there. Trying to determine if I need
to take anything loose or not. And like I said, nothing
to take loose on this one, so we can go to the next step. Step five, gonna unbolt
the two bolts on each side, the right and left side. And this is the outside bumper bracket. You’re gonna unbolt the bracket where it attaches to the frame. To locate this bracket,
this outer bracket, just look at the front bumper. Go underneath and you’ll
see it right there. Bolts to the frame right there. And I’m just gonna unbolt
those two bolts right there. I couldn’t really video
while I was doing that. Then unbolt those two. And do the same on the other side. Now there’s one nut on each side, the lower part of this bracket where it attaches to the lower bumper at. You’ll need to remove
this nut from each side. To locate this nut, just look underneath
where the brackets are at. The bumper brackets, the inside brackets. And you will see that nut
holding on to the lower bumper. Just remove that nut. And now you can move to the
upper part of the bumper. Step seven, just unbolt
the two bolts on each side. Where the bracket bolts
to the upper bumper. Now that I’m up here on the upper part of the bumper it’s a
little bit easier to video, so maybe I can give you a
little better visual on this. there’s just those two bolts
on each side right there that you gotta remove. I’m just using a ratchet and socket. To remove those. And take those two out. And then the bumper will
be ready to come off. Step eight, we’ll remove the
bumper by gently pulling on it. You may have to wiggle it back and forth a little bit to release it. Be sure all electrical components are disconnected at this time, cause you don’t want to pull on those while you’re trying to remove the bumper. And if you remember, I had the
light bar and the fog lights, I have already disconnected those. So I don’t have to worry about
getting tangled up with that. May have to wiggle this a
little bit, back and forth. But the bumper will come right off. Now there’s two clips, one
on each side that you’ll need to remove and this is just
holding a foam pad on. And you don’t need to
keep these foam pads, you can get rid of them at this point. But you just pull in
the center of this clip. And that’ll pull the
center of the clip out. And then the clip will come out and then you can take
this foam cushion off. So I’ve got one on each side. Like I said, no need to keep any of that. So I’m just gonna, throw that in the pile over
there and throw it away. No longer need it. Now, what you’re really supposed to use, it’s not what I’m using here,
but if you’ve got a trim tool, that works a lot better than trying to use these wire cutters
to take those off. Here I’m just wanting to show
you the inside of the bumper and kind of how the brackets are located. Just so you’ll have a visual. Now, step 10. We’re gonna remove the two
millimeter bolts on each side. Two bolts. This is what holds the
bracket to the frame. There’s two of them. So you can remove those. And get rid of this bracket. Or keep it with the bumper, if you’re gonna maybe want to use this bumper again at a later time. Or sell the bumper or whatever
you’re gonna do with it. I’m just gonna take these two bolts out. On this side and then I’ll over to the other side and do the same thing. And one thing I wanted
to mention is this bumper or this bracket bolts to the side. And the new bracket’s
gonna bolt to the bottom. And it also has slots on the
bottom for inward and outward. And on the bumper side,
forward and backward. It has all those different
adjustments on it. And also make sure that this bracket, that it’s facing outward, that angled part right
there that’s circled, make sure that’s facing
towards the outside of the pickup on each side. Because if you have it on backwards, it’s gonna be facing towards the inside. So make sure that they’re
facing towards the outside. And then you can start
putting the bracket on. So step 12, you’re gonna
install the bracket. You’re gonna use the included 19 millimeter fine thread
bolts, washers and lock washers. And then you’re just
gonna hand tighten them. Now, you don’t wanna
get them too tight, yet. You wanna wait until you
go to do your adjusting to get those fully tightened, so just hand tighten those on there. And do that for both sides. The right and the left side bracket, making sure that that angled
part is facing outward. And this just a quick visual for you to see how the bracket’s bolted on there. Now next, step 13, we can actually start
putting the bumper on. Now you’re gonna need
someone to help you out. Or a floor jack and jack stands
or a winch like I’m using to hold this in place,
this bumper’s heavy. So you’re gonna need the help of something to hold it in place while
you put it up there. I’m using a cherry picker, here. And what I’m doing, I’m
getting it up there, just getting up to put
that top nut and bolt in. I’m not gonna put them
all in at this point. Just those top and then I can adjust it, I can raise the winch up a little bit, the cherry picker up a little bit and start adjusting so
I can put the bottom and then I’ll put the middle. Like I said, just hand
tighten everything now. Until you start doing
your final adjusting. Just takes a little bit of
wiggling back and forth. And if you have two people doing this, it’s probably gonna work
a lot better, I didn’t. I did this by myself, so you
can do it by yourself, too. Just takes a little bit more work. Makes it a little harder. It would be a lot easier
to have someone kind of help you align that
while you’re doing that. If you’re like me, have
to do it by yourself. Not a problem. Just takes a little bit more effort. This bumper is heavy, it
is a heavy duty bumper. It takes a little effort
to get it in place. But I got the top ones in. And now, I’m just gonna
adjust this bumper enough. To get the bottom nuts and bolts in. Now what you wanna be careful of, is not to hit your fender with
the back end of this bumper. You don’t wanna scratch the bumper and you don’t wanna scratch
the fenders or anything. Just gotta do it a little bit at a time. So that you don’t, don’t do anything. I’m letting it down now, to adjust it. And now I’ve got most of
the weight off the winch and I can start trying to adjust. And get this thing set where I want it at. Now this is gonna take a
little bit of back and forth. And you’re gonna have to
tighten them a little bit. And loosen them back and forth
to get it all set just right. The final step, 14. Is to, I used a jack to
help get it in place. Align it exactly where I wanted it and then I could tighten all the bolts. The bracket, bolting it down
on the bottom of the frame. And the brackets bolt into the bumper. Once it’s set where I
wanted it, it looks good. I tightened everything up. And then you torque
everything to 65 pounds. Now, in the video I didn’t torque it, cause I am gonna have to get someone to help me to back those nuts up. As I do that, but I just got them all really tight in this video. But I am gonna go back and
torque all those, 65 foot pounds. Looks really great. And now you can just reinstall the grille. All you do is push in on it. And the clips will lock in there. But, I am going to, I’ve got
another step to do here, because I’ve got this light bar. And I’m gonna go ahead and
install that before the grille. I’m marking where I want the hose to go. I’ve decided to put it right
there behind that push bar. And what I’m gonna do is I’m drilling the holes out on each side. And then I can install the light bar. Now for the fog lights, they already have the brackets there. All you gotta do is bolt them in. Pretty simple, you can just see how that bolt goes down through there. And bolt them on and
you’re done with that part. And I’ve already got
connectors for all this wiring. So all I gotta do is plug it all in. But before I actually
bolt this light bar down, I am gonna put the grille on, cause I didn’t know how
much clearance there was, if there’d be enough
clearance to get the grille on with the light bar on. But I just kinda turned it
on, you can’t really tell. It just blinds this camera. Camera don’t work well with the light. I’m just making sure it all does work before I start putting
everything together. and like I said, this grille,
you just line those clips up with the holes, push in,
just kinda like a door panel, interior trim panel. Line it up, push in and you’re done. Simple grille to put in,
little bit harder to take out. But very, very easy to put in. So I’ve got the grille in. And now I can go ahead and
bolt the light bar down. And be done with this project. Man, I really think this looks sharp. Be sure and let me know what
you think down in the comments. I’m impressed with the bumper. It’s well made, it fit
good, had no problems. I know sometimes we have problems with the aftermarket parts, but this thing fit just
like it was supposed to. Now, this is one optional step I did. The directions didn’t say to do this. But the skid plate. The bracket’s in the
way of that bolting on. So I just cut out where that bracket’s at. And then I could slip
that skid plate back on. This is not a necessary step. It will require some cutting,
I used a cutoff saw just to cut out where that bracket’s at. And then I could bolt it back on with the 10 millimeter bolts. There you have it, that is how you install
an Iron Cross bumper. I think it looks great. Let me know what you think. As always, I really appreciate you
for watching these videos. If you like the video, be
sure and give me a like. Give me a thumbs up. Share this with your friends. If you haven’t subscribed to this channel, be sure and subscribe to us. And you’re also gonna wanna
check out Iron Cross Automotive. I’ve got a link down in the description, be sure and check them out. USA made parts. Thanks again for watching and we’ll see you in the next video.

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